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August 18, 2006


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Anne Glamore

Hey-- now I know where Naked Baby went!

Cute pic. Hope things calm down soon.

Mr. Big Dubya

If I haven't said it before I'll say it now - Peanut is adorable. Absolutely adorable.


I second Mr. Big Dubya's response. I also love her hair always sweeping across her face like she's mysterious.....


LOVE the photo, MD. Peanut is so adorable. Looks like her doll has seen better days though!


Where did you get that shirt? Dorothy definitely needs one of those...

Her Bad Mother

Purdy cute.

Are she and the doll working the same 'do, or is that just the angle of the shot?


Very cute. I need that shirt for my daughter.

Have a great weekend.


So cute! I always wanted my little goose to have long bangs too but my parents always cut them behind my back while I'm at work. Which I have to say it's better to be busy than bored...well in moderation anyway. Have a nice weekend!

metro mama

LOVE that shirt! Where can we get one?


SO SO SO DAMN cute!! I did a post about my little Sophia sporting a do like that too, I called her "Cousin Itt" Remember that show? Enjoy the weekend too!

JJ Daddy Baby Momma

Ah, the hair.

Daily conversation at the JJ Daddy Household:

"Little Mary Sunshine, who is the ONLY person allowed near your head with a pair of scissors?"

Answer "Mr. Bill" (the family stylist).

This was after LMS decided at right about this same age to take styling matters into her own tiny hands.


What a cutie!


Aww, she is cuteness personified.

That t-shirt is way cool! And looking forward to more of your yummy posts!


Welcome back. Get much rest this weekend. Rainy days are good for that sort of thing.


Adorable picture. I love her hair. Have a great weekend.

Linda B

Cute pic! But um, that doll scares me.


She's so cute! But that poor doll needs some clothes!

Lisa K.

Sounds like you've had a rough few weeks at work, MD. I hope everything is good with you and you get to spend the weekend playing with Bosslady & Peanut. By the way, she's absolutely ADORABLE!


Oh, we soooo need that shirt here!

The Peanut is tres adorable.

samantha Jo Campen

Yeah, I hate my long-ish hair on almost a daily basis. But will I cut it shorter? No. Because that would involve some balls, of which I don't have. So do they make that shirt in big girl sizes?

So cute. I want to gobble her up:-)


Ahh, very cute.
That doll looks like she's had a hard life on the streets though.


Cute shirt! Even cuter sweetie in it!

(I think if we`re really bad in this life, we get reborn to spent eternity as a toddler`s doll...)


Cute picture. My little one has a doll that goes everywhere with her too, and looks it . . .


That shirt reminds of "The Ring" girl, Samora. That movie scared the bejeezus outta me the first time. Scary.

Papa Bradstein

She's adorable. What a beautiful picture.

Of course, she's also a few cans of AquaNet away from going as Robert Smith for Halloween.


Olé!! Bonita! Preciosa! Guapa! Pero, pingo pingo!! Yeah, I can see a great potential looking into her eyes and her strong hands!! ;)
Regards from sunny Spain!

mrs mogul

She;s like a doll herself!!! Maybe she can be my son's future wife? He likes older ladies.


I thank you for your comment.

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