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August 31, 2006


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Growing up in LA, in my particular neighborhood, there were more stars in the markets than in the sky.

Sir Laurence Olivier in Gelsons buying cake mix.

Dennis Weaver, who lived 3 houses down from us.

Lee J Cobb, who lived around the corner.

Bea Benideret (Petticoat Junction) whose daughter Maggie was a BFF and son was Jack Bannon, the murderer on St Elsewhere.

Alan Ginsburg, who lived actoss the street from me in Boulder CO and came over to eat my homemade bagels.

Maharishi Mahesh Yoga (Beatles guru) who came to my high school on a visit.

Julianna Moore in Venice Italy where she was filming a soap opera.

Julia Child in Russo's vegetable market in Waltham MA

Princess Diana in a grocery shop right near her boy's school in Sloane Square, London

PD James in a bookshop in London where she was browsing and I was peeing my pants because I love her books.


Wow would love to have met phoebe cates, love her! I don't know anyone who didn't have a crush on her, girl or guy..
Famous people I've met: Wesley Snipes hit on me in a dive bar (Phoebe's) next to NYU. Woody H. was with him at the time, I might have gone for Woody if he sang me the Kelly Kelly song but Wesley has the asian fetish...
Met Billy Zane at a bar on Central Park South, he seemed cool and stopped to have a drink with us until my drunk aussie friend made some rude reference to Billy's receding hairline and toupees. Pretty classy guy considering, didn't say a word, just walked off..
Recently attended a small wedding of a friend who invited his ex brother-in-law, Craig Sheffer, nice guy didn't say much...
Met Janeane Garafolo on a roof top bar in midtown, I don't think she liked it when I asked if my very hot and star struck girlfriend from Brazil could take a picture with her boyfriend (some dude in some B movie called the 13th floor). I don't think he liked me either because I mistakenly asked if he was the guy in 14th Floor. It was hilarious that my foreign friend new exactly who he was and wanted to know what a hunk like him was doing with such a chubby unattractive woman....
Other random sightings in NY, shopping in Antique Boutique with Will Smith, dining in Nobu with Jennifer Aniston at the next table etc.. but I think atleast a few words have to be exchanged to count as an encounter, no?
The #1 Celebrity I'd like to meet is Oprah. I love her life philosophy, my husband says I'm part of the Oprah Cult. I can't deny it. She fascinates me because if a poor, obese black woman can make it to the top of the world in this racist, classist society then ANYTHING is possible. I think it's genius that she makes no apologies for her wealth, uses philantrophy to self promote and gets to help the causes she believes in at the same time....
I'm not a blogger and I don't have kids yet but I love your blog MD. You represent the part of NY I actually miss, the humour in the madness of it all. I don't miss the madness but things aren't nearly as funny elsewhere either. I stumbled across your nanny post when I googled korean nannies, hilarious and good point! Thanks for the laughs....
OHHH, and I too thought you were Caron Daly's whore for a sec. I had to reread the part about the 4k on your nightstand, sry had a vision of you in bed holding up the blanket like Eddie Murphy in Boomerang...


My sophomore year in college, I came home to my dorm to find Michael Stipe asleep in my bed. One of my roommates had let him in.

heather p.

Growing up in Englewood, New Joisey lent itself lots of opportunities to come across some great musicians. George Benson was our neighbor, The Sugar Hill Gang roamed the streets in ankle length furs and gold chains in rythm back in the early 80s, and Eddy Murphy was a few blocks away (hey, he sang "My Girl Wants to Party All the Time", right?)

My bro went to school with Brooke Shields, and did actually factually get to 2nd base with her, and I went to school with Aisha Wonder (but no second base). Stevie sang at a few of our school events.

Someone mentioned Anthony Micheal Hall? Well our close friend growing up was raised by a nanny for the most part, and she dated a few of them fellas from the brat pack. She used to have them over for lengthy parties, and they would buy us those little bottles of Bud. And play spin the bottle with us once we hit 8th grade.....


I lived in Las Vegas for half a dozen years or so, and that's another great place to meet celebrities on the street. My favorite was Mike Myers. I was at the forum shops at caesar's palace about 10 years ago, showing some out-of-town friends around. Suddenly I look up, and Mike Myers is walking past me in a baseball cap. I stopped dead, told my friends, and we followed him through the mall until we worked up enough courage to get his autograph. He was totally gracious, and wearing converse all stars. He ducked his head, just like he does on the TV, and smiled, and went into The Athlete's Foot to shop. No one else in the mall recognized him.

