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October 06, 2006


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As I sit here, 6 months away from being a first time father, I now look forward to the experience even more. Thank you for the wonderful post!


Woohoo! Happy Birthday Peanut. YOu're the cutest! It's my brithday too and I am honored to be sharing it with you!


Happy Birthday, Sweetheart. Hope you had a terrific party. (Some warned us not to have one for 2 since everyone there is, ya know, 2. But it was really splendid.) I'm sure your Mama and Papa feted you more than swell, honey.

For your birthday I'll try to get daddy's subject heading -- buckets on your head -- registered with the Library of Congress RED LCSH.

Lots of love from Auntie M and the Wo Family.


Happy Birthday, Peanut. You already have the most perfect gift, parents who love you more than life itself. And a cutie pie face doesn't hurt either!

I hope you had a wonderful party with lots of cake and ice cream and candy.

Don't forget to keep practicing the Korean Death Stare. You'll need it more when you're a teenager!


LOL Korean Death Stare!

bappy hirthday peanut! enjoy being two!


Happy Birthday, Peanut! What a gift you are to your family, and how lucky you are that your dad can so eloquently put it into words.

Hygiene Dad

Happy Birthday, little girl. You make your daddy proud!

JJ Daddy Baby Momma

Cute child. I've enjoyed virtually getting to know her over these short years.

I see she's preparing herself early for the future lampshade-on-head picture. ParTEEEEEEEEEEE!


Ahh, Two... the 'rents have no idea what's in store for them this next year...MWUHAHAHAHAH! Remember, it's our world, Two, they're just livin'in it. Peace out,


Happy Birthday, Peanut. I love reading about you and your daddy.


Happy Birthday to the Peanut and family.

Metro, your letters are easily your best writing. As my little man is on the hairy edge of Three (and really feeling his oats these days), this letter definitely hit home and reminded me how great and challenging this time has been. And this line gave me quite a chuckle (actually I snorted, rather loudly):

"And because I'm not a lyrically poetic man, I'll leave the emotional prose to more talented writers and poets."

You've got to be kidding. Anyway, enjoy the big day for Miss Two.


::sniff, sniff:: Happy Birthday Peanut! You're one lucky girl to have a mom and dad that love you so much : )


Happy Birthday to the Little One. It is amazing how differently children, that have funny parents, grow up.


Happy Belated Birthday Peanut! May you always be as funny as your old man. May you remember his love when the A's spank the Mets if they both make it to the World Series as he will need it.

the weirdgirl

Happy Birthday Peanut! (I had "Tequila" playing in my head looking at that photo.)


Happy Birthday Peanut!!! You're getting bigger and cuter everytime I see you. Can't wait till your talking to us all and we get to hear what's going on in that little head of yours. Looking forward to many more!!!

creative-type dad

That's great!

the mad momma

happy birthday peanut... and happy two years of being a father metrodad... you have definitely enjoyed it. bet you cant believe its barely been two years since she came into your life and turned it upside down...


Late but what the hell ... it's never too late to wish a happy birthday.

Anne Glamore

Apparently it's a requirement that to be a good father, you must teach your child the wet willie ASAP. As a woman, I don't understand this AT ALL, but I know it's imperative toi raising a healthy, well-adjusted child.

Well-done (and well-written)


Happy birthday to the little one. Two is an exciting time. I hope you guys had a fun birthday celebration!


Happy belated birthday, Peanut! It must be such fun to have a dad who teaches you wet willies, talks nonsense with you, and teaches you how to throw peanuts at the dog. You're a lucky girl and I hope you had a fun time on your birthday!


Happy B day peanut. And Congrats to the parents for making two years.

Queen of Ass

Oh my God! Your kid is growing as fast as my kid seems to! Holy crap, that ticks me off! We need to start putting bricks on their heads...

Domestic Chicky

Happy Birthday Peanut-you get cuter with each passing day. Congrats MD and BL-it's just gets better and better!!!

Miss Baudelaire

A little late, but happy birthday Peanut! Start asking for diamonds now!

Linda B

Happy 2nd Birthday, Peanut! MD, can you believe our girls are two. I love this post. I love how you can mix humor with your genuine adoration and love for your daughter. I especially love #5 and #6.


(belated) happy day to you all!


Happy Birthday, Peanut! Keep those fingers well-lubed!

Nice post, MD. The Peanut is on my short-list for babysitting, so look for a call...


She's a very lucky little girl!


jen3 @ amazing triplets

I'm glad to see that it isn't only our (almost) 2-year olds that enjoy picking my nose (and each other's noses for that matter).

Happy birthday to your little one. They grow up much too fast!


Happy Birthday!


Oh, that was such a great birthday message.

Happy Birthday to the Peanut!!


KDS (Korean Death Stare). Shit, y'all have that too?!?! I thought only Filipinos had Superman's X-ray glare.


I am totally late to ths party but HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEANUT!

And a jolly-good, wonderful post from your Daddy.

Love to all!

alice, uptown

Peanut is two? She did choose a good month in which to be born (ahem). Congratulations to you and Boss Lady...and when she's ready to do the nursery school marathon, remember that I know people who know people.... and you know where to find me.


Man, my dad totally owes me a tribute now. Happy Birthday, Peanut!

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