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June 28, 2006


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I believe Zoom is still on. Or at least it was a few years ago. I made a video piece to air in the local Cincinnati market when I was in college. "Come on and Zoom, Come on and Zoom" It was in our heads for months.


Its me again. It is still on. Here's the website:

dutch from sweet juniper

eh, they're a little too swiss family robinson for me.

a $100,000 treehouse had better be designed by renzo piano and have a working kitchen with stainless tseel appliances.

Cambridge Mama

I loved "Zoom" when I was a little girl. Growing up in Boston, I always wanted to be on the show. I remember auditioning for it with my sisters but we never made it on. I haven't thought about the show for years. Thanks for reminding me!


I loved Zoom. And now I am excited, because I know after work today I will go home and mention Zoom to my visiting mother, who will respond "we're gonna zoom, zoom, zooma, zoom!"

Don't you live in a condo? Where will the treehouse go? If you get any offers to pay for one, you'd better just send them on to me.

Mr. Big Dubya

(sing songy)
That's ZOOM
Z Double O M
Box 350
Boston Mass

Anyone up for a round of ubby dubbies?

And where can I can get one of those cool yellow and rust rugby shirts?

Just Linda

So, Metrodad... let's say I DID want to buy you a treehouse-- DO YOU HAVE A TREE TO PUT IT IN??? hahah I think there may be a little fly in the ointment there.

I had some of my best makeout sessions in Warren Holloway's treehouse. We even got to 2nd back (UNDER the shirt, too). Good times....


Those treehouses are the big thing out here. Although they tend to make them as exact replicas of the enormous house that the people live in. I have seen some that go for 30k. Very cool treehouse's I must say.

I am with you. If you earned the money it is your's to spend however you like. If you give a bunch of it away, that is better even. People need to mind thier own business when it comes to what other people buy. I won't go into this anymore, cause I will start to get up on a soapbox.

No, Zoom was before I was even born. Sorry.


I prefered the Electric Company...

How do you think the Peanut would do in a tree?

Bobby T.

Wow! $100,000 for a tree house? That's mindboggling. We bought our first REAL house a few years ago for about the same amount of money. It never ceases to amaze me what people will spend their money on. Good for them.


Okay how about this: I'd like to BE ABLE TO spend $100,000 on a tree house, even though I probably wouldn't. Being in the position to do so would be lovely. That's what I wish for.


damn- warren beat me to it. my last zip code was 0-2-1-1-4 and i used to mess up and write it the zoom way.

love LOVE zoom.

Art from Dad Daily

I'm 37 like you and used to love Zoom! I haven't thought about it in years. Thanks for bringing back those memories.

I'm shocked (I guess) at the prices of those treehouses. One's even nicer than my house.

Papa Bradstein

As a kid, I so wanted one of those Zoom shirts. The stripes! The butterfly collar!

And back then, in the California burbs, Boston, Mass., seemed like a far-off, exotic locale, made more desirable by all the fun that kids could have there. That was before I heard Car Talk.

As for the houses, I'm with Dutch. I'd like to see what Frank Gehry could do with a treehouse. Shiny!

You'd think that for $100K, the architects would throw in some crack whores, to give the kids a true NYC experience.


i loved Zoom. loved it.


Zooma zooma zooma! I loved that show! The striped rugbys, especially. I wore mine with my Toughskins, from Sears.
Maybe we should buy a 100,000 tree house instead of doing our proposed remodel--slightly cheaper, and way cooler!


Would an empty refrigerator work or do we have to take the doors off?


Ok I got you all beat. Not only did I watch and love Zoom (Im almost 39) but in college I knew one of the original Zoomers, his name is Jay Schertzer and ran a balloon store in the 80's across from Framingham State College where I went. (you know balloon arches for weddings and all that)

Then,(really this is the truth!)from 98-04 I worked in the accounting office at WGBH in Boston and lived through the relaunch of Zoom. I thought they had stopped doing new seasons now but I might be wrong.

