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May 15, 2006


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heh. time starts getting faster and faster and faster ...

very cute munchkin there. :)


Grandpa Moses

Wait until your kids have kids! Then, time REALLY starts flying.


It's so hard! And fantastic! And exhausting! And exhilarating! And they just keep changing, dammit--which is great, because look what they can do now! But also sad because they don't fit so neatly on your chest while they sleep.

She's adorable, MD.


Been there with BOTH The Peanut Butter & The Jelly. They're born, next thing you know, they're walking, talking, sassing, etc.

Mine turn 4 years old a week from today... and I still remember the day they were born as if it were yesterday.


And she's adorable too, btw.


Welcome to toddler-hood, if that's even a word. They do grow up s freaking fast. I keep telling mine, I'm going to put bricks on their head to slow down the process. They just look at me and laugh.

This is why most people have a second kid about now, or at least start planning one. Because they miss having a baby. Where one used to be, there is now a little person.

Peanut trying to leave the restaurant is so funny. I adore the pictures. She is getting so big.

Linda B


Now she's definitely going to want you to buy her that pony.

Ok, and you have to tell me where you got her that trendy little coat!


Great post, MD. I sometimes feel like my sense of time is divided into pre-baby and post-baby. In pre-baby time, I can tell you things like who was in a movie, or what pop tune was sung by what pop singer. In post-baby time, it's more like, "hmm, I remember that year. It was when we bought the big boy bed."


Today my daughter and I bought her graduation dress. As of next month, I'll have two children in high school. When we were shopping we saw a little girl with pink rubber rain boots, a pink tutu skirt, a pink jacked over a pink leotard, and a diamond tiara shopping with her mom. The girl and I looked at each other and kind of sighed together. It was one of those defining moments when you just have to acknowledge that we no longer love pink tutus and tiaras. It was kinda said.

But then again, no tattoos and no piercings beyond the ears....yet.

Peanut is beautiful.

Pickle's Papa

...and the sad thing is that even with all this effort, the tattoo is going to say "Mom"
...what a cute kid!!

the childless fashionista

The Peanut is one very cute and fashionable little girl. I've been looking for a red raincoat like that for ages! Do you know where I can get one in a size 8?


Ah, yes my friend,

Enjoy every minute. Take LOTS of pictures (yea, I know you do that already).
And even more, when the second one comes along.

It was corny when I was filming them, but we have some cherished videos of our boys that makes us cry when we watch it. And, it always makes us laugh, too.

Pictures, videos, whatever your media of choice...Capture the moments. Memory is great, but video is like being able to go back in time!

And that IS what we're talking about, isn't it?

Trust me on this. You can't ever have enough!

So, the Peanut is quite the diva, eh? Well, come on, look at her...How could she NOT be?

I have to wait for grand-kids to have a babygrrl...:-(


I am so dreading the day that one of my daughters rolls her eyes at me. It will be a devastating blow to realize that I am no longer the center of her universe. I just pray it is after kindergarten.


Wow. I remember the first time I saw pics of Peanut she was just learning how to roll over, and now, she's like a little lady.


I'm absolutely squeaking at how cute the Peanut is now! It really DOES seem like yesterday when she was rolling over for the first time. She's sooooo cute, MD!


that's no unicorn metrodad! or is the horn hidden?


Nice encapsulation... I have been thinking about your excitement about what's new with Peanut since last week's post. I know you will be singing, and dancing and reading her through some edible cuteness big time in these days..and the coming days.

Miss Fancy told me a whole story today -- it involved a local realtor and her need for a microwave??? I mean I know the banks are pretty fast a loose with the lending rules these days but you don't think they would actually have given her a mortgage approval yet do you?


Dude. So NOT a unicorn. (I guarantee this will come up on a pop quiz with Peanut sooner or later, so you better get it right or be prepared for some massive eye-rolling.)


You guys are totally right! That is so NOT a unicorn.

In retrospect, it looks like some sort of albino pony with frosted tips. Or the illegitimate love child of Leif Garrett & the White Stallion. (You kids DO remember Leif Garrett, don't you? Or am I dating myself again?)


ahhh, yes...the passing of time. you think it's fast now? wait until you start nearing the big five-oh!

In the first pictures she looks like a celebrity walking down the street hounded by paparazzi--SJP comes to mind. Have fun with her as a teenager. I was a teenage girl myself and I sighed a lot and rolled my eyes a great deal.

Yeah, good luck. She's going to be a sassy pants :-)


Duh. That was my 'sassy pants' comment above.

the weirdgirl

Ah ha, MD, sounds like you're starting to come around a bit to new baby idea!


You got a great kid.

What happened to Peanut:

Divaness: Uhm...she is a yuhj. Inevitable.

Actually, would you rather prefer a pierced punker girl or a gong ju byung for a daughter?

Me personally, I would prefer gong ju byung. Because that way, at least you will get guys you can someone understand (Flushing shibbal sekki duhl) And gong ju byungs are extremely adept at crushing namja's souls.


Very cute picture there. I am trying to develop the flux capacitor to try to go back.

