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September 14, 2006


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Very cute. That makes me laugh too.


I'm sharing in your airborne virus thing right now. Thanks for the laugh.

Although I can't stand the thought of mash potatos and gravy right now.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

We saw this last night and we were howling.

Mrs. Davis

OMG, that is brilliant!


YouTube just may be the only worthwhile thing on the internet in a couple years. Brilliant. My kids were standing by me while I watched it. They now think I'm crazy.


I needed that today, thanks MD. I was beginning to wonder about you. We have the beginnings here of the daycare/school bug too. I hope you feel better soon.


Oh holy scheisse, I sooo needed that today. Thanks bundles.

Sometimes I go to YouTube and stay for hours. Please don't tell anybody because I don't want to kill my suave image. What? Really? Well shit.


Ha! Thanks for the laugh. I'm not sick, per se, but beyond exhausted thanks to insomnia and an oh-so-fun sleep study last night. I'll be washing glue out of my hair for the next few days. Yes, they glue the sensors to your hair.


Those Geico commercials have been cracking me up since they started airing them!


What a howl. Thanks for the laugh. I needed it. Sounds like everyone else did too.


I saw that on The Daily Show and had to record it for my husband. SOOOOO funny.


The Daily Show is one of the few things keeping me sane at the moment. Brilliant!

Wendy Boucher

That ad campaign is funny but this adaptation was hilarious. I'm emailing it to everybody I know. Hurray for the Daily Show.


My husband will pee while watching this. Must save.


i think someone needs to do some sort of scientific study to try and figure out Little Richard. As much as I hate to admit it, I've been watching "Celebrity Duets" and I'm having a blast laughing at everything Little Richard says. The man is certifiably insane!

Lisa B.

So glad I came here. I thought it was just me that was having a shitty week. Misery does love company. Maybe it's something in the water? Anyway, thanks for the laugh, MD. This was definitely one of the few things that have brought a smile to my face this week too.


holy CRAP that's funny!


We've been without cable for three years now, but between DVDs and YouTube I don't miss out on any of the good stuff! Thanks for posting that.


Holy Shit, I laughed so hard I woke up my son from his nap... but it was totally worth it... Thanks for the laugh... hope things get back to normal soon for you...


Yes, when I'm feeling down, The Daily Show is pretty much guaranteed to make me laugh.

That was hilarious!

(I hope you feel better soon...)

Liberal Banana

Little Richard is fucking NUTS. I am ashamed to say that I have been sucked into a few episodes of "Celebrity Duets" (I don't have cable so my choices are very limited, you see) - on which LR is a judge. He is seriously INSANE.

This was a great clip; thanks for the laugh, MD!


This is just what I needed at the end of a looooong week. Thanks, MD. Have a great weekend.

Pecos bluee

That was truly f***** hilarious. God I wish I had cable to see that more often. THank you!

Anne Glamore

HA!! My son has been laughing since I showed him this-- but we're keeping it a secret from my husband!


Wow!! That's great!!


Thank you, a million times over for that. (And thank you, God, for Jon Stewart.)


omg...you just made my day.

Thank you for sharing. That was HEEElarious!


I don't know how he stops laughing long enough to finish the show...


Thanks so much you really cheered me up.

Mama Nabi

(LOVE Jon Stewart... so much more than that pompous ass who used to anchor Daily Show)

Too funny - Little Richard is such a hoot. I caught a bit of some celebrity singing thing on TV, Little Richard is a judge on the show... he was the only entertaining part of the show.


Hi MD. A laugh is always good.


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