I have also met or seen many others, but my mom's met more, and she still lives in Las Vegas. She was at Siegfried's birthday party just days before he was attacked by Manticore. When 20/20 aired a special on the attack, I was shocked to see my mom go dancing across the screen in one of the clips of the party they showed! :)


I can't believe I didn't remember this. I don't know if it really counts as a celebrity encounter but he looked in my general direction. Way back in 1994, some 60 Castlemont HS (Oakland, CA) students got kicked out of the Grand Lake Theater's showing of Schindler's List because some of them were laughing during a scene where a Jewish woman was shot in the head. Somehow, it was a slow news week in Oakland and so this of course gets plastered on the front page of the Oakland Tribune, which caused all sorts of editorials on inner city schools, tolerance, and whatnot...so, to address all the hoopla, the students were rewarded with a visit from Steven Spielburg.

They busted out their award winning choir, dragged the entire student body to an assembly. As editor of the high school across town's newspaper (shocking I know, we sucked), I was invited to attend and cover the event.
Mr. Spielberg was really cool, looked just like he did on TV, and talked about how this little incident became such a big deal. He also mentioned that he got kicked out of Ben Hur for laughing when he was a kid. Teenagers...tsk tsk.


Hmmm I just blogged about meeting Tamlyn Tomita from Karate Kid 2.

...As I was walking down to claim my prize I was so lost in how good The Blood of Heroes was that I didn't realize that there was a girl walking up towards me. And our eyes met. Tamlyn. She was personally bringing me my trivia prize. And it all came back to me. That summer in 1986. We were so young Tamlyn. You with the crazy big hair with wispy tendrils. Me with my Members Only jacket because yes...I am a member. That fool Daniel and his stupid drum. And like a wicked case of Tourette's I feel the words rising up in me...You Keep For Your Correction. You Keep for Your Correction. Must...not....say...it.


A while back, I sat next to William Hung on a plane (http://www.xanga.com/item.aspx?user=Mishkabobs&tab=weblogs&uid=83747566). It was magical.

Another time, Michelle Kwan bumped into my shoulder at a bar. She said sorry. Then she started dancing with her hockey player date. I must say, for a world champion figure skater, she doesn't have much rhythm.


Kevin Costner spoke to you while you were peeing? I wouldn't want to read anything into that, would I? Well, I know a few guys who would.


I really enjoyed the carson daily story because it involved vegas and scotch.


My favorite was meeting David Canary (the silver-haired guy who plays Adam/Stuart on All My Children) at a wedding a few years back. Noodle tried to pickpocket his wife's purse and luckily, he thought that was hysterically funny and went on and on about how cute she was. :)

- Ruth Bader Ginsburg
-the guy who played Clayton on "Benson"
-I had a class in college with Melissa from "Real World:Miami" in 93
-I saw Lenny Kravitz walking down Ocean Drive back in the mid/late 90s

Growing up in Miami was a good place to see celebrities or kids of celebrities. My brother, for example, was friends with Arturo Sandoval's son, and I had friends who went to school with Enrique Iglesias.

Also, my dad was a cop so he guarded a bunch of celebrities, like the Bee Gees (!) and a couple Presidents. Because he would work the wrestling matches, he knew The Rock's grandfather and parents and likes to tell stories about how he used to know The Rock back when he was just a gawky kid named Dwayne.


Here's a link to my closest moment of a celebrity encounter. I swear, you guys have all the fun!


A. Tsai

I'm totally jealous that you lived in the same building as Phoebe Cates. I think I've had a crush on her for at least 20 years now. She's gorgeous. Did you know that she's half-Asian?


Celebrities don't come to Houston.


Oh man these are GREAT! I'll have to do mine sometime.

I sat next to Ed Koch in the movies a few years back. He snored the entire time. I also peed in the bathroom stall at Bliss next to Liv Tyler. CELEBRITIES: THEY URINATE, JUST LIKE US!


#4 my favorite (though my daughter is not named after her- I just love Anniversary Party) #9 of course peeks my interest


I met Kevin Costner one night in Sun Valley also. You're right. He really is totally down to earth and very likable in person.


