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July 20, 2006


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Mega Mom

I loved this post and all of the comments. I never really could come to hate him when we started out as Bosom Buddies.

Were your ears ringing last night? The lovely Mrs. Fortune and myself (also lovely) were discussing how lovely we find you (and your lovely wife--who may have married down by the way *completely kidding*).

Also, I clicked on the Doctor's link. Freaking funny. Almost exactly how I'd pictured him. All my parts are still good, but I may look him up again down the road...

the weirdgirl

Oh, this was perfect. I'm actually OK with Tom Hanks but I have had very similar feelings for other actors. Sometimes they've just got to redeem themselves. And Morgan Freeman was so robbed!


If I saw Tom Hanks dancing like that, I'd actually have to tap him on the shoulder and tell him to cut it out. Give him the "man head shake" that indicates, "dude, nuh-uh. not cool."

Then, I'd try to show him some of my dirty-style crib walk. Of course, I'm sure the beat would be rockin with Boss playing the geetar.

Papa Bradstein

Dude, you met the Boss? Out-freakin'-standing.

p.s. I'm sorry. . .Tom who?


Tom Hanks is just another pompous Hollywood CHEATER, who dumped his wife when another actress came along. He's an admited two-timer, who had an affair with Rita Wilson in 1985 on the set of "Volunteers" (most notably, he also filed for divorce in 1985). Many biographers are kind to Hanks, saying his marriage ended in 1985 and he didn't marry Wilson until 1988. The truth is that Hanks started screwing Wilson in 1985 and immediately left his wife, but the divorce didn't go through until 1987 (understandably, Hank's 1st wife would not finalize until she and her two young children with him was worked on). Hank's and Wilson "waited" until 1988 to actually tie the knot. In all previous interviews, Hanks and Wilson said that they didn't hook up until after his divorce. Of course, all those years of lies have now been revealed as the true BS that they were.




Tom Hanks is an excellent actor & here's why: a few people have said he's not great as an actor/ he's no De Niro etc. The man's range is incredible.. 'Forrest Gump' to 'The Terminal' to 'Castaway' all some of the most different characters I've ever seen an actor portray (and portrayed well). Castaway: spends two hours on screen on his own & still brilliant. The Terminal: watch carefully as he gradually learns English throughout the film absolutely incredible and thoroughly believable... anyways I'm rambling... Long live hanks!!


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