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October 28, 2006


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I loved watching the video, and I was all alone with no children to speak of with me!

Did you hear that the new Sesame Street DVD: "Sesame Street Old School" comes with a disclaimer for parents stating that contains material that may not be appropriate for children? Apparently what was ok for kids from 1969-1974 now requires parental warning labels.



We have some "Best of" Sesame street DVD that has that vid on it as well as the Fugees(singing
Be Yourself" - and it's the only video on earth that hasn't made it to youtube--- argh!)which is terrific. Find a copy for yourself!

How could we forget Weezer and the muppets?



Trying to put socks on the dog and playing hide-and-seek? Sounds like a fun sick day, MD! Hope you're both feeling better now.

dutch from sweet juniper

that vide has been Juniper's favorite for the last three months. she calls it "happy ah-oohs." Now she can sing the song.

Oh, and while in Athens I totally ran into Michael Stipe carrying a huge sheet birthday cake once.


Ahhh, 1983...telling my mom I was going to a friend's to study for geometry and sneaking off to Oxford, Ohio to see this new hot band called REM play. Thank you for sharing this and making ME fall in love with them all over again too.

PS - This is ALMOST as good as Manamana. Almost.

creative-type dad

Wow- that's interesting.
My daughter is addicted to this panda choking on lolipops cartoon on the computer. When I'm sitting at the thing, she runs up and yells PAM-BA!

Come to think of it, I probably shouldn't be showing that to her.


I love that part where the monster cries out, "What are we going to do?" This was great. Thanks, MD!


Being home with a stomach virus makes a momma sad...thanks MD for linking to this, it made my day much more furry and happy! :)

the weirdgirl

I love REM! They were my introduction to alternative. And I totally remember when they were on Sesame Street (I think my kid brother must have been watching).

So how do you embed videos into Typepad like that? I can't figure out how to do it.


What I particularly love is the puppet doing the back-up vocals of Kate, complete with manic energy dancing. Love it! Thanks for sharing.


This is so great, I had never seen it! I even love the Kate Pierson muppet. And I especially love that he did this despite often being quoted as hating that song and having written it as a parody.

You and Nate would definitely have a lot to talk about in the "sell out" arena. He thinks if I've heard of it, they must be sell-outs. Harumph.


Wow -- for years I had a Chronic Town poster hanging in our bathroom (until approximately 18 months ago, when we moved and I finally lost it).

Thanks for the video. Little Son`s verdict: "I DIDN`T LIKE THAT, MAMA!"

Devil spawn.


I know I'm late with this comment, but we stumbled across pashoshblog.com. This guy has his baby air drumming to Spirit of Radio. My 2 year old will watch it over and over, and in the car asks for Baby Sean's song. I love that he smiles when he hears the opening. I'm getting a little tired of Jack Johnson's Curious George soundtrack, although it's good.

danette ireland

how can i purchase this video with rem singing happy monsters? my little girl loves it. thank you

danette ireland

how can i purchase this video with rem singing happy monsters? my little girl loves it. thank you my email is danette_ireland@yahoo.com

danette ireland

can someone tell me how i can find the video of sesame street and rem and purchase it for my little girl? thank you


The template only alolws you to put the tweetmeme link on the sidebar. That isn't where you want it. You want to place it on the footer of the blog post.


What is so hard about installing WordPress? You only have to mod 3 files, and setup 1 dabasate! If you can't do that perhaps it's time to sell your PC. My 8 year old set up her blog in around 10mins Inc the time it took to download the software.


omg elmo gone bad omg it shoud be flaged sike its nun kid now n day see thnigs like that all the time come to my school n s** is all they talk about lol no lie


Please do not forget about Big Bird! He also lives oudtise in a large pile of leftover twigs and pine straw. He is constantly exposed to the elements, yet his feathers do always look pretty nice. I can only imagine where Snuffleupagus lives. #shiver


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