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June 21, 2006


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My feet doesn't stink!

Zac BabyRoadies

"Metrodad: This is not your father's Oldsmobile"


MD: No really, I know exactly what I'm doing.


MD: Because "Dooce" was already taken.


You've definitely got your pick!

Here are a few more:

"MetroDad: Where Bologna is cool and the babes are hot"

"MetroDad: Where Seoul food gets the toddler smack-down."

"MetroDad: Sappiness has never been this snappy"

"MetroDad: Proof you don't have to settle"


MetroDad: Motherfucker

MetroDad: Nurse from my mind-teats

MetroDad: Changing diapers, the world

MetroDad: Like 22" chrome rims on a stroller

MetroDad: The half-caf, sugar-free, breast-milk latte of blogs


The Dormitory Boys'inspired this one.

There's nothing wrong with therapy...


How 'bout: "Pumping Irony"? (Although I like "Secret Asian Man" a lot, too.)

Papa Bradstein

So funny you'll wet your diaper.

Shaken, not stirred.

Neat. Like his scotch.

Wandering Chopsticks

Here are your own words: "Because, for me, home really is where the Peanut is."


Okay, if this one is already up there, sue me...

Seoul Man

You should be ashamed of yourself, using tactics like these to whore for comments.

:::kicks self for not thinking of it first:::

dutch from sweet juniper


It is not so easy to fool little girls nowadays as it used to be.


My favorite is the one offered by "cam c.": "MetroDad -- Warning: Processed in a facility that uses Peanuts."

Or maybe I would change one word, so it reads, "MetroDad -- Warning: Processed in a facility that contains Peanuts."


I definitely vote for "Secret Asian Man".

Here's my entry...

MD - The Mad Doctor Of The DaddyBlogs (where in teenspeak, mad means super cool)


MD, I love these three. You know, since it would seem rude to pick my own. ;)

"Because "Dooce" was already taken."

"No really, I know exactly what I'm doing."

"Because my wife's uterus was calling and I decided to pick up the phone."


You keep your White Zinfandel away from my children, you sicko.


Oh, and ThisLarry's onto something. But I think it might be better as:

Don't make me pull the emergency brake on this subway car.

JJ Daddy-O

Or you could go the inspirational quote route:

- The get-all-choked-up kind (other Dads with daughters will know what I'm talking about):

MetroDad: "Certain is it that there is no kind of affection so purely angelic as of a father to a daughter. In love to our wives there is desire; to our sons, ambition; but to our daughters there is something which there are no words to express."
(Joseph Addison 1672-1719)

-Or the more assertive, Metro/caveman Dad, perhaps?:

MetroDad: "I only have two rules for my newly born daughter: she will dress well and never have sex." - John Malkovich

I think you should get one of your more tech-savvy readers to just write you a java app that rotates the 20 best ones automatically.

Dave K.

Respect the Nut


You guys all came up with great ones! Mine are not as catchy :-( I tried to read all of the above so I hope I'm not repeating :-)
Here are mine:
Peanut Gallery
Addicted to Peanut since 2004...
Rantings of a Korean nut who begat a Peanut.

Wandering Chopsticks

Can you tell I've been reading your backlog?

But here's more of your own words:

"Stay tuned tomorrow when we return to our regularly scheduled programming of poop stories, breast-feeding jokes and parenting rants.)"

"Here at MetroDad, our unofficial motto is "honesty so truthful, it hurts."

Or, how 'bout, "I know what a gerund is." Or, "No dangling participles here."

BTW, for people who seem to like Secret Asian Man (which I don't understand b/c it's no secret that MD is Korean), ya'll know it's already a comic strip right?


"fight for your right to potty"


Metrodad: Urban chic meets tongue in cheek.


MetroDad: Urban elite meets taco feet.


MetroDad: "And on the seventh day... he nested."


Because Zombies ate his brain.

Now with more Kvetching

Where flufferbutters are gourmet

Please pass the remote

He's a quice eatin' man in a cowboy town.


