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July 24, 2006


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Seriously, would the wives of us married bloggers actually let us go?


If my husband blogged I'd totally encourage him to go to BlogHim.

I wish I was going to BlogHer...maybe next year.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

I told Gabe last night that if I were going to BlogHim I wouldn't be nearly as worried about what to wear. I'd just pack jeans and my Bucs jersey.


Vegas, Hooters, Rainman suite...classy men style. Gotta love you neanderthals, I mean men!

Don't sell yourself short MD, I'm sure if anybody can organize such an event for you men, it would be YOU!

Motherhood Uncensored

Let's be frank.

You'd all be comparing penises.


Sorry. It's the hormones.


Griffey will definitely make it to the Hall. Jessica is hotter than Ashley. Batman would beat up Jet Li. Ford.


Yeah, I can't see a BlogHim happening either. You're right on with all of your points... Although if the women got together and said something like "You're right, men could never organize something like BlogHer!" in all honesty? I bet you'd take it up as a challenge and get your asses in gear. As you said, men like competitions!

Hygiene Dad

Could we get the Christian Bale Batman as our keynote? I'm totally in.

I would think a sponsor would jump on something like this.

Pattie Lee

Dang--I'm missing the BlogHer conference this year. Hopefully I can make it next year.

I think you should have BossLady organize BlogHim. She'd keep all you guys in line.

As for Batman vs. Jet Li, which Batman? Keaton, Kilmer, or Bale? Because if it's Bale, I'm siding with him. If only because he's the hottest Batman ever.


I loved this post the first time and I still love it. I'm not going, I'll have to read about it later, just like you will.

samantha campen

Great post MD!

You also know there would be lots of grunting, scratching, and bodily functions flying all over the place as well, right?

That conference would smell, man. Whew.


"You think male bloggers could ever organize an event like this?"

Nope. Workers from Las Vegas businesses like Hooters, Golf Courses, and Cheetahs would need to be keynote speakers and sponsors.

Seriously, I think it will happen eventually alongside BlogHer (at the nearby Hometown Buffet or Sizzler...)


It would work in Vegas.

It so would.

dutch from sweet juniper

Ironically, this year laid off dad is going to BlogHer. and he's sleeping on my living room floor.

Mega Mom

The only part I dispute is the competitive thing. A while back Amalah posted about some kind of crazy cart races at her old job. I remember MANY of us saying we'd love to do a competitive thing at BlogHer. I grew up with 3 brothers and have been dubbed "All About The Competition". (Whether it is Euchre or Beach Volleyball, I'm game Man!)

I am putting together a Mini BlogHim/Her in NYC in early August. So far it is you, me and BossLady if you're game.
(*aside-- what is your stance on commas before the word and? Do you think I should have added one after the word me in the previous sentence? I've always believed it was optional*)
Unfortunately I can't put it together b/c my lame ass has barely seen NYC since the mid-90's and I'd probably try to take us to Hogs N' Heifers or something that stopped being cool many moons ago. I'll get on the planning when I return.

We'll be raising a glass to you!


I used to plan conferences for a living -- but BlogHim does sound like too out-of-my-league. Besides, I suck at paint ball, and that would have to be on the agenda (or some other war-game)!

Her Bad Mother

It's the etiquette of the hug that dooms the project from the start. BlogHer is one big lovey group hug for girls. MAYBE with kissing. The may be that the only truly comparable thing, for men who fear hugs but not penile competition, is a circle jerk-off (with prizes!)

It's hard to get sponsors for that.


Can't anyone put together a Bloghim conference? We don't even need speakers just strippers, booze, and gambling. Las Vegas definitely!


i'd totally rather go to blogHim than blogHer. just saying.

(and what's up with the pun? shame.)


You seriously want me to blow my entire holiday budget attending a conference attended by nothing but other men?


Ummmm can I come to bloghim? Vegas, superbowl sunday with beer? I'm so there!!


I love your description of a future BlogHim conference, but I think you are missing a crucial element: grilled meat.

Also? Christian Bale is haaaaawwwt.


A "BlogHim" conference would be an excellent idea, but we'd need a new name...I'm thinking along the lines of "Men's Online Fraternal Organisation", or MOFO.


Women think men would get together and compare penises. It just isn't true. Somehow, last month, we wound up with our friend bringing his girlfriend to our monthly poker game.

About halfway through, one of us guys said to her, "sorry to disappoint you, but this is what guys do when they get together - fart and talk about farting."

And, I'm sorry, but men would never call their conference "BlogHim" - too lame. Or, if someone DID organize a "BlogHim" conference, we'd beat him up.

Phat Daddy

Hell...we have trouble organizing a whiskey tasting. I think logistically there is no way us XYs could pull off BlogHim.

Chocolate Makes It Better

Mate, i'm pretty sure this is the first post I ever read of yours.

Has it been that long allready???


If you send me your underwear, I'll make sure they get up a flagpole at the Hyatt. I promise.

zygote daddy

First of all, MOFO is the best organizational acronym EVER. Also, "BlogHer" obviously works as a pun, but "BlogHim" is like a second-degree play on words (or something), which doesn't quite make sense on its own. Sorry, man. But then again, who the fuck would think "Amazon" would be a good name for an online bookstore? So what the fuck do I know?

Yeah, don't answer that...


I don't know. There would definitely be a lot of farting. Although, I think there are enough blogging dad's around that are serious about being fathers, feel strongly abour father/ parent issues, and how blogging has helped and supported many of us in the change of a social paradigm. We are a byproduct of the women's movement and are redefining what it is to be a man and a father. So, at the very least we could get together and have some engaging conversation over some pretzels, strippers, and beer.

