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October 06, 2006


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Metrodad that was beautiful a few of your bullets brought back memories.


Ha! Little-E named her doll Baby, too. (Although Baby is currently MIA)



Happy Birthday Peanut!

Love the bucket!

PJ in PA

Well, I don't have a child. Heck, I can't even manage to keep a plant alive. But I've sure enjoyed observing the parental experience from afar. It makes me smile. It makes me laugh. It makes me certain I'm still not yet ready for a kid.

Happy Birthday to the Peanut!


I should have had a tissue handy; you made me tear up.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Peanut! Hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration, and a happy, healthy year ahead!

wood from sweetjuniper

Happy birthday, Peanut. A beautiful post, Metrodad.

(be glad that Peanut doesn't wash her dolls -- I can't stop Juniper from throwing hers in the bath before she gets in. eewwww, mold.)


Happy Birthday Peanut, you go girl!!

She's adorable MD. Have a good day (and weekend).


Happy Birthday peanut! And thanks for inspiring your father to blog. We all owe you big for that!


Happy birthday, beautiful girl. Thanks for bringing so much to your parents' lives and to ours, too!


Give the kid our best. 2, eh? Fingers crossed that you guys don't have to deal with "The Terribles"...


What a beautiful post!

Happy Birthday, Peanut! Have a fantabulous day, getting down with your bad self :)


Wow, MD. It seems like just yesterday that you were writing about the Peanut being born. Time really does fly. Congrats to you and your family on the Peanut's second birthday. Buckets as hats are always a fun way to celebrate!

Big Daddy Rob

Wow. Two meaningful, beautiful posts in a row. I think you are waxing future nostalgic.

Great stuff MD. Happy B-Day Peanut.


"...not a lyrically poetic man," my ass. Stop making me cry - it's wreaking havoc with my keyboard.

Busy Mom

Brent totally stole what I was going to say, but, wow it's hard to believe it's been 2 years!!

Happy Birthday, Peanut!


Happy Birthday to the Peanut!

Your post had me laughing and almost tearing up, with me instead ending up laughing again. Sounds like the Peanut is, without a doubt, her father's daughter (love the wet willie story).



Happy Birthday Peanut!


Happy 2nd Birthday Peanut.

MD that killed me with tears and laughter.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!


Aw, Happy Birthday to the mayor!

Mr. Big Dubya

Happy Birthday, Peanut.

PLease make sure your Daddy maintains his current level of maturity - keep up those wet willies.


every person under 3"? 3 inches?

or do you mean 3'?


Happy Birthday Peanut!

Mama Nabi

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PEANUT!!! Hugs and kisses... and LOVE the bucket. Hm, KDS? LN has it too and everyone's been commenting on how scary it is. Now I know what it's called. Peanut, from all the stories your daddy tells us, is it any wonder we too all love you? Note to self: Do not teach LN wet willie - she also likes to shove fingers up people's noses and cat butts.


Happy Birthday Peanut!!!

Tell your Daddy to put a ribbon on that bucket!

She is adorable, MD. Hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating together!


Wow Pierre!! That was so touching, I'm all verklempt right now! She's adorable!! Happy happy 2nd b-day Peanut!

May your life be filled with happiness, laughter, good health, good friendships and good fortune.


Nice post. I have two daughters, ages 22 mos and 3.5 yrs. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (!!!!!!!!!!!!) being a dad.


Oh, also, my daughters are Chinese and I am absolutely certain that the CDS that my youngest daughter employs during time-out stints is the most focused condensation for rage and malice ever manifested on this planet. Luckily, she has a smile that is breathtakingly wonderful and much more frequent than her CDS.


Only you would teach your two year old to do a wet willie. Too funny. Great post MD and happy birthday to the Peanut. I can't believe she's 2 now. Hell, I've been reading your ass since she was 7 months or so. Dam, I need to get a new hobby. ;)


God. She's so cute.

And congrats on making it two years as a dad.



Happy Birthday to the Hugger!

(Beautiful post, MD.)


Metro-hyung, that was touching. It makes me want to go out and knock up a Korean girl. In the Biblical sense. You know, with the marrying the baby mama and taking responsiblity for it, WITHOUT her having her make me go on Maury.


That was a really beautiful post and you have a beautiful daughter.


Cute! Happy Birthday Peanut.


This might be my favorite post you've ever done, MD. It seems to wrap up the true essence of what a great father-daughter relationship should be like. Wish Peanut a very happy birthday for me. She's lucky to have a dad like you.


Wow! Your Peanut sounds an awful lot like our Sumo, I feel like I'm getting a glimpse into our future. Except instead of my nostrils, I get two fingers probing my eyesockets.

Hope the birthday is grand!


Happy Birthday, Peanut! You're adorable! I hope you get lots of hat buckets and get to give lots o wet willies.

And thanks, MD for the great, funny post and for making me get all misty. Makes me want to be a mom someday.


happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear peanut, happy birthday to you!

What a beautiful post MD, it brought tears to my eyes, there at the end. Very well written. Some day your "little girl" is going to read this and she will have tears brough to her own eyes.

Amazing how children can heal things you never thought possible.


Happy Birthday Peanut! What a great post, MD.

L.A. Daddy

Happy B-Day, cutie!


Uh oh...in about 19 years, you'll see Peanut doing the exact same thing at her birthday party. :D Senghil chukha heh!

Janet a.k.a Wonder Mom

Woohoo...Happy second birthday Peanut! Have a wonderful year of exploring, growing and creating!

Great post MD!


Happy Birthday Peanut! You are one lucky girl to have a Daddy who loves you so much.

I am thinking the teaching of wet willie administering is a special Daddy/Daughter thing. My girls are PROS!


Happy Birthday! Your post made me tear up a bit there, Metrodad. My son is about to turn 2 in December, what strange age.


Happy Birthday Peanut! May every day this year start with the fingers-up-the-nose trick.

Ms. Anonymous

I wish my father had loved me half as much as you love your daughter. Your beautiful post has me in tears.

Lois C.

Happy birthday, Peanut! Hope you had a great time today.


Hilarious and touching post, Metrodad. Thanks! That seeing-the-world-again-through-their-eyes thing is THE BEST. It is one of the most unexpected and enlightening gifts of parenting for me.

And happy b-day to Peanut!


What a beautiful post, and a beautiful little girl. Happy Birthday, Peanut!!

daddy in a strange land

Happy B-day Peanut, and congrats Metrodad and Metromom! The Pumpkin, who's two in three weeks, wishes she could come celebrate with Peanut. :)


Happiest of birthdays to the Peanut (until next year, anyways). Congratulations on making it to year two -- you give me hope.


Happy Birthday!! Did you know that Koreans buy everyone else dinner on their birthday? Retarded but true! Yay Uncle Henri #1!!!

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