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July 18, 2006


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do you go commando?

Queen of Ass

I'm remember that whole linen/peeing thing.

And I've never smoked pot, but I do count on Sudafed regularly these days.


It's funny. My best friend from when I was younger ended up being one of those dot com billionaires. We always joked around about racing Ferraris when we were younger and now he's got 10 of them! To his credit though, he does let me wash them whenever I want.


Vonage does suck. Big time.

And it is hotter than Hades on the West Coast as well and we are all cranky and frowning and in need of The Doctor's skills...


& omg...Dr. Frank is hot!


Huh...I could use a little tuck so my gut doesn't hang over my belt velveeta on a grilled cheese sandwich. Maybe I'll give him a call.

Sorry you had such a shit-storm of a week. That's a pretty brutal run (esp. with the A/C and neck pinch...that wrecks the rest of the week) Hope it gets better.

And a helicopter? Seriously?


OMG..Dr Frank is hot....Wait a minute I didn't mean that. The picture of the Martini...looks good.


Hellipad!?!?!?!? hmmmph! If I had a Hellipad I would actually enjoy going to Long Island. But since I don't........The drive down there just kills me!

Sounded like fun though!

Pickle's Papa

My best friend from youth who lives in the city finally flew abck to see his adoptive neice this weekend, and there is something so amazingly therapeudic about hanging around people that knew you 'before you or they were cool.' It astonishes me how little I have to prove and how him seeing my daughter mattered so much to me.

p.s. had a neighbor girl of two kiss The Pickle without instigation yesteday and I thought I was gonna cry it was so f'in cute.

Working Dad

Great tips, especially the ones about the linen pants and cocktails.


I always heard that "shake it more than twice you're playing with it." (Still true in linen?)

Charcoal. Period. Agreed. I just got the husband the Webber Performer. Charcoal with a gas starter. DO IT.

Skin Schmin. I need boobs. Do you have any Dr. friends that can hook me up with some boobs?

JJ Daddy-O

Hey, I'm sure he's a great doctor and friend, but his headshot on his website makes him look a little too much like that Dr. Julian guy on Nip/Tuck. He doesn't drive a Lamborghini too does he?


My closest friend now is a woman that I first met in 5th grade. It's truly amazing to have a friendship spanning so many years. Now, when I see our kids playing together and becoming close, it almost makes me cry from happiness.

Liberal Banana

Yes, Dr. Frank is definitely a good looking man. But his photo reminds me of Zoolander. Seriously. That's going to me laugh for the rest of the day, every time I think about it.

Also? His name, Dr. Frank, makes me feel like I'm calling him by his first name. Like on the Simpsons: "Hi, Dr. Nick!"


After perusing The Doctor's website, I'm a little jealous of that woman whose double chin he made go away! Sounds like you guys had a well-deserved break.


Wow! I thought you were hot with the hairdo, the skin and all MD but Dr. Frank is hot w/a capital H! Have to save up some $$ to see Dr. Frank soon. Yah right!!

Thanks for #5 on the list, have to let the hubbie know.


Vonage sucks! I had so much trouble with them and their customer service, I just cancelled the damn thing.

Glad you had a relaxing weekend. Can you believe how effing hot it is?

cul-de-sac confidential

OMG--#4 is so true. I smoked weed at a party Saturday night for the first time in probably 6 years and it was just, eh. Maybe that's what happens when you have kids...

And like I mentioned in my blog this morning--foam ear plugs are the way to go when there are little screamers in the car!!!


Dude, you spent the weekend in the Hamptons? Someone should really make a show out of your life.


Seattle hasn't caught the heat wave yet, so my A/C lies idle. Wanna come over and use it, MD?

Oh, and #6 - true, and charcoal is better (IMO), but propane is faster, and when you're trying to feed hungry children with no concept of time, faster = better.

masey gray

Hey MD

My first comment here...I know you're a stickler for spelling/grammar so I thought I should alert you to an incorrect usage on the Doctor's site...he says "complimentary" when I think he means "complementary." (2nd paragraph or so). I trust you will pass this on!


Sounds like a fabulous weekend. And the picture of the top is awesome. AWESOME, I say.

