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June 21, 2006


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(in marketing, the red-headed stepchild of advertising...)

More Asian-inspired than your coffee table.


Cooler than the other side of the pillow!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

MetroDad - He may or may not be wearing pink underwear.


Where a Peanut rules the world!


Producing pompous pontification to liven up your lonely life


Mmmm...tastes like chicken


I like 'I rant, therefore I am' though...

but the above "Where a Peanut rules the world!" is great.

can't think of any taglines myself. maybe you don't need one ;)


METRO DAD: "Lettin' the smooth taste fool you."


Working for Peanuts


Metro Dad: If it tastes like bologna, it is bologna.


I think you did it yourself.

Metrodad: "Most of society believes him to be a pompous ass."


Slightly Tart and Tannic, with a Toasty, Chewy, Oak-Driven Finish.

Or something like that.

Mr. Big Dubya

MetroDad: Great taste. That's it. Just Great Taste.


MD: Doing no harm since 2005

But nothing compares to Alex Blagg.


"As good once as I ever was."-credit due to Toby Keith.

Motherhood Uncensored

Tom Cruise [or insert your favorite dad], eat your heart out.

Now with more bite.

I work for Peanut.

Making fatherhood look like a walk in Central Park at 3am since...

okay, I'll be back with more.


Metrodad - putting the trot back in trottel.

(Trottel - german for 'clod', 'jerk' or 'sucker')


MetroDad: Man enough to love Scotch and Chick Flicks. Deal.

Liberal Banana

Thanks for the shout out, MD! I have to be honest though, I found my tagline by doing a bit of research on this here good ol' internet. (I was looking up Banana Facts and found this t-shirt.)

(Other ideas since coming up with that one have been the always popular "What. The. F*$%." and "Friends don't let friends get perms.")

As for your site, I'm going to need a few minutes of good hard thinking to come up with anything worth offering up...I'll be back!


Metrodad - Poppycock From a Cocky Pop

Mama Nabi

"Striving to keep the world safe for the prefix Metro- and Peanut" Sorry, got nothing, :-) but had to throw in a grammatical theme... knowing your penchant for various parts of linguistics. However, I am now inspired to get me a short/sweet/sassy tagline...


"Don't make me stop this car"
"I told you to check before we left the house"
"Finish. Your. Vegetables."

ddaddy in a strange land

"Even with kids, still cooler than you."

BTW, now I realize even more how lame-ass my unfunny tagline is. Damn.


Metrodad: "Screw the instruction manual."

cam c.

I've got nothing but:

"Metrodad -- Warning: Processed in a facility that uses Peanuts."


Because your dad didn't tell you about product.


All up in your bidness.


The father your mother warned you about.


No sleep 'til Brooklyn.


What about using the title of a post you had awhile back? "I'm not a playa, I just gush a lot." I thought that was cute.


Lip service and diaper service


Only taking shit in diaper form.

Pickle's Papa

Putting the 'B' back in subtle since 2005.

The one, the only, old school metrosexual, peanut pondering asian man with the plan - , makin it worthwhile for the new style of the modern day, need I say . . . MetroDad.

(you have to hold your hands just right when you say that to make it work.)


Well this is my first time visiting but here goes:


Catching the F Train with a handful of diapers

Desperately Seeking Sleep

Juggling Milk, Bagels and Pizza

I'm The New Brad Pitt

This is a tagline that Mrs. Mogul gave me

Jaded Manhattanite With Urban Coolness


Pimping fatherhood for the masses.


Oooh, MrsMogul inspired me (can you tell I want to win?)

Angelina's Next Adoptee.


"I'm not a gay man, but I play one on TV."

"Secret Asian Man." (if you get that reference, I lurve you.)

"Now with 67% more product!"


The only thing I could think of was a variations of "I think I think, therefore I think I am."

"I think I think, therefore I think I can..."

:sigh: Creativity is not my strong suit these days. I gave my brain away when I had children.


Okay, one more, and MD your a difficult one to pin down... (ahem, Peanut gets the Sybil thing from somewhere, right?)

MetroDad -
Scotch in my glass,
Peanut's my lass,
Walking with kings,
but my feet smell like ass.


whoops, that shoud read "you're a difficult one..."
Banished from the site for bad grammar!

Anne Glamore

I'm laughing at Secret Asian Man!!!


Wow, your readers are very funny and witty! These are great! I've got nothing of my own to add but I just wanted to say that I'm having so much fun reading all of these.


OOOOH! I'm good with captions (remember Alabama?) but I'll give it a go, not only because I'm a slave for free electronics, but because I like you so dang much. I have to think about it. I'll get back to you.


That "poppycock from a cocky pop" is awesome. I'd go with that.

Pickle's Papa

The BINGO of the web. Keeping you up past your bet-time . . . hangin' on every word

Pickle's Papa

198 months and counting til I need a new identity.

Pickle's Papa

that last one of mine wasn't really true - you're still a dad after they turn 18


i love not as good as it used to be because it makes me laugh! lol


My Bologna has a first name, it's M.E.T.R.O.

Yes, I do drink breastmilk.

No this isn't a bad episode of Sex In The City, this is my life.

The Peanut: taking over, one pacifier at a time. (Ok, this one wouldn't work.)


Metrodad- "Not that there is anything wrong with that."

MetroDad- "Your after school (work) special."

MetroDad-"It sounds cooler than Metro Father."

Seriously though you could put in anyline from CaddyShack, Fletch or Princess Bride and it would be funny.

MetroDad- "Your Uncle Molests Collies." Caddy Shack
MetroDad- "Nothing of a sexual nature I assure you." Fletch
Metrodad-"Can I borrow your towel. My car just his a waterbuffalo." Fletch
MD- "Does this proposition entail my dressing up as Little Bo Peep"-Fletch

Md-"You keep using that word But i do not think it mean what you think it means." Princess bride

MD- "I wonder if they are using the same internet that I am using."

Sorry I could go on forever.

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