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June 19, 2006


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I'm hitting 'em all MD. Thanks for the recommendations!!


Dude, you're getting famous! I remember not too long ago when I was only one of 5 people reading this blog. Congratulations on the well-deserved recognition.


I remember when I started blogging, there were only a handful of Dad blogs compared to the hundreds of Mom ones.

It's great to so many other Dads jumping in-


Dude! They love you in Texas, who knew? Kudos on well-deserved press.

I just found Denver Dad myself and he's awesome. I told him I needed more crusaders for justice in my life these days. Hope your day was great yesterday.


All fine choices, my friend....way to spread the love.

Pickle's Papa

I'd like to thank my agent, my mom, my lovely wife for staying up late all those sleepless nights waiting for the mylecon and my latest stats to kick in, and of course . . . The Pickle without whom none of this would be possible.

Thanks MD.

p.s. We're gonna be in the city this fall - we should get together for a family portrait to see which one of us twins is taller.


Great. Now I have like, a zillion MORE blogs to read every day, as if I didn't have enough. Thanks a LOT.

Just kidding.


Aww, MD, excellent articles. Keep up the good work.


dutch from sweet juniper

This is how he gets away with being a total snob about food and books and NYC and celebrities & such most of the time. when it comes right down to it, metrodad is just a really, really nice guy.

thanks for giving these guys the links and the exposure, MD.


Damn it, Dutch! I thought that was going to be our little secret!

In all seriousness, these new daddy bloggers deserve to be read by a wider audience and I'm just glad to do my part. All hail the fraternity of man!


I just noticed that you double space after sentences. You should stop

A. Tsai

Most all of the daddy blogs I read now I discoved through you, MD. Thanks for sharing the new discoveries. I'm off to read more dads. Thanks!

Ed Bacchus

Thanks for the links. I am always looking for more Daddy Bloggers to read. I have been blogging for about 9 months and wish there were more of us out there. Congrats to you and your new fame. You deserve it and so do many of your links. Keep up the great work and stop back by when you need to read a blog with a twist. I'm not the average daddy blogger, but who is anyway.....


Way to spread the word, MD!

I double space between sentences too. Is that bad?


I just noticed the title of your post. Are you Catholic? I never would have guessed. That makes you even more of an enigma.


No, Ian. Sorry to disappoint but I'm not Catholic. A year of high-school Latin and my fondness for "The West Wing" are where I got the title of this post.


MD, you and Dutch totally got me into reading the daddyblogs. And I read a few more now. But I always have to stop by here and Sweet Juniper for my fix.


Thank you for your kind reference. I feel warm and fuzzy. How vile.

zygote daddy

Thanks, MD. But I must say I am a little humbled that by a flick of your wrist you can instantly triple my normal traffic...

I'd like to mention another dad blog I totally dig: http://t-9months.blogspot.com/ There's something about that dry British sense of humor that fits pregnancy blogging life a glove.

Hygiene Dad

Geez, it's just a pleasure to nominated.

MD, I'm humbled to be included with such fine folks. Thanks for shout out and the recognition among some great writers.

And I'll ditto what zygote daddy said--Loving the stat counter today!


MD, thanks for sharing the links. I've temporarily stopped having time to check out new blogs, so it's good to get some recommendations.

Grandpa Moses

Congrats on the well-deserved press, MD. I loved some of the quotes you had in there. Especially the one where you said that "changing a diaper is like dodging bullets and trying to stay out of the rain while making a taco . . . all at the same time."

As an old dad, it's fun watching all you young 'uns experience fatherhood. Wish they had these blogs when I was raising my kids!

Denver Dad

Wow! Thanks for the kind words, MetroDad. I appreciate the comments and the plug. Of course, knowing that people actually read my blog could ruin the whole thing... now I have the pressure of trying to write something interesting. :)


I got all excited, thinking I was getting a shout-out in the Seattle P.I. article, then re-read it and realise he was just referring to "I love you, man" conversations :(


happy late father's day. i hope it was great!!

Crunchy Carpets

Great links. I wish my hubby would join in on my blog or start his own.
I think he has a unique perspective with the whole working from home/self employment thing...and he is a writer! He gets paid to write! Maybe that's why he doesn't blog.
Hmmm...will have to show him all those links..and yours too!


You daddy-bloggers are amazing! I'm loving all the stuff you've posted and am sure you'll make great dads (MD and all the people you've referred)!


Absolutely NOTHING WRONG with red-headed children.

(Unless, of course, both you and your spouse are black. In which case, it's more of a scientific-miracle-gene-thing than anything else.)


Thanks Metro for showcasing some great blogs.

Her Bad Mother

I get to link to this in my Dad-Blogger Circle Jer... um, Shout-Out post, right? It's awesome. I'm looking forward to checking out the ones that I don't know.

Mama Nabi

My first daddyblog was the Trixie Update (http://www.trixieupdate.com/) - found it during pregnancy and he scared the bejesus out of me with his diaper counts, leaky diaper counts, boobie milk bottle counts, etc... PN refused to read it because it scared him more. Ah yes, daddy blogs have come a long way - although I still think yours will always be my fav.


Thanks for the mention! Folks may want to check my most recent post. I'd really appreciate other dads' support on what I'm experiencing!


Well done, o media marvel. Daddy blogs are the new black, and you're doing wonderfully to get yourself out there and further the cause.

Diaper-changing is a crucial skill--because the day when I'll have to change my own isn't far off.


You gave me so many great places to go, I don't know where to begin.

Queen of Ass

LOL Those are great, MD! Thanks!

Sky Bluesky

Hey, look, it's another daddy blog! I love the blog, and it's obvious how much you love both BossLady and the Peanut. I'm another dad (previously, stay-at-home, but going back to work any day now) with a blog. I'll check out the other blogs you suggested, but I'm kinda surprised you didn't cite one of the major players out there, RebelDad. He posts a lot on the way SAHD's and dads are perceived in the media, and his blog is big and busy and comprehensive. He's over at www.rebeldad.com. go check him out. Oh, and feel free to come by my blog anytime, too.


Dan: I understand your pain but we all gotta stop wninihg and start doing. Go to internet and join groups that are doing similar things, chaning family laws so that loving dads are not easily displaced from their kids lives.Do not give up cause the feminist movement has totally taken control of the family courts and we must fight back.-Sid


Oh boy, do I know the feeling. Well, not the hoomnral pregnant part, but you know what I mean. And yes, I think if we let God speak to us through those tough days about who we truly are (in a good way) and also let Him show us the uglier parts to work on it can be a good thing! Good perspective, Brooke! Hope you're having a better day now though and just think, that hoomnral roller coaster is helping grow a sweet little girl!!!!! :)


I love your little failmy, and I am so glad to hear you are now enjoying rather than fearing! Families are so amazing, and when they are your own, it is indescribable. I am so proud of how strong you are in all of this, and still running your business. It really is something to look up to!Beautiful little beans!


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