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May 23, 2006


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Bill Gates

What have you got against my operating systems? Are you trying to get in the way of my plans for world domination?



Thanks MetroDad, that sounds like the kind of all-purpose cooler-than-fuck shoe I'm looking for. The dark charcoal will reflect very nicely off the milky white Mac. We just won't be able to go out on a date together.


If you can do this with a Mac, I'd buy one:



THERE IS NOTHING LIKE A MAC. The black MacBooks are neat too, but yes, the MBP's are the way to go. ENJOY YOUR NEW PURCHASE!!!!


The Holy Shit has just been officially scared out of me. I've had "buy external hard drive" on my to-do list....um, let's just say for a really long time.

No more waiting. This weekend. Thanks, MD for the PSA.

PS - Sorry about Ya Mama jokes.


I'm typing from a PC but I admit to loving the new Mac ads.


I can't wait to get my first Mac ever; I'm aiming to buy it in the next 6 months or so. I'll most likely get the new ProBook.

Sorry to hear about your loss of data and photos; I went through that a couple of years back. What did I learn? That that clicking sound coming from my PC laptop was a foreshadowing of the devastation to come. And to do backups much more frequently.


you can have some of *my* pictures, if you want ...


On the bright side, it'll make your return to a Mac all the better -- sort of like, when your car's in the body shop, and you're stuck driving a Neon for a month? Then you get your car back and you're like "Oh yeaaaaah."


I used my first Mac in 1985. My computer literacy class got one right before the end of the year and I loved it. Until then, we'd been using PC's running DOS. Yick!

I hope you get the MacBook Pro!!!!! And thanks for the reminder to back-up. I'm SO bad about that.

I have to give my computer back to my employer next month as my contract is up for the summer so I will be buying a new Mac soon, too. Would you believe until I got this E-Mac for work, I was using an upgraded Power Computing clone from the mid-90's???? Acccck!!


I was a PC geek all my life until I bought a 12" Powerbook G4 3 years ago. I've since got rid of my PC desktop and converted my husband, who got replaced his fully loaded Dell desktop with a 15" Powerbook and now longs for a PowerMac G5.
My hard drive didn't crash but I had a panic moment last year when my bibiography database, with all the work I had done in the previous 6 months, simply ceased to open. The tech support from the software company was - just load up your backup and it should work. Backup?? I was so spoiled by how dependable my computer was that I hadn't backed up!!

I now have a removable hard drive, a .mac account (which I used with Backup), and numerous flash drives. Still need to get an antivirus though...

Good luck with your hard drive!!


H.A. Page

Man, it was great to go to the NYC Apple store... I blogged about it and posted store photos on the flickr site.

You are in terrible shape. Love my mac...but do use both.


i became an apple fanatic 5 years ago and hope i will never have to go back. apple is kinda pricey though no?


As others may have said...don't give up on that harddrive. You might be able to recover the data, or at least some of it.

I have a brand spankin' new MacBookPro and it rocks, hard. I have BootCamp and have booted into Windows just for kicks, but I hate it so much I can't wait to get back to the Mac side.

I don't think I could even have sex with a PC user... kind of like a Republican, you know? ;) (My favorite episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm is when he almost has sex with the actress and then sees a picture of Bush over her bed and he can't go through with it. OK, how random is this comment??)


Oh and contrary to bitemycookie's comment, I do not run Safari in Rosetta except to get ONE third-party plug-in to work (it's proprietary online proofing software). Otherwise, I keep it off and everything works fine.

My only bitch right now is that the SIMS2 Expansion Packs need Universal Binary patches that haven't been released yet, so that screws up my Adventures in Cyberia blog.


My condolences on your loss! I am a Mac girl through and through. The horrible PC is in the basement office where I refuse to go. I love my eMac, and I still have my old bluberry iBook that I am keeping for posterity.

the weirdgirl

Oh, you poor guy! I've been through it and it sucks. I'm actually working at a drive company right now and I'm about to launch a newsletter all about backing up your data. Ironically, before I started working for them I only backed up my work every once in a while. Now I've got an external drive sitting on my desk and I'm expecting a portable any day now (freebies are great, especially when they're used for "product research").


Hi Mark,Just received my Pulse pen last night and am lkioong forward to getting going with it. I have a Mac, installed the software and all seems fine so far. Some comments:* I don't like how my Livescribe data files seem to be stored away in the Application Support folder. It would be helpful if my data files (i.e. any settings, notebooks, recordings) could be stored in my Documents folder, just as many programs allow.* No ability to print out special note paper, which the Windows version allows?* Would be nice to have export to PDF where audio is also included. Then you have a package in which everything can be shipped to someone. It's not conducive to everyone to do online pencasting.Otherwise, it's a great start and was reasonably smooth getting it attached and up and running. And keep up the customer stickiness, it's a good thing all round.


They probably mean that you need to upgadre the software to a newer version of the OS. The current version is 10.6, aka Snow Leopard. You can buy it at your local Apple store.References :


Awwwww. I wish I could have been there in the big circle of frnides to sing Hawaii Aloha. I miss my Oishi's family so much and want to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. You will always be in my heart.


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