But public broadcasting is on it's last legs (I was a laid off in 04 and it was the 3rd round of layoffs)So enjoy it while you can...I dont think it will last another 5 years. Cable is too big of an 800 pound gorilla to defeat (imo)

Oh and it was 02134 for the record :)


Not just in New York, MD. Check these out!!!



If it weren't for the minor detail of indoor plumbing, I would live in the one in the picture on the right. Seriously. If I could afford it, that is.


All I wanted was to be on Zoom when I was little. Unfortunately, they didn't hold auditions in LaPorte, Indiana so I was S.O.L.

FYI--I saw a couple of AMAZING treehouses in Piscataway and North Plainfield, NJ a couple of weeks ago.


Doesn't BossLady kick your ass when she comes home and finds you peering out from a fortress made from couch cushions, chairs and sheets?

I hope shot her with your Nerf gun first.


Zoom is totally still on!


JJ Daddy Baby Momma

DUDE! ZOOM! It was geared to such a specific age-demographic that at any party the quickest way to find out if someone is my age is to do that swishy arm thing, and wait for someone to call out the PO Box and Zip. All the little kids (those under 36) just look at me kind of funny.

Or maybe it's because that swishy thing is much harder to do with breasts.

JJ Daddy Baby Momma

Great video too, but causes me to wonder why not a single mother out there in Zoom land ever ran a comb through their kid's hair.


I remember Zoom. I had a friend (or so called) that claimed to all the kids in the neighborhood that she was in Zoom. Her name was Bernadette just like the one on the show!


Oh two one three four... Do I remember Zoom? Honey, I'm too old for Zoom, but the kids I babysat for were all Zoom fanatics, so I got to like it by default. And living in Boston didn't hurt!

By now you know that they've brought the show back with a new, multicultural cast of Boston-area kids. In fact, because I was so pro-Zoom, I let my kids try out for the latest WGBH prodction that just went on the air, Fetch. They made the second round, but the producers went with younger kids. It's a pretty fun show, though no Zoom.

As for the tree houses, they are BIG around here. I mean that both in size and in popularity. Of course, we have more than enough trees to support a tree house community here in the Garden City. My son begged for a treehouse a couple of years back, but I couldn't see building on when we have an entire barn complete with 2000 Sq ft hayloft to play in. I mean, how many kids have that? But I have always wanted to stay in that Treehouse Hotel in Northern CA I asw once on the discovery channel. It looked WAY COOL.


Dude - if someone wants to pay ME $100K for a treehouse, I will gladly quit my job and build one for you.

Hygiene Dad

I always remember that creepy girl who did that darn butterfly arm thing where they dislocated out of their sockets. Wasn't here name like Bernadette or something.

Totally loved this show.


I totally remember Zoom, and in fact, Bernadette and her magical swinging arm thingie was the first Asian girl I saw on tv as a kid, which made a huge impression. Since I was adopted from Korea to white parents and spent my entire childhood wondering who those Asian people were, I had to look to Asians on tv in order to "bond" with my people. I spent waaaay too much of my life perfecting the double arm swing so I could be just like Bernadette.

They have a new Zoom now, and I watch it with my kids. Sadly, it's not quite the same. No one does the double arm swing.


Oh, Zoom, how did I love thee? Let me count the ways...


I'm glad to see that so many people remember "ZOOM" as fondly as I do. It makes this "old" guy feel a lot better. BossLady is only 4 years younger than I am. However, she likes to mess with me all the time. Last week, as a joke, she asked me who Led Zeppelin was!

For those of you who grew up in the Tri-State area, do any of you remember "The Magic Garden?" It was hosted by two semi-hippie women (Carole and Paula) and aired on WPIX during the 70's.

Remember the song?

See ya, See ya.
Glad that you could stay awhile, da dum.

Anyone? Bueller?

Brad Dad

Never saw "Zoom". Never saw "Magic Garden". But man, those are some awesome treehouses. I would love to have one of those in my backyard. Screw the kids!

