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June 26, 2006


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Awesome, MD. You're FAMOUS!



At last, the infamous MD reveals himself! Nice hair, dude.

Motherhood Uncensored

Oh so cool, MD. But we already knew that...


Good job. I think I know more about you than I do most of my friends.


Great interview, MD. I was thoroughly entertained!

Liberal Banana

Great interview - and I love the picture...Congrats!


Awesome interview. I am sorry that my grammar sucks, here and on my site.

Just Linda

Oh, very nice, very nice.

I feel the same as you about blog awards but mostly 'cause I haven't ever won one. I'm pretty sure if I ever do win one, I'll immediately find them to be VERY discriminating and with an uncanny eye for what is worthy of notice. ;)

Heading off to read the interview now...


Nice going, Metro.

By the way, uh, it still says "I Rant, Therefore I Am" up top there.

Papa Bradstein

"I also hate beets, bad grammar, the designated hitter rule, Paris Hilton, and bigotry of any kind."

A man after my own heart. Oh sure, all that other personal stuff was nice too, and you have great hair, but we knew that already. Congrats, MD. Nice job on the interview.

Busy Mom

LOVE her interviews, congrats!!


That was hilarious, MD. I loved your advice to other bloggers.


Great interview!

You are more handsome than I had even imagined. Love the hair. Good thing I'm a few states away - your hair is safe.


You look like Jang Dong Geun in profile. I am definitely not introducing you to my female friends anymore.


Wow! Which Photoshop tool/effect was used on your hair? It looks so realistic...

Ha! Just joking - a truly fine coif

Anne Glamore

Congrats on a great interview. I'm with you on your hates, except I'll eat your beets.


Great interview and a way hot picture. You're just adorable, aren't you, Mr Vain?


One of the funniest interviews I've ever read. I love your self-deprecating humor and the fact that you don't take yourself too seriously. It's a good attitude to have in life.

Be Still

Freakin' hilarious interview. Leah has such good taste in bloggers... congratulations!

Sprog Mamma

Metro Dad,
I hope you quit smoking. The DH asked me to produce a kid before he was 45 and I am well on my way. In return I asked him to quit smoking, keep in mind he is ITALIAN. I think you can do it.
When we first met he was on the old patch, the one that looks and feels like a Band Aid. Now he is trying the new patch, clear and very thin. It is working wonders, he tried to roll a fat one and could not even smoke it! I mean he lit it, put it to his lips and said he could not inhale. Try it!

BTW, great interview and great photo too.


hehe..I love the interview!


Funny as hell. I loved it.

Hey, you haven't quit smoking yet?


Now if only we could see a picture of the infamous BossLady! Then we could see why the Peanut is so adorable.


Woo-hoo! How cool, I've always dreamt of being interviewed, about something other than a heinous crime, I mean. I can't wait to read it.


Sprog Mamma and Melissa...Like the old saying goes, "quitting smoking is easy. I've done it a thousand times." Yeah, I'm back smoking again. I'm planning to quit on July 4. Back on the patch again. Hopefully, this will be the final time.


"Are you as pompous as you seem to be?"

Dude, you crack me up.


So black is the new black?

Reminds me of the time I tried to make conversation with some snooty girls at a party. They were talking about brown so I chimed in, "brown IS the new black!"

They were talking about the university.

Mr. Big Dubya

Sweet - nice interview

"...daddy blogs are like the tiny gnat on the gorilla’s ass"

Just a little less annoying


Funny interview, MD. Thanks for a good laugh.


An 11 lb. head? That's got to be some kind of record.

I think the CW network may be approaching you for a "My Name is Metro" pilot. Think about it.

Linda B

I really like your answer to why you don't blog about certain things.

And nice picture!

Julie C.

Is MetroBro single?


Haha, the big head must be a Korean man thing - Charlie's head is deceptively large too. Hard to buy hats.

Great interview and great picture too!



Fantabulous interview!

Didn't know you were a PRINCE fan...just another thing we have in common.