Metrodad, is Dr. Frank happy? He really is very good looking.


A successful great-looking doctor who drives a Bentley and flies to the Hamptons in a helicoptor? Damn, my mother was right. I should have gone to med school!

dear wife

OMG I hate Vonage. We had our phone number bumped from there almost a year ago and for some reason we are still paying them. Definately hate their customer service, worst ever.

the weirdgirl

I feel you on the heat. It's sweltering here and we have no AC.

Hey, why don't you market an ice shirt and make a mint?


I absolutely agree with #7...friends ease the pain...


Man, did I choose the wrong group of friends growing up! My best friend catches nuisance animals (like if you have a raccoon that has made its way into your attic/house, he'll come and trap & remove that uninvited sucka). He's got his own business and making a good living, but he ain't fucking living in the Hamptons! Remember on The Office when Michael says you don't want to move into a neighborhood where you're the best looking one? I think the same applies to your circle of friends - you don't want to be the most successful one either!

Her Bad Mother

Yeah, all of that sounds just about right. Except for #2 - I don't know from shaking dry.

But the rest of it, yep. Sounds right.


Wow. Why don't I have a best friend with a house in the Hamptons? Sounds like a great weekend!


Wait ... are you trying to say I'm fat? With #8 I mean??? I thought we were friends, MD. Eff you.

Just kidding. Gah! If green is truly the color of jealousy than I am a shade of puce and half right now. What a paradisical (is that a word?) weekend.


I thought my week sucked until I read about yours. But then I read that you went to the Hamptons and lived the high life this weekend, and now I feel conflicted about how much sympathy to feel. ;-)

Chocolate Makes It Better

Wash rinse AND repeat?

No wonder you have great hair!


Dr. Frank went to Vassar? What was their BCS ranking last year? That's what I'm talking about.

I went to visit my best friend Aiello last weekend. He lives in a treehouse with his pet Llama and a couch he found on the street. We ate Cup O Noodles and bummed rides to the beach from gypsies he knew in the Haight. It was 47 degrees at the beach in SF - in the sun.

Sounds just like your weekend.


Yeah, Dr Frank sure is hot! I'm glad you had a wonderful time at the beach house!

Mama Nabi

Will keep #1 in mind... #2 on the other hand, I think I'll stick to wiping, thank you. On second thought, I guess I could give a couple of shakes, for no apparent reason. Ditto on #4 - is it old age? Don't know how old hippies still keep it up. Ah, #6... I totally agree - PN and I ended up getting that Weber charcoal-gas grill: ignite with gas, cook with charcoal... best of both worlds! #5... nope, there isn't! Kids are so uninhibited with affection, it's too damn beautiful. When insurance starts paying for cosmetic work, I will make sure I pay The Doctor a visit... oh, and here's a thought: All I know about the Hamptons (is it just "Hamptons" or "'the' Hamptons??), I learned from that episode of Seinfeld in which George lies to Susan's parents about having a place in the Hamptons. Lame, no?

Papa Bradstein

Oh yeah, that linen pants thing is for real. Mama just got me some with the new guayaberas she got me, and they do come with laundry instructions, but no reminder about the peeing/shaking thing.

I remembered soon enough.

Papa Bradstein

Oh, and one more thing:

Why is it that your childhood friend has a Bentley, a helicopter, and a house in the Hamptons because he followed his dream and became a doctor, while my childhood friend followed his dream, and became a Broadway stage manager, which means that he rides the subway and has an apartment in Washington Heights?

Oh, and you have great hair. Shit, you still have hair.

(I guess that's two things, isn't it?)


I just made an appt. with Dr. Frank. You're a little closer to washing that Bentley!


Sounds like a really sweet weekend away.


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since he started runnnig has been anywhere close to the truth. When you file for bankruptcy (especially for a casino, where you should essentially be making money hand over fist), 4 times in 20 years, that says not very good things about your business skills (especially when you consider the first time, was 2 times in 2 years and then again in '04 when the economy was in pretty good shape). The guy is not a fiscal and business genius, but instead he is a complete and total idiot who wouldn't know the truth if it walked up and knocked that ridiculous rug (or dead animal or whatever it is) off his head.

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