Hey! I'll gladly give you my tag line in exchange for your DVD player. I'm a sell out.

Anyway, I like the "Men who change diapers change the world" tag you put out there every once in a while.


secret asian man!! thats great. heehee. i got nothing . maybe i shouldnt have read all the other ones first b/c thats all i can think of now. there are some good ones up already thats for sure.

MD: I make my kid eat from a dogfood bowl. Got a problem wit dat?

MD: Just like other dads, only metro-ier.

MD: Now with more


I love "MetroDad: Spicer than yo mama's kimchee." as suggested by Gen.

My favourite tagline ever is "Attaching the electrodes of knowledge to the nipples of ignorance" which is a 3rd Rock from the Sun quote.


what about --
post modern
or if you like.... le post modern


Shit. Yes that was my nameless post up there, and I didn't finish my thought.

How's bout

MD: I'll eat anything and say anything.


MD: One surgery away from a mommy blog.

Hey, I've been gone and internet detached for a while but...me love you long time.

Papa Bradstein

The mommy blog for dads.

Word to the father!

Now with more product.

The little black dress of daddy blogs.

The dad you wish you were. With better hair.

...and riffing shamelessly on ThisLarry's great suggestions:

Don't make me turn this blog around.

Finish your vegetables or no MetroDad for you.

Papa Bradstein

Metro eye for the dad guy.

Naveen Bachwani

Here's my contribution ...

1. And then there were three!

2. Just monkeying around!


Parenting and blogging in the gonzo tradition.

These words I write keep others spawning

Channeling Charles Bukowski and Dr. Spock for all parents


um for the person who thougth secret asian man was odd becaues we all know he's korean, it's a pun on the song secret agent man (as would also be the comic you mentioned)

I still like where a peanut rules the world,

I also like "Bad grammar makes me [sic]."

and from the Art Gallery to the Peanut Gallery

and I also still like I rant, therefore I am.

and I also think you don't need a tagline


MetroDad: It's a jungle out there!

MetroDad: Busting out rhymes three days a week.

Mama Nabi

My goodness - the 'peanut gallery' sure HAS been busy. I actually like "One surgery away from a mommy blog" and the "Metro eye for the daddy guy" a lot. Here's my other lame 2 cents: "Not to be confused with CosmoDad" (ha ha, get it? Metropolitan vs. Cosmopolitan? TOO lame, I know.) I do think "Secret Asian Man" IS funny but I don't know if it's unique enough for someone like you... again, my lame 2 cents.


First time commenter/reader. I'm not even going to try and compare to what is here. But what I DO have to say is that I've been singing "Secret Asian Man" for two days now. I may have to stop reading if you use that cause it will NEVER leave my head! AHHHHHH =oP


MetroDad: He's got the Nuts.


MetroDad: Buxom with knowledge.

MetroDad: Holla!

MetroDad: Can I get a wha-what?


MetroDad: He's not Jennifer Gray in "Dirty Dancing."


I love "one surgery away from a mommy blog"!


Hard-Kor. Southside.

Looking at Mr. Peanut in a whole new light.

Cracker Jacks. With nuts.

Expanding my empire one subway system at a time. (Get it? Another meaning of "metro". Heh.)

Smither of Ebonical Words. (Word!)


I know I'm late to this, and now that your away from the resort "Now! With more Madras!" just doesn't work. I sort of like:

MetroDad: Upper Brackets


MetroDad: Puttin' the Ho in SoHo


Okay, back for more:

MetroDad - Master of my domain (Seinfeld shout-out)
MetroDad - Funnier than 'Daddy Day Care'
MetroDad - The father figure you've been looking for (for all the ladies out there...)


omg - has no one noticed you have a misspelling in your update? ben?! sheesh! it's been.

haha. kidding. really. please don't block my IP. :)

i love Secret Asian Man as well as Your Daily Dose of Bologna.

I'm sure that whichever one wins, it'll be a classic. I'm dying to know.



Dude..."One surgery away from a mommy blog" is awesome. Can't wait to find out the winner.

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