Oh yea, from Dad to Dad, you.just.have.to.quit.SMOKING!

Do it for the Peanut.

(Notice to the BossLady - I cured my wife by telling her that If she didn't quit, I was going to START, just so she would know what an ashtray tasted like! He'll do anything for you and the Peanut)


Wait, does the Peanut call you Mommy? If so, I feel your pain--for a while, my son called me Daddy all the time.

Great interview, MD.


I love everything about this interview, MD. I'll even forgive the Mets indiscretion. And while I am a Lombardi's fan, moving a stone's throw from Grimaldi's has put the best pizza title in contention.

We'll have to dish on Will Shortz sometime. I much prefer him to Maleska but I know that the purists could stone me for that.


ps The patch totally worked for me. Stick with it; you can do it!


Great interview -- awesome hair..And good call on outing yourself as a Prince fan! You're not alone on that one...


That was a great interview, MD. I think it honestly summed up why I read your blog. Unlike a lot of others, you write who you are and what's your mind. Clearly, you're not pandering to anyone. Hell, sometimes I read one of your posts and think, "oh uh, MD's going to piss someone off with that one." But you keep staying consistent. And your love for your wife and daughter rules over everything. Congrats ont the interview. We thoroghly enjoyed it.

Lance b.

Try Cinnamon sticks when you quit smoking. It toally helps!

Queen of Ass

YAY, on the thongs thing! Good job, MD! That was really pretty damn funny in spots, and insightful in others. LOVED IT!


That was a great interview...I love that Anne Glamore post, too. And what happened after you drank the venom? How sick did you get that night?


Just thought you'd like to know, the movie Fargo actually takes place in Brainerd, Minnesota. The movie was not filmed in Fargo. In fact, the Coen brothers, when asked why they named the movie "Fargo," said no one would see a movie called "Brainerd." Apparently, the brothers wanted to film the snow scenes in Fargo, but when they arrived, there was no snow, so they had to travel to Winnipeg for the shoot. Just an FYI. So I guess you probably really hate North Dakota now! Silly poser state!


that truly rocks! sincerely!
now i'm really with you on the 50 most beautiful bloggers.. dont' we know anyone at people magazine?!?!

Her Bad Mother

Fabulous, awesome, LOVED IT, simply don't have enough superlatives.

(And, really, if there are worse things than beets, bad grammar and bigotry, I've yet to find them. OK, genocide is pretty bad. But worse things that start with 'B'? No way.)


Congrats to you MD, or should I say Pierre!! And here I thought you were French!! Just kidding! Love the hair and nice skin.

Truly love reading your blog!

Pickle's Papa

sometime over a bottle of scotch and scrabble I'll have to tell you the story of how I quit smoking. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

the weirdgirl

Hey congrats MD! (but I already new you were one of the A-list)

Mama Nabi

1) What a great picture of you!
2) I'll take that bottle of scotch and scrabble challenge - I may lose the scrabble game so I'll have to drink you under the table and just rearrange the tiles later.
3) I SOOOO respect your philosophy on not airing family and political specifics - I wish I had the same self-control, I wish I had decent in-laws... waaahhhh waaahhh.
4) I found that the best way to quit smoking is to get pregnant. Helped me quit for a whole year - granted, I do still sneak in a couple a day now...

RECAP: I think you're handsome but I like to think that I can outdrink you, possibly not outscrabble you unless I can outdrink you, and I'm a bigger blabbermouth that you but I have an excuse. And yeah, if you really want to quit smoking, you can take your turn being pregnant for your next beautiful child. :-D


you hate paris hilton too?! wow. we have so much in common.

btw: very sorry i missed out on the tag line contest, especially after the little shout out you gave to me and some of my ad school peeps. thx for the love. and yes, taglines are the bane of my existence, as it's so incredibly difficult to write a good one. good ones come after writing 200 of them. in that 200 you might have 1 good one. i'd apply that same logic to all your submissions. but...what the hell do i know?

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