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July 31, 2006


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Is it wrong if what you did sounds like way, way more fun to me?


How do I find a gay friend for my wife?

Busy Mom

I laughed aloud in a crowded restaurant here and I was hesitant to explain why to anyone.


That image will forever be etched into my mind, thank you.

My wife has several gay friends, but they're not good shoppers. So I have to take my wife shopping and help her pick out the clothes.

Talk about metrosexual.


What is it with men eating over the sink? My husband does that all the time. It drives me nuts!


If BossLady's gay friend even needs to go out and BossLady isn't available, let me know!


Very funny, MD.



I just spit up when I read the title of your post. "A Fairy Home Companion"? Sounds like one of those knockoff porno flicks. Like "Drilling Miss Daisy" or "Forrest Hump"!

Mama Nabi

(Great title, btw) Although I'm the one who drinks scotch, walks around in underwear, and eats over the sink in the Nabi residence, I draw the line at watching the Mets play. And we don't have a dog. Does this mean I should find me a gay friend for PN?


Our wife's must have the same gayfriend. Except she goes out dancing with him sometimes.

He can dance. I can breakdance.


Mmmmm Scotch!

JJ Daddy-O

And where was The Peanut? Out with the Hilton Sisters somewhere?

Pickle's Papa

I was saddened beyond despair when my wife's best friend moved to the City to pursue his dancing career.

As children they would sing 'I got you babe' as a duet with my wife doing the Sonny part. Jimmy had his own lashes by twelve.

Whenever she sees him again I have to spend a week listening to her again because she rediscovers that men have ears.

It saddens me.


Hmm, maybe you're on to something there. Although--shared a salad? That seems a step too far to me. (on the food limitation side, not the grossly eating something that fell out of your partner's mouth side.)


What Pap2hapa is leaving out is the fact that *he* likes to shop. I hate it. He's bought or picked out most of my clothes for the last decade. I would gladly lend him my best gay friend to go shopping if he ever asked. I'm sure they'd come back with great shoes.


My lovely wife is taking Yoyo to Sydney to visit Grandma & Grandad this week. It was supposed to be for 3 days, but it has turned into 10. Drinking scotch and eating over the sink is great for a night, or even a weekend, but I shudder to think how far I will have devolved by the time they get back...
I'm thinking "caveman"...bones strewn around the floor...open fire in the living room...that sort of thing...


I have a post up now about my own extramarital boyfriend. Every gal needs one.

Question: will you pay for our dates, too?


Every wife should have a boyfriend.

Pattie Lee

A gay male friend is like a little black dress--every woman needs one.


One good thing about my move is that I will be closer to my boyfriend, who lives in Hoboken--YAY! Every wife should be a fag hag.


One of my closest friends in the world is gay. We've been friends for 20 years. However, when it comes to fashion, shopping or chick flicks, he's totally usess. On the other hand, my husband can spend days at the mall, loves the opera, and is always asking me to split a salad. Go figure!

Hygiene Dad

We are the hottest thing since organic foods. And we just recruited Lance Bass.

Seriously, I'm glad you all have learned the benefits of the occassional separate dates nights. They are good for both genders.


One more gay reader here, MetroDad! Just wanted to say that we LOVE going out shopping with our married female friends. Most of the time, we can convince the husbands to pay for our lunches and our spa treatmnents! Thanks.


I miss my GMF too. I used to have one when I was in the work force (oh, how 6 years have flown by!)and he even knew how to decorate! Sadly, he moved to Phoenix with his beau to open, you guessed it...an interior design company. Oh, how I miss those 2 hour lunches and free design advice!

Papa Bradstein

Mama and I are laughing out loud at this right now.

Maybe you can train MetroDog to fetch beer and hot dogs. Then you can take him to the games while BossLady is out, and you'll never miss a play.


Dude...not ALL gay men are really gay.

I am going to send you an email.


Did the dog learn the new trick?


roflmao! You go guy. Apparently you have discovered what all too few straight men understand. The gay male friend can free you up for more beer and football time ;^)

Mega Mom

I'm uncertain whose night sounds better.


Do you have one for me too? I'd like a shopping, ballet companion too. Maybe BossLady can share him on her nights out at the Met Game with you...

How did you teach your dog to do that? How much do you charge to train puppies?

dutch from sweet juniper

and to think Wood got jealous when I clung to the back of my lesbian best friend while we drove up to Marin on her harley after our last softball game. that's all the physical contact there was, I swear, other than that half hour we spent trying to see who could punch the other's shoulder the hardest.

Her Bad Mother

I'm sure that my husband would pony up cash money for a Wife's Fairy Companion.

Puts a new spin on Mother's Little Helper...


gay guys make THE best girlfriends i've had one since junior high. i recommend everyone go get one right now.


I think it's hilarious that heterosexual male paradise involves being at home in one's underwear! And the stereotypical heterosexual female paradise is going out shoppping and to a movie. Hahaha...


Oh you're soooooo butch, MD.

Now why don't you tell us what kind of underwear it was. I'm thinking...boxer briefs?


Just caught up reading your blog after 3 weeks away.

Unfortunately, the gay pal thing doesn`t always work the other way around. For instance, when I want to go get a pedicure, sip wine and gossip with a girlfriend, I can`t send my husband to hang out with our lesbian friends, to listen to Melissa Ethridge and talk about their feelings....

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