JJ Daddy-O

I vaguely remember The Magic Garden, although I remember Kukla, Fran and Ollie better. Is it just me, or were those puppets a little freaky?
Not as bad as Gumby though, whoever did that show did NOT stay away from the brown acid.


Warren and Kara beat me to singing the address, dammnit.

I remember Bernadette. Damn, I wanted to BE her -- I thought she was beautiful, and had that long dark hair (my mother wouldn`t let me grow my mousey srngy hair) and she was on TV! I envied all those Zoom kids, come to think of it. It was sometimes painful to watch the show.

Lisa W.

I watched Zoom and so did my teenage sons...I don't know about in the US but it's still shown on the PBS we get here in Canada.

Crunchy Carpets

My son LOVES Zoom.
It reminds me of Blue Peter...but nobody over here knows that show.

Busy Mom

Come on and Zoom, Zoom, Zoom-a Zoom...


I remember Zoom -- in fact, one of my professors while in college (I majored in Theatre) was the costume designer for Zoom.

Now, who remembers "Barbara-Papa"?

Zoom is still on:

When the orginal was on I wasn't born yet. I watched the second series with my daughter when they had it on PBS Kids...before it became PBS Sprout (ick). Despite being 9 years younger than you, I think the box thing is universal. Who doesn't love a good box? Boxes and keys; I mean, what more does a kid need?


If I had a tree house I would WANT crack whores living next door. Okay maybe not Crack Whores, but just plain old everyday, run of the mill whores would be nice.

Anne Glamore

My sister and I made the most awesome forts out of appliance boxes. We added one of those crawl-thru tunnels to get from one part of the compound to the other.


You said "Zoom," and with an involuntary reflexiveness I can't seem to control, my mind started saying "0-21-34" OVER AND OVER again. I don't think I have heard that word in 25 years and it still invoked the response.

Anyone remember that Magnum PI episode when Ivan the Russian KGB special agent who had once imprisoned Rick, TC and Thomas in Vietnam returns to Hawaii and (after killing Mack) reinvokes the brainwashing by giving TC special gum to chew laced with drugs that causes him to revert back to the brainwash training and fly a stolen military helicopter to kill the Japanese ambassador at the Valley of the Temples on the East Side of Oahu?

OK, I clearly watched WAY too much TV in the 80's but DON'T think it isn't a little bit weird that MD says "Zoom" and hundreds of his loyal followers start chanting "0-21-34" in staccato unison.

Fucking Boston public television. They were always up to something.

Queen of Ass

If anybody would like to pay off my car, I'd love THAT too!


Encyclopedia Brown Rocks! Thanks for the memory.


I used to watch zoom all the time. Of course, the only thing I really remember about it were those striped shirts. i guess I need to go back and watch a few episodes.

As for the tree houses...since the newest fad in housing seems to be "prefab modern", inlcuding those made out of shipping containers, I'll ask the wife if she wants to start designing prefab modern shipping container treehouses.


Box 350 Allston, Mass Ohhhhhh-two-oooooone-
three-fooooour. SEND IT TO ZOOM!

By the way, I sing the Magic Garden songs to Thalia all the time: The see ya song, "There are no locks on storybox," and of course...

I'd like to say hello.
I'd like to say hello
Hello and how are you
I'm fine
Me too
We're fine
And how are youuuuuuuu.

(You're just lucky you can't actually hear me right now. Hide the Riedel.)


Growing up in Boston and being roughly the same age as you I loved Zoom and actually auditioned for a part on the show! Needless to say my acting career was over before it began.


I'm a child of the 70's (shudder) but I never did Zoom. I was into Electric Company, because it was just way weirder than Sesame Street. Remember Stockard Channing getting a pie in the face? Morgan Freeman as Easy Reader?

However, Kukla Fran and Ollie were just too weird.

I never had a treehouse either, but even now I still pretend I'm in one, since from my couch I only see trees and no houses.


Hey I have plenty of trees in my yard, just send it my way:)... I loved that show when I was a kid. *sigh* the good ole days.

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