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June 12, 2006


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My mom wants to be a grandma, but it ain't happening anytime soon. At least, not with me.


Great post, as always, MD. You are the luckiest guy in the world--wonderful wife and marriage, fantastic little girl, and grandparents around who give a crap. Well, I guess my parents and in-laws were like that too, for the first child, during the baby and toddler stages, but now that we have three active boys the grandparents don't come around/aren't available much anymore. So enjoy it while it lasts!


I keep coming back to this post and reading it, and changing what I`m going to say. (But now that fifty-plus others have beat me to it, it doesn`t really matter anymore, does it? And did it ever?)

My parents, too, are doting grandparents, and I think they would be content if I dropped off the face of the earth, as long as I left the grandkids behind. On one hand, it`s wonderful to see my kids get so much love, but... I selfishly wish they`d been able to spare some or me when I was growing up, or even now.


Just today my mother got in the middle of a little marital(esque)-tiff and said "I'm looking out for the best interests of..." and Nate filled in, "your daughter." My mom said, "no, my granddaughter." It actually made me beam. There's something really cool about that.

I love the guacamole analogy btw. But I don't like guacamole. I know I should. I mean it IS fattening and expensive--all good things, right?


I've just discovered this world of "daddy blogs" and I'm very glad to have found your site. Your insights on parenting and raising a child are very interesting. As a father-to-be, I've been reading all your entries and have found them most helpful. Thanks.


We don't have kids yet, but my husband's sister had a daughter. His parents have lost their minds. They live in New York, their beloved grandchild is in LA. So to satisfy their baby-lust, they talk to her photo. "S. we're leaving to go buy you presents!" "Hello, S. we're home. Look what we bought you!"

His father watches a video of S. at least 2-3 times a day. When we go to visit, he wants us to join him. It wouldn't be so bad if she were doing anything interesting, but she's at the stage where all she does is beat a book with her hand and make cooing noises.


You and Peanut better be watching the World Cup.


My husband says the same thing about his parents; whenever he calls, it's all about the kid. He's even been hung up on by his dad once the baby stopped babbling. But, I figure that the baby gives us a common point of discussion and helps to smooth out what might otherwise be a few rough places between all of us, so I'm also pretty happy sitting in the background munching away.


Use this to your advantage, MD. Drop the Peanut off with your parents and take a weekend off. We do it all the time. It's the only reason that I still even talk to my parents!


Oh yeah, I can totally relate! My DD is the first grandchild for both mine and my DH's sides, and she gets spoiled to high heaven and beyond! Whatever the sweet baby girl wants, she gets, even if grandma has to send it all the way from the opposite end of the US. My parents see her every week, and last week, DD started calling them Gung Gung (maternal grandfather) and Pau Pau (maternal grandmother), and they are now her eternal slaves. :) Me? I'm merely the person who works to make sure that DD is fed, alive and ready for them when they come to visit, and DH is merely the person who makes the money to put a roof over her head. :)

Guacamole. Mmmmmm. Just had a nice shmear of it with my ham and swiss sandwich for lunch.


if you take your mother and add her telling you how you're doing everything wrong and your kid really loves her more than you, well, that would be my mother in law. At family gatherings, if anyone else is holding our son, she will follow them around the house timing out exactly five minutes for them to have before she wrestles him out of their arms. It's really embarrassing when we have both sides of our family over and she does it to my relatives. She's an equal opportunity offender in her obsession with my son.

Even when I was pregnant, she would refer to him as "her baby", as in "when are you going to have my baby, I'm getting impatient". Tim had to physically hold me back from whailing on her more than a handful of times.

Mega Mom

You all are just too adorable.

And guac? I'm going to a place on Saturday where they make it tableside...mmmm!

PHAT Mommy

"I've found that my parents are far better grandparents than they were parents."

I've experienced both sides of this. My Dad is a completely different person - doting and involved. My Mom (they are divorced) seems to have taken the opposite path. She's got this thing where she doesn't want to "interfere" with my parenting and it's just backfired into her being really UN-involved. Weird and sad. My family does not live nearby, so I envy the relationship Peanut has with her grandparents.


Single best opening line of a blog...ever.


We have the only girl grandchild in a family of many, many boys. I would say we aren't even chips, we are a big fat spoon. If they could, the grandparents would just lick the bowl. Or is this metaphor getting too weird?


That is one greatly written post! I could literally hear your mom's voice in my head.


shoot em elizebeth ha, it is so funny. I didn't know about the show til we were up at a coisun house in n.c & they have alligators in the canal & my little nefew was talking about your show ha also a catolog to order from. Thanks Jeanette


I make guac every week! (that's what happens when you live in mxeico, i guess) although I wanna try your version, with more spices.Thanks for stopping by my site! If you have any questions about your trip to Playa, just lemme know and I'll see if I can give you some insider tips haha. Love your header picture, btw.


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