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May 31, 2006


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Awww...the pix are adorable.

And you got the new Mac?



Too cute, MD! She's more adorable every day!

As for websites, I'm a big fan of Huffington Post and WaiterRants. Check 'em out.

A. Tsai

My entire life revolves around boingboing and metafilter. I'm sure you know about them already.

zygote daddy

I must say, I thought of you when I saw this: http://www.theonion.com/content/node/48461


She's the cutest thing ever! Glad you had a fun weekend away from the city, my trip to Greece just got cancelled... Oh well, from not going I guess I have more spending power in Singapore, Korea and Tokyo!


She's so cute that I can't believe that she has any other Paris Hilton attributes at all.


Oh, the peanut's in a peanut shirt! Too cute!

Mega Mom

She is just beautiful.

The description of "Kellerman's" took me back, but I'm dying to know what you wore to dinner...


I love the Adirondaks, but spent most of my time there up in the high peaks region arround Saranc and Lake Placid. Stunning.

I have actually been to one of the two places used to film Kellerman's - Mountain Lake near Blacksburg, VA. Didn't actually stay there, but stopped and looked on my way to a rock climb/rappel on the same lake.

Anyhow, Peanut is adorable - I particularly like her last footware selection.

Papa Bradstein

Aaaah, so glad that you're back, MD. It's been too long. And it's been too long without pics of the Peanut. She's adorable.


New Title:
MetroDad ~ Now With More Madras
Dude, set yourself up with Delicious and never lose a bookmark again:


I'm sure a man of your pop cultural tastes is a fan of Television Without Pity already, but if not, check it out.

Great photos! I love it when kids wear the grown up shoes.


Oh and by the way, I was having such a fun time imagining you as Jerry Orbach's kid!


I'm glad you had a fun weekend. Love the pictures. K likes to walk around in our shoes too.

Linda B

When I started reading this post, my first thought was "Hey, he's BABY in Dirty Dancing!" Ha ha.

I love pictures in lieu of real posts! Peanut is so adorable.

Motherhood Uncensored

Back in business? Woohoo.

Um, I think the bosslady needs Cool Mom Picks (.com)

And Peanut is getting so big!


So cute! And how about that orange dress?! LOVE IT!


Great photos...Wait you lost everything? even the Yo Momma jokes. Damn I was looking forward to them.


Welcome back to Mac-land!


Yay! More pics of the Peanut! She's absolutely beautiful, MD.


Sheesh, so stinking adorable. That Peanut of yours is the height of fashion (we also love those Kee-Kaw shirts).

I'll second the TWOP suggestion -- delicious snark.

dutch from sweet juniper

That reminds me of that time in high school when I totally kicked the principal in the nuts and called the police to report him as a sex offender, then they brought me down to the police station and I ended up making out with Charlie Sheen for a few hours.

Wait. That was Jennifer Grey too.

Or was it?????


Check out crazyshit.com. Hours of entertainment.


Ok, no one else is asking, so I will. Where did you get that adorable Peanut t-shirt? Your daughter is just the cutest thing with two legs and a handbag!




A private balcony over-looking the lake? NICE!

Personally, I think Jennifer Grey peaked on "It's Like, You Know..."


I think my absolute favorite thing in this post is Peanut with a pacifier tied to the life vest. If she goes overboard, she will still be happy.


i definitely have to second this comment:
Dude, set yourself up with Delicious and never lose a bookmark again:

with firefox, it's seamless and beautiful.

oh, and here:


I saw the title of the post and I started cracking up! The Peanut with her dog-in-handbag picture is priceless.


Been reading your site for sometime now. It's very good. Since you've lost all your links and stuff, you should check out this site. It's pretty neat.

Liberal Banana

Peanut's Peanut shirt is so. cute. And it took me much longer than it should have to decide that NO, that is not a REAL dog in her purse. *sigh* Is it time to go home yet? I need some chocolate.


Welcome back. First of all, Peanut is too.stinking.cute. Even my older daughter came up to the computer and was fawning all over Peanut's pictures. She's 3, so she is an expert in all things cute.

I know Lake George well as my father grew up just north of it. It is so beautiful. Yet another reason to be glad to be heading back to NJ--closer to Lake George!

Amy Frazier

Looking for links, eh? Well I read your stuff and think it's hilarious. You should try my husband's and my blog about taking great digital photographs of your babies and kids. It's called Shooting the Kids and you can find it at http://shootingthekids.dpblogs.com.

Good luck with gathering up all your old links!


Your wife let you take the kid out on a boat? Even with a lifejacket on, my feeling is that toddlers and watercraft do not mix.


Dude - Loved the Paris pic - too funny...

Wicked H


Anne Glamore

I have a disease which prevents me from turning off Dirty Dancing if I happen to run across it. I HAVE to watch it until the end.


Try living on Cape Cod, man. You want cheesy clothes on geezers? We got 'em!


What? Brag about my new domain and beg to be included on your blogroll?

I would do that, yes.

(I have never seen Dirty Dancing in its entirety; I tried once but it was late at night on local TV and about forty minutes of it was eaten alive by commercials.)


Man, i think losing my bookmarks when my last computer crashed was the worst part. I had such a hard time finding all the sites I used to read. I know i am still missing some. Good luck with the new 'puter!!


I love that second photo with the mini-pooch. It sounds like you guys had a fun weekend.


I love her. LOVE.


Ha! We went on a boat this weekend, too, but in addition to snacks, my kids were really into honking the heart-shattering emergency horn. Oy.

I can't believe you lost your bookmarks!! Good luck getting back up and running...


Sounds like a wonderful weekend, love the pics! I think I found you via DadGoneMad, another goodie!


My guy and I spent a wonderful weekend at Lake George one fall - definitely worth going when the leaves are changing and the giant harvest moon rises orange over the hills. Oh, thanks for reminding me of that!


"Join hands and hearts and voices, voices hearts and hands.
At Kellermans the friendships last long as the moutains stand..."
Sorry, it was either that "I carried a watermelon" since you started the post with my all-time favourite movie quote!

Glad to see you're back MD. Let us know what you think of the new Mac!

Peanut, as usual, is looking lovely. Love the orange dress and I must know where it's from!


I love the Peanut T-shirt. Im glad you had a wonderful holiday weekend.


You're making me homesick for my youth! I worked at a summer camp in the Adirondacks back in the olden days when I was about 15......


I, too, love the fact that she has her paci with her lifejacket on. Gotta have your priorities straight, on land or by sea.

And I want to eat her up because she is so cute. Hope you don't mind.

As for sites, I am addicted to www.overheardinnewyork.com. Maybe it's because I don't live in NYC, but it makes me laugh every day. So book mark that. Also book mark my blog. In fact, do that before anything else.

Glad to have you back!!


You crack me up, Jennifer.

For a laugh, try infinitecat dot com, or stuffonmycat dot com (I'm really disappointed that they finally censored bonsaikitten).

Also, if you feel the urge to get the actual truth instead of my fluffed-up version, goto Emily's site, didntthinkidturnoutthisway dot com.

Welcome back (with your mac attack).

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