I'm sticking with Bloghermaphrodaddy.

The problem is we don't seem to have the realtime connection. I don't see many SAHD play groups if any and most of the guys I meet while out with their kids aren't exactly conversationalists or very proud of being there at all. Perhaps there is a need for a Bloghim sort of thing, but I wonder how many dads would actually show up. You can count me in though...just not for the impetus. I have a hard enough time just keeping a blog.


This is fantastic! And Gawd, so true. The first thing Nate said to me was "why the hell isn't it in Vegas? What are you going to do all weekend anyway?"

I told him, "braid each other's hair and have pillow fights in our nighties." I forgot to mention boob naming.

Like you guys don't have names for your naughty bits. Hm.

dutch from sweet juniper

I don't believe Devra for a second.

The Zero Boss

The hugging protocol is easy: A-frame hugs all the way around. The A-frame is the standard homophobic hug, and is perfect for a room of heterogenous heterosexual guys.

Besides, we'd be in Vegas. Built-in hetero cover story!

I'm sure we could pull off the logistics. I mean, hell, we've run major corporations for over a hundred years without the help of women!



Dutch, I am a woman of my word. Metro didn't send me the goods. My street cred is now in disarray.

BlogHer is in Chicago in 07. Metrodad, you have a year to get me your undies or I fear Dutch will be calling me out again and putting my street cred to question.


I totally buy the competitive thing. After recently accompanying my wife to a baby weigh-in, I realised just how supportive women and mothers can be for one another; friendships are made instantly, empathy and genuine interest abound.

If it were just dads on the other hand, we'd have been forcing our babies to show just how 'advanced' they are compared with the others; they'd be vitriolic roars of joy as little Ralph creeps into the top quartile for height, and plenty of ribbing for baby Pete as at 3 months he STILL can't roll over.

A Bloghim convention would degenerate into much the same thing. My blog hasn't even hit 100 readers - I'd get slaughtered. Still, a reason to hit vegas would be welcome - let's just not talk blogs.


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BlogHer is in Chicago in 07. Metrodad, you have a year to get me your undies or I fear Dutch will be calling me out again and putting my street cred to question.

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How badly do I wish that I were going to BlogHer? Really badly.Next year, next year or possibly Blissdom if Sweet P dedices she's open to a bottle by then. Have so much fun!We have similar temperature issues at our house -- basement freezing, main floor decent, and top floor sweaty. We typically have a window box upstairs to help do the job the central air can't quite seem to do, but didn't think prospective buyers of our home would like to see that.


sound like fun have a great time at blogher!! and yes we have the same issue with the AC acltauly we don't have AC right now in the house and are depending on the window units right now! it's wonderful.. LOL Not. sorry about the runningn thing but I hear walking if better?? I'm trying to get back in the groove .. anyway sound likeyour in for a treat soon with your bloher have fun and let us knw how it is!


Yay I get to meet you in TWO FREAKING WEEKS. Wow. I was excited, then oreocvme with guilt about going, and thinking about not going, then I got super dooper excited again, and now, just recently, I'm getting anxiety and guilt ridden again, and truly sick about leaving my boys for 2 days. Blah. But... still excited. YAHOOOOO!!!!!


Have such an awesome time at BlogHer. I will be miinssg you!! How cool would it be to explore NYC together? Jealous of your gorgeous hardwoods. Any chance there's something fabulous under the disgusting 20 year old vinyl floor in my kitchen? Don't think so.


So thrilled you poetsd this, Liz! I hope your readers pile on with the ideas! (I may have to take issue with the Not that it's all about me! remark, though. I'm a big fan, and am not convinced it's not all about you!)


Ah, BlogHer I remember when we were riadeng all the stuff before, during and after BlogHer '08. Was it '08? I'm so glad that it's in NYC this year and you won't be in the middle of tech so you can actually GO! Yay!! No fears


I hadn't contacted you yet beuscae I still haven't gone through business cards (and YES, I made a note on yours to make sure and follow you and read you.) And then, I saw you on Twitter replying to someone else's post and I was "Tina Cruz! I need to follow her!"Wow. This post. I get this post. Totally. I usually feel this way at BlogHer, every year. I do my best to pull myself out of it and concentrate on the fun that I do end up having.I am writing my recap right now, actually. I wrote about one particular party where I was near tears and almost left. That was the People's Party. Sigh.SAd to hear you are giving up on BlogHer, but I understand. I am glad I got to meet you at your last one, though. :-)


I, for one, really enjeoyd your company and conversation! Since this was my first BlogHer, I wasn't sure what to expect, and since I have a really hard time meeting new people and not completely putting my foot in my mouth and saying grossly inappropriate things to exactly the wrong person, I was a little nervous to arrive at these giant parties where I knew no one except my husband. I was pleasantly surprised by how nice people were, but especially grateful to you for your willingness to talk at length with a new person who found herself adrift as the rest of the group waited for their cocktails to kick in.I totally get wanting to take a break, but if I make it to NYC next year, I'll miss seeing you there.:)

Mike Cornelia

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I live in Wales, & I am a Wheelchair User, who is just setting out on Re - starting my Blog.

Speaking personally, as a FANATICAL Supporter & BELIEVER of Equality in absolutely ALL of it's forms, I think that an equivalent 'BlogHim' would be a FANTASTIC idea.

We MALE Bloggers simply CANNOT AFFORD to be 'left behind'. We MUST 'Catch Up'.

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