I would give anything to meet the BOSS! Thats my fave encounter you described. I never really listened to him growing up in Canada, but my hubby and father in law worship him and I have grown to madly love him. Have seen him 3 times in the past 2 years and he NEVER disappoints. good for you :)


When my cousin was 12, she was diagnosed with cancer. One day at the hospital, Howard Stern came to visit all the kids. I happened to be there that day and could not believe how sweet that man was. He was so unlike his radio personality. Just a really nice and mellow gentleman.


Earlier this summer, I went bowling with Nelly.

My company sponsored a celebrity bowling fundraiser, and he was our team captain.

During the practice game, we shared a lane with Dennis Edwards (The Temptations) and his family. Very nice guy.

Nelly beat me by one point.


I knew I was forgetting a few:

Celebrities who used to shop at the grocery store I worked at:
- Daisy Fuentes
-Dave Barry
- the blond guy with glasses from Barney Miller (he almost ran me over with a shopping cart one time)


Harvey Weinstein was my sister's brother-in-law. We were having lunch one year at the Penninsula in Beverly Hills: my sister and her family, Harvey and his family, and he asked me if I had kids yet. When I said no, he asked if I was having fertility problems. Then he took a call (one of about 6 he took at lunch).


I like the Phoebe Cates one too- for me, an analagous encounter would be if I met Andrew McCarthy. I think I named one of my stuffed animals after him. That I practiced kissing on.

Keisha Knight who played Rudy Huxtable played with my fake guns (as in, from my holsters) at a rehearsal for my dance company in the late 80's. She was an alien conehead for her number, and me, a cowgirl westerner dancing to Wild, Wild, West. Yes, it was degrading.

Out at dinner in Florence on our honeymoon, Christy Turlington was sitting at the next table with a group of non-modelesque women. She said something to the group and they all turned around to look at me. I like to think that I was so pretty and chic in my asymmetrical one-shoulder dress, but I have a nagging suspicion that it was my ability to eat.


I like the Phoebe Cates one too- for me, an analagous encounter would be if I met Andrew McCarthy. I think I named one of my stuffed animals after him. That I practiced kissing on.

Keisha Knight who played Rudy Huxtable played with my fake guns (as in, from my holsters) at a rehearsal for my dance company in the late 80's. She was an alien conehead for her number, and me, a cowgirl westerner dancing to Wild, Wild, West. Yes, it was degrading.

Out at dinner in Florence on our honeymoon, Christy Turlington was sitting at the next table with a group of non-modelesque women. She said something to the group and they all turned around to look at me, smiling kindly. I like to think that I was so pretty and chic in my asymmetrical one-shoulder dress, but I have a nagging suspicion that it was my ability to eat more than any dignified woman should.

John Travolta was using my gym while filming in Baltimore and was resting quietly in between raquetball games in a deserted hallway. I walked by all nonchalant and all, but inside I was exclaiming, "I LOVED you in Grease!" (This was also before his face doubled in girth.)




It's not fair if you're from LA. You can't avoid them if you wanted to.

Best ever is pulling up in my 911 next to a classic limited edition 92 Carrera RS and saying to the guy next to me "Nice car. Did you ever race it?" He turns around and says "No - just one of the many I collect. Yours looks nice though. I like the 993" and I realize it's Jerry Seinfeld, who is known for his famous Porsche collection. Second is thinking how cute it is that the blonde in the Mercedes next to me is smiling and waving at my 2 year old daughter - and I realize it's Meg Ryan. Third is my mom who is sort of oblivious and was running late to a lunch with the ladies when she flipped her car keys to the first guy in a vest she saw. He politely came to the table to return them saying "sorry, miss, I am not the valet". She said she was sorry too but was more embarrassed when she realized she just asked Mel Gibson to park her car.

MD - the show in Vegas you described is chalk full of stars - they all have apparel lines, and it was this week. Too many stories to tell. Won't even start with Paris Hilton's record release party at Pure nightclub at Caeser's Tuesday night. WOW.

. say "no, just drive next to see them every day and


My proudest celebrity moment was selling a frozen banana to Ray Davies at Disneyland. The man was the epitome of cool, with or without the banana.


Oh, man. As soon as I saw Phoebe Cates, the Fast Times scene came rushing back. I would have fucked that one up too.

And what is it with urinals!? I peed next to Kevin Bacon at Tavern on the Green. As we washed our hands we glanced at each other in the mirror and he nodded and said, "What's up?"

