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June 15, 2006


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She is beautiful! I've been chekcing every day to see if you've posted anything and this is so worth the wait. Jacob and Callie's wedding is next weekend and we will be missing your special touch. Little Ms. June should have some beautiful pics during her life.


several teachers in my Spanish Circle have asked about a foiregn language smart board class that would be given August 20th or the following week just before school starts (so it will be fresh in our minds!) Let me know if you are able to open another section. thank you.


..."How do we know this isn't just a bug in the blogger upatde routines and/or a corrupted pointer in the database? I have an easier time believing that than believing some PBS radio intern hijacked Doug's blog. And I also find it a bit scarier."What it looks like to me is that there is a bug in the blogger upatde routines, in that it will allow another blogger to publish to a *blogspot.com URL when I momentarily publish to another site via ftp. However, I think it's an enormous coincidence that the resulting blog was a page full of spam links. More interestingly, it's now been replaced with a slightly more subtle page of spam. Trust me, there's a bug that allows someone to do it, but in my opinion it was malicious and deliberate.


Well I went with largely as a ruslet of mentioning it. It gives you a choice of blog software + content management + reasonable bandwidth (though I'm guessing someone with your profile should definitely check the bandwidth allowance) for very little money. They do free phone call support in the states (and indeed the UK which was a nice bonus). Don't Oracle have some sort of service for in-house folks which ends up at blogs.oracle.com?


Respected sir, your guidance will be very heulpfl for ias appariants. this will guide helpless & poor student also to turn their dream in real success.thanks .

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