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September 20, 2006


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It sounds as if you're handling the stress as well as can be expected - with humor, insight and daddy/daughter time.

You're too cool for giving out those bonuses by the way.

And I've been to that rest stop many times. In fact, just last month I was there twice. Do you know they have a Starbucks there now too? And a little bakery counter? Or wait, maybe that's the one that used to be the Howard Stern rest stop.


Oh man, MD. Sorry things are so stressful. The daddy-daughter time sounds like the right prescription to me.

But I also like your idea about moving to Jamaica.


Those bonuses will get you far though. I hope. Further than New Jersey. Maybe.

So what IS in that horsey sauce? Please tell, cuz I do love me some Arby's.

Abe Frohman. Choice.


Gawd, MD. Can we help? I was especially concerned at the Johnnie Walker part. Fuck.. let me know where the pay pal link is for the Lagavulin fund. Don't want it to get too serious.

ps. I would be happy to see the kitten poster

metro mama

She's beautiful.

I hope work gets better soon.

Julie P.

I laughed reading your update from today, MD. My husband and I always joke about how it's a total crapshoot whenever we walk into a restaurant. We don't know if our boys are going to be little gentlemen or if they're going to be running around screaming and terrorizing everyone in the restaurant. It's a surprise every time. Welcome to parenthood.


September is kicking my ass too. I don't deal well with fall and winter. I fantasize about ditching all this for a one way flight to Maui, living on the beach (which is not illegal there), and drinking Lava Flows at Cheeseburgers in Paradise in Lahaina.

Speaking of Vince Lombardi, spend the holiday here in Wisconsin and I'll show you around Lambeau Field. We'll introduce Peanut to Johnsonville brats (the kind you eat, not the tantruming ones).


Sorry you're in a funk, MD. For me, one of the most stressful things about having a business was taking care of my employees. Now, it's just me and I feel like firing my own lazy ass on a daily basis.

(The Peanut looks like she's enjoying her miso soup. As for your update, she was just probably trying to make sure you don't get too cocky and thinking you're the boss of her.)

samantha Jo Campen

Work stress sucks. I think more than financial stress, at times. I'm feelin' it over here too. Must be something going around.

Hang in there.

BTW--hubby is in NYC this weekend. I told him to walk past your neighborhood and wave for me :-)


This week was the worst week. Ever. One back-to-school night where only 8 parents showed up. Eight TOTAL out of four classes of kids. Add to the mix two volleyball games and three volleyball practices and kids giving me lip and backtalk. I was so looking forward to Happy Hour today but I'm SICK so I couldn't go. My only consolation is the fact that I don't have to wake up early to run practice tomorrow.

Pecos bluee

Thank you for the great post. We too are in stress in the moment and I will take the adivce to not less this pass to our peanut too.


I love your perspective on life. Thank you for sharing. I'll try to remember this the next time I get stressed out and want to bang my head against a wall.


I could have written that post, except for the BossLady part (I don't even have a BossMan to misdirect my anger at) and the Peanut part (instead I've got a Walnut, who can go from angel to devil-spawn in a single bound.)

This past week I was thinking that I want to move to someplace where I can live cheaply enough to have a mindless part-time job, still pay my bills, and spend the rest of my time writing, playing tennis and golf, and generally enjoying life and being nice to my kid(s).

Not likely.

And I don't drink, so I'm a slave to Xanax.


Abe Frohman--Bwaahhahaa!

Sounds to me like you need a spa weekend with Boss Lady. Due to our sucky summer and current autumn, I am planning a surprise trip for Herr to some warm Caribbean place for November. We know our girls are feeding on our stress and some time away might change our attitude.

Chocolate Makes It Better

Mate I quite often have old Mr Walker round my place for a snifter or two.

You gotta have a comfy chair to slouch into though.

Nothing quite like a slouching Johnnie Walker.


I won't share my miseries with you since I don't actually believe that misery loves company, but I'll certainly toast my mango juice to you. (Sorry, I don't really drink, and that's as special as it gets in my house.)


No alcohol at the in-laws place?? Holy shit! You should sell you place and move to Sweden. Most relaxed place on earth to raise a child, even with my mega stressful job.

How are your workouts going? That tends to relax me a lot. I need an outlet for all anger from various places and prefer not to give it to the wife or our kids.

Hope things get better soon!



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