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July 28, 2006


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I think Paris hasn't yet figured out that there are whole subsets of the population -- toddlers, female senior citizens, sane people -- who don't find her sexy in the least.


Hey, I need a bath! Over here, Paris, over here!!!



Pattie Lee

That's hilarious that the Peanut cracked up over how grossed out you were. We woke up the other morning to a nice giant pile left by our dog, Caleb. He just smiled at us and ran away.

As for the world's most talentless socialite (redundant, I know) I think Paris is trying to distract everyone from that sort-of-lazy eye of hers.


Always trying to schedule bath time AFTER poopy-doop time with the R2. The huge amount of pre-fecal event gas is the red flag signifying there is a load in the chute, ready for deployment. At 3+, he's potty trained but not TP independent. Of course, this event is always right after dinner so I'm gagging back down my meal during mop-up duty.
And no, that's not a pun--puns are funny. Bimbo hopping out of a tub because of floating mine---THAT's funny!


There's no way in hell I'd let Paris Hilton be in a tub with my kid, *especially* with that suit! WTF?

I try so hard to not pay attention to her. She's in her own world. She'll never know what true reality is all about.


Well, scooping up "pebles" in the tub is better than having your rascal taking off his diaper during nap, and smeared it all over the freaking carpet! Try cleaning THAT while remaining calm!

samantha Jo Campen

There is no way in hell I'd EVER let Paris in my house, let alone a bathtub with my child! That kid deserves a cookie for crapping in there with her.

And that suit? The hair? The make-up? Is she trying to seduce him? Call DCFS STAT!

cam c.

Wow, that makes two turds in that bathtub...


I'm sorry, was there a kid in the tub?


If you ever expose your child to Paris Hilton in wanton manner such as letter her near your daughter, I'll report you to social services. Acutally, I'll tell you wife, then she'll kill you.

Her Bad Mother


Yes. That's exactly it.

Pioneer Woman

Ewwwwwww! That is disgusting. The grossest thing ever.

The turd story was pretty bad, too.


Maybe Paris had nothing else to wear!


Noodle did a floater once, and would pee all the time. It's a fun time for all involved, especially if you're in the tub with them during the event.

Ah, first, A night in Paris, and now, a bath with Paris. What won't this girl do?


Props to the Priscilla Barnes reference!

Liberal Banana

Boy, what you parents have to put up with... Excuse me while I go finish dry heaving away from the computer. ;)


Gahh! One time is once too many!


poop not hugs?

nothing worse than fishing a brown trout out of the tub. something about the warm water must be very relaxing. anyhow, welcome to the club, bub.

foo likes to wait til all the water has drained from the tub and she is standing waiting for a towel to pronounce that she is peeing.


That is the same suit she wore for that stripper'ish Carl Jr's burger ad. http://youtube.com/watch?search=paris+hilton&v=783ynnbiFrI


Yeah! Now that I look at that....I think she wore that same suit on that hamburger commercial too.

Maybe she should have been eating one off the kids head.


That's actually gross that Paris wore that in the tub with a kid. ewwww
And why did she need to get IN anyway? Tee Hee so glad that he got her with the turd! I've yet to get a turd in the tub. *fingers crossed* *knocks on wood*

Mama Nabi

Hm, I still don't get it about Paris - why is the world obsessed with her? Does she do anything? No one will tell me what it is that she does - as far as I can tell, she's a robot/wind-up doll that says, "That's hot". I'm clueless... Hee, so far LN hasn't done anything in the tub (well, as far as I know). I just hope I grab it out of the tub before LN thinks she may want to taste it.


Good lord. She's a psycho. Why the HELL would you wear something like that to bathe a kid? COME ON!


Although my girls are 12 and 16, I still cherish every piuctre I take of them. I love to see Grace at night in bed with her glasses on knitting away on her scarf and Maddie laughing to the Disney channel..or intendly studying at her desk. I also love it when they let their guard down at home( no friends around) and are truly silly and very much still kids. I would love to have the girls photographed at their sporting events Grace in gymnastics and Maddie cheerleading With every age I have gone through with them, the everyday memories only get better and better Thank you, Gina for letting me take the time to reflect on my girls and their lifes today xxoo


I love watching the boys play socecr with Keith IN THE HOUSE no less! We have fun talks at the dinner table and I love our bedtime routine. I could watch them play all day. Legos or singing along to their ipods. Watching Cole concentrate on homework, or watching Brad create his latest get up. I want to crawl into their heads just to see where they come up with some of the stuff they say!


I wrote an entire post on teoilt paper the other week. Ugh! Aggravating!I love American Idol personally, just because I get a good laugh at the goons who think they can sing.The Allstate commercials are a load of crap. We had Allstate 2 years ago when we were involved in a wreck that totally wasn't my fault. The crappy thing was that the guy who hit me had Allstate too, so they were going to have to pay out regardless. I ended up having to sue them, because they wanted me to pay for everything. Excuse me, what part of "This wreck wasn't my fault" do you not understand?!


LOVE that a couple of you keep this up each week even when I'm a bit out of it. SO MUCHLY APPRECIATED!!!I love your list. And yes, that toliet paper thing is HORRIBLE. Think you have every right to publicly flog him!Hallie


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