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June 26, 2006


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I finally read the interview, and I just want to say, WAAAAAAAAY HOT PHOTO. I am....um....somewhat into Asian men, you know.

In fact, you look SO good in that photo that I had to remind myself that your feet smell, just to keep myself grounded in reality.


Hey, about the actor to play you, have you thought of John Cho? Yes he did "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle", but he was also great as a spirit seeking the help of some women when the devil is after him after being assasinated. He also fell in love with a beautiful girl.
In another movie, Better Luck Tomorrow he was a bored intelegent teenage kid who gets away with murder!
Just a note.
Anyways, hey you got to be interviewed!
Love your name :)


Actually, he wasn't the killer, he was the the rich, cheating, charming, drug addicted guy dating the head cheerleader, that gets killed.
Plenty of range, ha?

One Crazy Momma

You should check out Dad Gone Mad; he is enormously entertaining. I think you might like his style. http://www.dadgonemad.com/

Domestic Chicky

Dude! Your big head is totally hot!!


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