Latte Man

I was about to write a post like this just yesterday... uh... wait a minute... let's see... in two weeks my princess turns 6. Six???

Well, I thought it was yesterday, but apparently it was 4-1/2 years ago.


It was difficult to read this post because of how adorable peanut was. Even more so when I zoomed in her photo and started to covet that little red coat wishing it came in my size. Enjoy her MetroDad and don't fret too much about her turning into a teenager one day. Although it is indeed odd to think the 6'2" food eating machine that lives in my house is my little baby he is fantastically fun to have around and I'm loving him being a teen.

Rick S.

My own sweet little princess is finishing 8th grade in a few weeks! Next year, she's going to be a high-schooler. It really does seem like just yesterday that she was taking her first steps. Where does all the time go?


Your daughter is so cute! I love her sense of fashion. She's got the shaggy bangs and is sporting that whole casual layered look that I keep seeing in Instyle magazine. As the mother of two boys, I sometimes wish I had a little girl to dress up. So cute!


just to be sure, you might wanna check myspace now anyway.

Queen of Ass

I can't believe my son is 7. But he is, and before I know it, he'll turn 8. He spent the morning picking out which shirt shows off his muscles better for the girls today at Field Day.

It makes me want to scream and cry and throw myself down on the floor and throw a tantrum.

Mama Nabi

Ah, independence... LN's starting to show a bit of it and I already get teary eyed. Of course the Peanut is a diva, can't you see how adorably cute and smart she is? Yes, you better run along and keep that green room of hers well-stocked!


"fun party, work sucked, broke up with her, took a vacation."

lol...made me laugh because it's so true.

I also recently lamented over the way time flies once you have kids. May makes me melancholic.

Your Peanut is precious! You are right to live in the moment and treasure her little-ness :)


When Lief Garrett hits the road with Frampton and the Bay City Rollers I am... leaving town. (And this procreation thing, as you must be aware, will simply not take place if you continue "dating" yourself. It took me a while to figure that out.)

Liberal Banana

Oh my gosh, both that post and the Peanut are so cute. That Mariah Carey line was perfect - really hilarious.


My daughter is the same age as your Peanut and it is blowing me away how quickly she is growing up. I just want to freeze time and keep her at this same adorable age forever!

mommy on the verge

soooo sweet. time flies.


What a cutie! That picture of her on the pony is great. Yes, it goes fast. That's why you have another one and repeat the whole process again! But it seems to go faster the second time around.


Gah, she is unbearably cute. And I'm so feeling you on the time flying thing. My son = 2 weeks old, and I'm sitting there feeding him thinking "OMG, in like a minute he'll be graduating from college and bringing home some girl, who I will be nice to, of course, and the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon ... " Seriously, I'm trying to treasure every moment.

Busy Mom

She is a doll! There's so much more fun coming up, just keep enjoying it all.


Ahh, well she is a doll. Times does fly, I hear you there...yesterday my littlest creatures turned 5 years old, and to me they are still the dark eyed newborns that used to gaze at me while nursing....(sigh)..sorry, I'm a bit of a sap over how quickly it all seams to pass by right now.

So smooch her neck, tickle her feet and hold her tight before you are so embarassing that you are asked to drop her off 2 blocks away from the mall in fear of her friends seeing your general dorkiness.


Sigh...my daughter just got her own MySpace account. Me? I stay up nights worrying about her. Time DOES fly.

anna k.

So precious, MD. She really is growing up fast!


She's freekin' cute. And dons her red coat quite well, I might add.

After reading this about New York, I deemed this book to be perfect for you. I'm guessing every New Yorker should read this, non?

Mummy V

just surfed into your blog when googling for help on my picky eating daughter... and i've been reading entries for nearly an hour... love your writing, your daughters a cute little jedi and i agree, time moves much too fast with a bubba. enjoy it and keep up the great blog!


Hi. I just found your site via Blogging Baby and I wanted to say that I absolutely love it! It's funny and sweet at the same time. I love hearing a dad's perspective. Enjoy the time. You think it goes by fast now? Wait a few more years.


Wow! I mean, WOW! The Peanut is becoming a full-fledged woman with a mind of her own! Shoes, independence and non-unicorn unicorns? I mean, can it get any better than that? The girl has taste and an amazing Daddy to boot. Go peanut, go!


Just starting following your blog and wanted to say your daughter is darling (love her little red trench)! Keep up the good work--with her and the blog.


"fun party, work sucked, broke up with her, took a vacation."
Sound's like those 19 months also flew by.

I think time seems to become more dense while in the presence of a kid who's developing exponentially; it flies by just like it always does, but so much more happens.


I loved reading about her. Hey, it feels like only yesterday for ME that she was 3 months old!

It's funny that I've read this post of yours today. I was watching videos with my kids on Mother's Day, of both of them ten years ago. Sounds strange to say this, but it's almost like a death. Those people, in that form, don't exist anymore. The changes we go through as we age as adults are so subtle compared to those first ten or twenty years.

When Emma was born I was SO sick of people saying "Enjoy her...it goes by so quickly." But they were right.

Enjoy her.

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