"Hey." was all I could think of to say.

Her Bad Mother

This is going to sound weird, coming from a Canadian, but there are too many to go into detail here. Highlights: partying with Johnny Depp back in his Jump Street days, when he was prone to trashing hotel rooms, getting felt up by a coked up Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode), cruising a gypsy barrio in Barcelona with the guys from De La Soul looking for pot (is there a theme emerging here...? My youth wasn't quite as wild as this makes it sound...)


You're the king, man. None of my celebrity sightings are anywhere near that involved (unless you include "celebrity gadfly" Mo Rocca).

But I can't believe you didn't mention Sam Champion in your top 10. He's at least as big as Ed Koch...


These are great stories. Living in L.A., I've had my share of celebrity encounters, but none of them have seen me pee.



The Liev Schreiber one is hiliarious but MD, dude what on earth did you DO to earn that 4K? Tsk, tsk.


Those are great. I've had only a couple of minor celebrity sightings (Met Andrew Shue a couple of years ago--quite short.) But about 8 years ago I was on a flight from San Francisco to Pittsburgh. I was terrified of flying and was getting tipsy from the free drinks in first class. I also noticed that the flight attendents were fawning all over the guy seated next to me. He told me that his sister-in-law was one of them and she was trying to fix him up. After about 2 solid hours of drinking and chatting, I asked him if he bought the Super Bowl Ring on his finger. He laughed and handed it to me. I saw the name Matt Barr on it, but it meant nothing to me. I told him that unless he was Joe Namath, Joe Thiesman or Joe Montana, I didn't know who he was. He laughed and laughed and we drank some more. He even held my hand on the landing. My husband was pretty surprised when he saw us stumbling and laughing off the plane.

Pickle's Papa

great stories.

p.s. I always had sneaky suspicion that in my wife's Al Gore story "Elephant Ear" was a euphemism for something else.

mrs mogul

I've seen the most celebs in NYC. I think cause they just walk around everywhere. I LOVE STING and didn't know he was a pot smoker. Madonna smokes pot too (OR USED TO)

Here's my list



I was taking a leak in a blues bar that had a trough urinal. Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper were performing that night. I was alone until Mojo came in and started whizzing beside me. I looked over and said "Mojo, you know that joke about the guy peeing next to John Wayne?" and he said "Yep!". Well, I pinched it off and turned to him and said "HEY, You're Mojo Nixon!!!" Mojo laughed and finished up his business. Can't say I have flashed any other celebrities.


I used to live in Williamstown and had two Christopher Reeve encounters. First, I walked into him while reading the back of a shampoo bottle in the drugstore. Slammed right into him. He was very kind. I felt like dirt.... The second time he sat with Dana right behind me at the movie theatre. We saw "Something Wild".

Williamstown is a great place for summer star gazing.


All these people who say they like Kevin Costner - did any of you read the article a few months ago that, while on his honeymoon in Scotland, he demanded sexual favors from the masseuse at his hotel...while his wife of 48 hours was sleeping a few rooms away? some woman lost her job over the incident when she complained and they settled. wow, that takes cajones to demand a happy ending 2 days after tying the knot!


Can't believe I forgot this....Patrick Dempsey (Gray's Anatomy) grew up one town over from me. He desperately wanted a job at the shoe store where I worked. and came in all the time. I saw his application and the handwriting was awful. He didn't get the job.


I work in media and used to be a college DJ so I've met my share of celebrities and high-profile politicians. Best encounters:

Mojo Nixon -- partied with him, band, and crew after a show in Atlanta around 1990 or so. Mojo was trying to getting a bunch of people (girls) to dance on the bar. He was walking back and forth, and walked straight into a spinning ceiling fan. Knocked him off the bar and flat on the floor. Bounced up like it was nothing. Johnny Knoxville stole this man's schtick.

The Pogues: Again, after party with the band. I'll say only this: do NOT try to outdrink or even match the Pogues when it comes to drinking. And no matter how much they try to convince you that grapefruit juice and vodka is good, it ain't.

RuPaul: Came to co-host my radio show a couple of times. Once, he sat in the studio applying his make up while answering phone calls from fans. Such a sweet person. Said he loved my dimples and wanted to dress me up.

A local politician/former civil rights leader who has since passed away once blindly reached for my arm and grabbed my boob. He and I both nearly fainted when we realized what happened. Me, from sheer horror, him from sheer delight and his stupid luck.

