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July 14, 2006


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Pickle's Papa

At least he didn't get Dave Chapelle to tag along as a Sammy Davis sidekick . . . and dude, I want my ball back.


Cameron Diaz once came into the restaurant where I worked. She tipped $2.00 on a $40 lunch. Cheal wench.

Just Linda

I have a little soft spot for Jay from Zero Boss and it's a totally goofy story but he was the first to "subscribe" to my blog on Bloglines. He probably totally did it by accident but I got such a thrill out of it anyway.

Joe P is my 'brush with fame'. I was eating in a restaurant in NYC and he was at the table next to me. I have a similar Yoko Ono story. Ha! I'm such a midwesterner. Yes, I was star-struck but I didn't ask for autographs. I guess maybe I shoulda asked for a hundred dollar bill, though. Right? ;)


I think Piscopo's statute of limitations for good will dissolved after he filmed "Dead Heat" with Treat Williams in 1988.

That movie was an insult to audiences.


That has got to be the worst picture of Michael Douglas EVER...wow...ick!

Mr. Big Dubya

Zero Boss was how I was introduced to you lo these many years ago. Just think..we have Jay to blame/thank for this lovely relationship we have.

R.Kelly - fan-fuckin'-tastic.

Dude - when are we gonna hit some little white balls around?


Best Piscopo SNL line ever, as Sinatra to Nora Dunn, playing Sinead O'Connor at a gathering of singers: "Sinbad O'Connor. What's with the hair? I'm looking at you kid and I'm thinking 'Cue Ball, Corner Pocket.'"

The dude Roid-ed out and lost his mind (and I suppose career somewhere along the way). Think he's peddling Creatine growth supplements in Des Moines or something.

Pickle's Papa

My favorite NY celebrity story is the time I watched Billy Idol try to convince his little yip yap dog to take a dump in front of me as I sat on a park bench in Central Park.


Peanut on grass. I thought there was no grass in Manhattan


Michael Douglas, just in that picture...ick. What the hell was Catherine Zeta Jones thinking?


It looks like someone lit Michael Douglas' face on fire, then tried to put it out with an icepick.


He let his kid piss on him? They are such freaks. The whole family is a bunch of nut cases. I can't stand them.

I love the picture of Peanut. So cute, the little theif.

Mama Nabi

That is simply a great picture of Peanut... LN recently tried to steal a beach ball from an older boy, then was quite upset with me when I returned it to the rightful owner - so what you're telling me is that it could be a recurring trend? Well, I think if the thief is as cute as Peanut, absolution should be automatic... hm, I wonder if I could train LN to steal beer from Papa Nabi... or if Peanut could give LN some handy tips?


Joe Piscopo? I thought he O.D.'d a while back and died for some reason.

My daughter is playing that "that's mine!" and runs away thing right now. Except she brings them to my wife or me. People stare at us like we're training a gypsy in Rome

Jay Andrew Allen

"Joe Piscopo? I thought he O.D.'d a while back and died for some reason."

No, Tony, it's only his career that died.

Big thanks for the shout-out, dude!

Queen of Ass

Peanut's practicing for corporate america.


I just bought a great T-shirt for the Munchkin at Target. Perhaps you should see if you can find it for the Peanut. It says:

The Toddler Laws Of Property
1. If I like it, it's mine
2. If it's in my hand, it's mine
3. If I had it a little while ago, it's mine
4. If it looks just like mine, it's mine
5. If I think it's mine, it's mine!


From the looks of that Michael Douglas photo, I think it belonged under the "something old" caption.

Yikes. To think I liked him during Romancing the Stone.

Jill Urbane, The Mentor Mom

Nice to hear Joe P. was generous back in the day. You'd think someone would give back by getting him a better gig. And I agree about the Michael Douglas photo...ick. How old is he...70?


Peanut thinks it's funny to take dad's beer, huh? Actually, that image kind of makes me chuckle, too, I have to admit.


I have a feeling Peanut will be great at basketball.

Mega Mom

Wait till she starts breaking your cigarettes in half.


That's great news about Jay! I have been having some troubles with Peaches--she will poke a child in the eyes, or pull their pig tails and THEN steal their toy. Quite embarrassing...


funny funny funny

(feeling a little unoriginal today. ahem)


I love Jay, and I love that he's back to commenting on my blog even better. I didn't like it when he got too busy to do that. ;)

That picture of Michael Douglas is downright scary. I'm surprised he didn't melt when his kid peed on him.

Love the Peanut's newfound kleptomania. And the dish ran away with the spoon.

You know that Joe Piscopo has an unhealthy obsession with Sinatra, right? If you read the SNL book, it goes into great detail about how seriously he took his Sinatra impersonation. It's creepy!!


I love the toy stealing phase. I think it's a major milestone. It shows she's gotten out of the "mine" phase where she assumes that if she's seen it, it now belongs to her. Now she's got awareness that objects can belong to other people, but she still wants them and the game springs from there.

Also, if she's stealing your bear at this age, she's gonna be soooo much fun as a teenager.

Good luck!


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We had a great time! Thanks again to Ron Cope, Mary Hennessey and Trisha Budlong and their kids for helping make this event a scsuecs, and thanks to Jen Giordano for collecting food for Second Harvest Food Bank. Congrats to all our winners! See you at the block party on July 17th.


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