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October 03, 2006


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Wow, for a second there you had me thinking you were going to say you quit (despite the post's title). I'll have to check out some of your fellow daddy bloggers (love Spit Up & Shut Down's blog name).

Keep up the great writing. It's nice to know you share the love with other bloggers.

The Zero Boss

Awesome selection of up and comers, dude.

It's so weird seeing Sweet Juniper on your first-ever roundup. I remember when Dutch was just starting out. Now he takes our fucking lunch money and leaves us whimpering in the schoolyard.


I think it's great that you do this! I really do... I wish established bloggers would more often help give the new peeps a leg up and get them some readership started.

I don't have time tonight, but tomorrow I shall visit each one that you linked up here!!

I'm still relatively light in my readership on my blog but someday when I have a good crowd visiting daily, I'm going to do this same thing!


I always love your blog recommendations. Thanks for introducing me to a whole new batch of dad bloggers. Can't wait to check them out!


I'm with Pattie, I thought you were writing your swan song!

As a past honoree of your daddyblog love-in, I'm looking forward to checking these guys out.


What the fuck no NinjaDad?! Genius will always be unappreciated in its lifetime. Yo man you're gonna jack up my bandwidth because the internet called me the other day and said you are one MetroDad reference away from going stupid big son. Thanks Friend.

L.A. Daddy

Muchos Gracias, MetroDaddio!

Oh, crap... Now I gotta go write sharp, witty posts. Damn.

L.A. Daddy

Oh, I forgot - Go Dodgers!

creative-type dad

Nice finds!


I just stumbled on this man


and he is such a stand up guy.


Thanks for the new reads Metro Dad.

Anne Glamore

Glad to see the new post-- I was afraid you were suffocating under a huge pile of work.

I'll go check out the dads!


Let's go OAKLAND!!!

That said, thanks for the additional daddy blog list. As I've said before, I love daddy blogs, if only to get a peep into the mind of the daddy 'cause you know...I don't understand my hubs at all. Like his obsession with zombies for instance.

Although, since I've been reading Henri for the past few weeks maybe I don't want to know. Corndog & Rootbeer rocks y'all, ya better check that sh*t out!

The Lovechild of MetroDad and Dutch

Thanks dude! In some weird "I'm not gonna think about it too hard" kinda way, I'm flattered to be your...um...lovechild. (Seriously)

Note to self: time to wheel out the good posts.


I'm definitely going to check these dad bloggers out, thanks for letting us know. It's great to see more and more dad bloggers out there. It's fun to read the perspective of a man/father/husband.

And the Dad who works for LegoLand, oh I'm so there. My boys loved LegoLand!!


Not even sure now how I happened upon your blog, but it IS addicting! I'm a mom of teens and young adults, but I remember the days of four under the age of 6... and ya know, I MISS it!! Gotta say, though, that this is a fun stage too... WAY more fun than I'd expected!



Dear Metro-hyung,

The Mets have no pitching. They will lose. Sorry.

Don't get on me about the White Sox or the Cubs because I hate them both.

I'm a Rockies man, and yes, I know we suck.


Great job with the blog. As a father of 2, I found much in common with many of your stories. Keep up the good work!


Your Mets are going down like Pedro, MD. Sorry to say that they might even get swept. Too bad.


What's up with the Mets, man? If they lose any more players they'll have to roll Buckner out on a gurney to cover for them...

That being said, I'm pulling for them....


Thanks for the recommendations, MD. I love reading daddy blogs and hearing the male perspective on parenting. My husband is practically a stay-at-work-dad so it's nice to hear about dads getting involved in parenting.


Dude. As if I needed more blogs to read????



"has actually peed at a supermarket urinal with his son on his shoulders" Dang, now THAT is skill. I thought I was the only dude to take a leak with the baby on my chest in a Baby Bjorn! Oh, maybe I am, nevermind. Now I can aspire to true greatness! On his shoulders?!?! Impressive. Most impressive. Obi-Wan has taught you well.



Not only do we have 1 daddy, we got 5!!

GO Yankees! sorry....*cringe*


LOVE me some Colecovisoon...and it is LIGHT -Brite I think....not Bright Lites! ha But I feel ya, from a 30 something herself!

LOVE your blog...check mine out!


How funny, I just found Abba Daddy too...or well he found me a few weeks ago. I love it when you do these.

I have two more for you that I've been meaning to email to you...dam time keeps getting away from me.



Lisa B.

Great selections, MD. Thanks for recommending them. I love the fact that they all have a little different take on fatherhood. Very cool.


Someday when I become a father, I'll change my blog format. Until then, I rely on you, MD.

And to Pattie's post, don't you ever quit writing on this thing. I read you more than newspapers (which, as much as i love reading your blog, is really just sad).

Her Bad Mother

WOnderful public service you've provided here, MD. Am heading out immediately to read these guys...


I love that you are paying it forward.


I love reading your recommendations, but dude, you're the best. Even if you do like the Mets.

Go Yankees!

*watches as comment gets deleted*


Busy Mom

Great links, thanks!

dutch from sweet juniper

doing this makes a world of difference to the guys you're sending new readers to. I don't know if I would have kept blogging had you not done this for me way back when. I forget that sometimes.

And with the advances in today's genetic science, we might someday be able to give Jonathan a younger brother. I'll even watch baseball with you afterwards to make you feel more manly. Unless the Yankees are playing.


Great idea. I hope to make the next list!

Big Daddy Rob

All great recommendations.

Obviously, I need to update my blogroll... I think that will be tonight's post.

BTW - you forgot the original Weeble-Wobbles. They were egg shaped and slightly larger than a marble... what the hell were they thinking about at Fisher-Price? Or my parents for giving them to me?!


I also really enjoy a father of 1-yr-old twins at http://childsplayx2.com


Thanks for all the links. I loves me some daddybloggers! And here's to Jay and my beloved Greg for giving you the public nose-picking forum you deserve.

Meanwhile, I apologize to the entire Pakistani populace on behalf of America if indeed, Joey has found a home on your television stations. Please don't nuke us.


Go Dad(s), Go!


I hate the Mets. But I love the other blogs.

Go Giants...sort of.

can you recommend a good scotch?

Dorsal Stream's Spouse

Here's another scotch lovin' daddy blogger: http://dorsalstream.blogspot.com


There should definitely be a website called "ScotchDaddies" or somesuch (if there isn't already).

Not to usurp the power of Blogfathers or DaddyTypes or anything...but c'mon. Scotch! Dads! Blogs!


Just wanted to say thank u and that I'm enjoying reading your blog - my daily nescafe

the weirdgirl

Thanks for the new dad reads!

(And sadly, Keen still has a working Colecovision. How old are we?)


I love that you do this, MD. Both for the new bloggers AND because I would never find some of these great sites if not for your promotion of them.

moe berg

is it lame to self promote?



A black hen lays a white egg. Faith.


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Pretty cool! Christopher loved his. Although I am ashamed to say we have not puleld it out of the garage since last year :-( Poor deprived child. Now seeing this has given me that little push to get it and dust it off.He'll thank you one day.


Aw, sweet. MY son is coming up for his sconed Birthday. Like you, I cannot imagine life without him, or indeed remember what life was like before he arrived. What on earth did we fill all that free time up with??Happy Birthday Alex, hope you got the Thomas the Tank Engine that you wanted . :D

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