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September 25, 2006


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Holy crap, I've been obsessed with "ersatz" lately too! Which is because it was one of the featured words in the Word Power column in the latest Reader's Digest. Ah, I love that section (am nerd, thank you very much).

As further proof of my nerd status, dictionary.com is happily bookmarked on both my laptop and my PC, hooray!

Awesome post, as always :)

Nerd is the Word!

I too am a dictionary.com nerd. Can't tell you how happy I was to see the site redesign last week. I also got a huge thrill that the "word of the day" last Friday was "opprobrium." Damn, that's a mighty good word. Been trying to use in conversation all week. Like you, I guess I'll just use it on the internet.

Great post, MD!


"Posting will be light..." followed by a 5000 word essay. I love it.

Try getting her the potty that has a motion sensor light that plays songs when she goes. Seriously, it's only like 17 bucks at Target. Worked great for our 2 year old.

No carbs, huh? I prefer that over strawberries, with those funny little cake things.

And I haven't been by dictionary.com since I got my MacBook cause there's a widget right on my screen that pipes in dictionary.com to a little screen thingy.

What's the dvr filling up with, btw?


Long time fan, MD. Delurking to say that this is really brilliant writing. You need to come to L.A. and get a sitcom deal. It'd be better than 90% of everything on TV now.


What's wrong with goat cheese? Goat cheese is good. Very. Very. Good.

And I have a "friend" who gets dressed up for those renaissance fairs. What a loser. Seriously. Do you watch Reno 911? They did some pretty funny bits having to do with a Renaissance Fair last season.


Middle of the night Hoagies are the best and thanks for using the word hoagie and not sub.

Redi-Whip---you are not inhaling are you? Whippits.


I admit, I wore a TIgger costumes to raves so that X'd out raver girls would molest me.


You peel your daughter's grapes?

That's parental dedication of the likes that I have never known in my entire life. I salute you!



You're a true mensch, MD. Sleeping on the couch while your MIL is in town for a week? Kudos on being an excellent son-in-law. She must love you.

When my MIL comes to stay with us, I make up excuses to work late or take a business trip.

Peeled grapes? I just quartered them, myself.

And is it Mogodor, in your opinion, with the MOrroccan food?


I have a name for sandwiches such as Pippin apple, brie, and porcini mushroom on a ciabatta roll: a richboy!


P.S. Just cut the goddamned grapes in half, or squash them with your fingers so that they're not globe-shaped. Will prevent choking every time!


Your technorati tags for this post are sauteed in awesome sauce!

(Although possibly deviant-drawing.)

I'm addicted to dictionary.com and Redi-Whip. (But not ambiguously gay muppet-things).


You are effing hilarious, MD. I'm totally addicted to dictionary.com. Told my wife about the new graphics the other day and she souldn't have cared less. Thanks for making my night!


I know I speak from personal experience when I say, nothing bonds a daughter to her daddy quite like poop (love your blog).


I am bursting at the seams imagining your family in awe of those Christmas shopping (this kvetching Jewish mama not among them. And the thought of you all just shaking your heads at the silly white folk and their Walmart.

Me too.

I'd rather pay retail!


Of course you'd be the only person I (sort of) know besides me who noticed - and appreciated - the new dictionary.com look. I use it all day long for work and one day it was just brand spankin' new, like Anna Nicole after Trimspa.

Anne Glamore

I, too, am all over the redesign of disctionary (tho in my case it's the thesaurus just as often-- spent all week trying to remember the word abattoir for a post).

Re suburbia: I don't think you'd last more than 4 minutes in the Tiny Kingdom in Alabama, but it would be fun to try. Hell, you've got the Dreamland link, so you'd have something to talk about.


What kind of wine does go best with pizza?


I love the Ren Faire thought followed by the story about the sandwich... You have quite a big brain.

I'd say more, but I'm distracted by my ersatz redhair today.


I highly recommend the Lemony Snicket books (NOT the movie). One volume is entitled "The Ersatz Elevator"... just for you.

Steve B.

You rock, MD! Thanks as always.


They're called LARPers... Live Action Role Players.

My husband portrayed Henry VIII at the Georgia Renaissance Festival for years. The actors generally think that LARPers are real freaks. See, they are PAID to dress up and talk that way. It's a JOB, yo, and actors are whores -- we'll do anything for a buck.

Elmo: Remember a couple of years ago when the Xbox bundle was the big deal? My Mom (in Michigan) found a stash at her local Wal-Mart when people were lining up outside stores here in Atlanta. She bought 10 of them and sold them on eBay. Bought them for $150 each and didn't sell any of them for less than $300. Great little money maker right before the holidays...


Mmmmm..rediwhip. It's enough to make me get back on the Atkins wagon. If I can take the bad breath.


dictionary.com's new interface?

that's so nerdy it hurts.

but yeah, i felt a little something tingle "down there" when i saw it (for thesaurus, though), too. live links to synonyms!!!


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