Queen of Ass

I got a hickey by the drummer of Tesla once.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

10) I'm surprised. I find Costner shockingly unlikeable in movies.

One time I sat behind Marilyn Manson (the whole band) at a Black Sabbath show. They smelled funny. I'm pretty sure that back in the day they used to wear Hello Kitty perfume as part of their "image".

I was really hung over and flying out of LAX and I said "hi" to Frank McCourt (He wrote "Angela's Ashes") because in my compromised state I thought I knew him.

I met Ice-T at a concert and I told him "My brother loves you!" He said "What about you?" and I had no answer.

One time I said hi to Max Cavelera (Sepultura, Soulfly) at a concert because I was drunk and I thought I knew him. (Yes, you are sensing a pattern.)

One time I saw Derrick Brooks in the grocery store and I almost pooped my pants. I would have accosted him but 1) He was wearing headphones and I didn't know if he would hear me gushing and 2) I was REALLY REALLY pregnant and I just didn't have the energy to chase him down.

I went up to Pete Stoyanovich (he used to be the kicker for the Dolphins) in a bar so that I could introduce him to my roommate who had a huge crush on him. He was there with his wife.

I sold an Alice in Chains cd to Jennifer Capriati when I worked at Peaches in Tampa.


Man, your celebrity encounters are hard core. No "can I have your autograph" stories for MetroDad! They all involve drinking, peeing, gambling, or some other intense bonding experience. And even your dog is famous?! We all knew you were charismatic, but this proves it.


These are awesome stories, MD. I got nothing! Not too many celebrities strolling through downtown Davenport.


Geez, who knew so many of your readers had similar encounters. I've never met a celebrity of any ilk.

Nice to know Howard Stern is a regular guy.


Okay, I thought I could hold out and try to be cool... but I can't anymore.
1. Literally ran into Ray Liotta after wandering into the middle of a film set in Halifax, Nova Scotia... my now-husband had to tell me who it was because I didn't get a good look as I zoomed by.
2. Why do bathrooms figure into all celeb encounters at one point or another? Sylvester Stallone and I were heading for the same Port-O-Potty at the Molson Indy in Toronto. He's not very tall but totally built! He got there first.
3. Offered to allow Rick Mercer to cut the queue for the photocopier where I used to work because he only had one sheet and I had 200. Tiny, funny man.
4. John Cusack (a.k.a. the only man I'd leave my husband for) from across the street before the premiere of Max at the Toronto Film Festival. Nearly peed myself I was so excited!
5. Got drunk with Aidan Quinn's brother Paul at an Atlantic Film Festival after-party. He's a director.
That's it unless you count assorted well-known locally, but internationally unknown, bands and assorted politicians.

moe berg

brian wilson serenaded my sons one bright saturday morning.


Mama Nabi

Hm, mine are fairly low-key - I went to school with Victor Bannerjee's daughters (one of them is a Bollywood director now) - he was in A Passage to India... really nice guy, really bitchy spoiled wife. Once partied with Timothy Leary (a bit of a letch). A jam band that was featured on Carson Daly show has a song named after me. I was working as a hostess at a restaurant where Andrew Firestone (some reality TV bachelor guy, also heir to some tire company as well as a vineyard... whateves, he was a spaz, thought he was god's gift to women; I, of course, ignored him firmly) did a promo... now, if I were to bump into De Niro... sigh, heaven...

greg from daddytypes

I was backstage at the Grammys one year [long story], when I went to the bathroom right after it had started.

Anyway, after 3 Clapton wins in a row, the Red Hot Chili Peppers win one. And then Anthony Kiedis heads straight from the stage to the urinal next to me, where he parks his new Grammy. He goes, "hey, man," and so I look from the Grammy to him and go, "Wow, are you Eric Clapton!?"

He wasn't wearing a sock.


Oh these are great!! I posted my celeb encounters last year but I did one-liners for the most part.

I love your Sting story, because as you know I've known him since 1984 when he INTRODUCED HIMSELF to me as I waited for my friend in the NY office of A&M. He's changed a bit over the years, a little more pretentious now, but still always gracious.

He sent a magnum of Perrier-Jouet to the wedding I attended last weekend. They were invited but couldn't attend.

However, Rick Davies of Supertramp WAS there... what a fossil!!

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