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May 23, 2006


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I got my first Mac (and ibook) about five months ago, and I don't think I'll ever buy a PC again.

Mama Nabi

That blows... I parted ways with Macs around 2000 simply because my work has a PC policy, i.e. unless you're a big shot faculty, you get a PC, no choices offered - it was easier to have a PC at home as well just for transferring data and such. Our new tech guy has been trying to use me as a guinea pig for a convert back to Macs... we'll see. ;-) Man, I sure hope all the Peanut's photos get salvaged - I wouldn't know what to do if LN's photos all went kaput.

Cityslicker mom

it seems like people are either a mac or a PC person. I'd love to try out a mac, since i've heard so much about them from friends. Sorry about your mac crashing!


My first mac was an apple IIc too. I loved it, and all macs until my computer switched to pcs around 99. Sadly, my husband has always been a pc guy, and so that's what I have at home. I long for the Mac, though.

Yo mama!

Asha Dornfest

My sympathies are with you [gingerly patting your shoulder]. I use .Mac -- Backup + iDisk -- if that helps for the future. Till then, perhaps you can think of this as an exercise in cross-cultural awareness.

max's mom

I think I saw Steve Jobs walking on Madison Ave with a beautiful blond on Sunday. Maybe there's a strange connection?


I feel your pain, dude. For my new gig they handed us all shiny new DELL Inspirons and demanded that we use only that for work. I'm trying to figure out what the right-click button is for, what a driver is, and why nothing looks pretty.

On the other hand, my desk now looks like I work for the NSA what with all the computer paraphernalia on it.

I hate PCs with a vengeance.

Long live Mac!

PS Dont get a titanium, supposedly the wireless antenna sux.


Long live Macs! I just made the switch two years ago and I'm NEVER going back!


when you recover the Yo Mamma jokes can you post some?


I am SO sorry to hear about your Mac. I actually got a little choked up on your behalf. I'm a die-hard Mac addict and have been since I first laid my fingers on a keyboard. I actually got my husband to make the switch from being a PC-head when he first tried my lovely purple iMac a few years ago. We're now a two-Mac family and very proud of it.
I hope you can get your data back. I'll check with my tech support hubby to see if I can pass along any tips.


Um...I won't comment on the Mac thing as I'm a PC user but good luck with the hard drive issues. I've always had nightmare scenarios running through my head that we would lose ALL our pics if we didn't back up on a regular basis onto a removeable hard drive. Just in case, you know...the house burns down and we can just grab the hard drive, or if the house is robbed while we're home so we can negotiate everything else for the hard drive. Hmm...that said, perhaps I should just put it in a safety deposit box. Better yet, I should just upload them all to an online photo storage site like fotki.com or something.


That's a bummer, sorry to hear about it.

On a slightly different topic, have you heard of the guy who has managed to concert all of his gmail accounts into a hard drive of sorts? He stores absolutely everything in them and has invited himsel to open a slew of them so that he has an almost unlimited amount of storage space. Interesting. Would such to lose the password though, or when Google deletes your account ...

Anyhoo ... good luck with the retrieval of your works on the origin of language. Could we get that in Cliff Note form when you're finished, please?



i can't type or spell to save my life today. sorry for the mistakes.



I share your pain, MD. My hard disk crashed a few months ago. I think I must have spent about 40 hours trying to recover data (to no avail.) Now, I back up everything like a fiend. At LEAST 2-3 times/day, I'm backing everything up. Find a good back-up solution and be sure to do it every day. Hard disk crashes are endemic to any type of computer. Good luck!


I'll see your IIC and raise you a II Plus! Remember those? I got my Apple II Plus back in 1979. Cripes! How old am I? My brother and I were both geek programmers and we used all 48 KB of RAM that puppy had. We still can't believe how far computers have come. Long live the Mac!


You crashed???? What were you doing to it? Playing baseball or something? I am a die-hard fan too. I have had one crash before and it did suck. Get the new MacBook Pro, you'll like it.

Hey, see if you can recreate those jokes though. Now I really want to hear them. ;)


Bummer about the drive--enjoying the Blue Screen of Death?
Remember "Trust, but verify"? The Apple version is, buy a Mac but make sure you get the extended warranty. Then, upgrade a few months before the warranty expires. I've gone back and forth over the past 15 years from PC to Mac, but now that Macs will be succeptible to viruses I'm losing the main benefit. But in the mean time, my iBook G4 works fine...


I hate Windows, detest Microsoft and abhor Bill Gates. I'm sorry your hard drive crashed but I'm even sorried that you have to use a Windows PC.


I used to be a Mac person. Until I had to enter the business world and choose to be a quikry individualist or have a job. PC's aren't bad. I have 2 laptops now, my trust Toshiba Satellite and my new MacBook Pro, thank goodness for the computer allowance my school gives me!!

Uhm, you want in on that?


I was a PC fan until I got married and was forced to get a G4 since my husband needed it for his documentary. I pouted and sulked and now I'm hooked (but don't tell him I said that PLEASE) so I feel your pain. I really hope you can get some of The Peanut's pictures back. To me, that would be the most important thing.

Good luck.

Papa Bradstein

Ooh, MD, a MacBook Pro is a thin silver lining to cling to, but at least you have one.

With the possibility of both of us having to work from home for a time, and with our 12" iBook getting pretty long in the tooth, not to mention long in the download time, we broke down and got one of the first Intel iMacs.

One of the best purchases we ever made. However, I've been too lazy to get DVDRWs to run a full backup--until now. As is often the case, your post has saved another dad some heartbreak.

Good luck with the HD recovery.

Motherhood Uncensored

Dude. That sux. I used Mac a long time ago, however, I'm a PC girl now.

Macs drive me nuts these days.


Sorry to hear about your hard drive troubles. I've never tried Mac's before, but our PC's are getting on my nerves. Besides, the new Mac commercials are pretty cool...Good luck trying to recover your data.


Dude, here is how big a geek I am. After I read your post, I thought, "I wonder if MD gets to go to the new Apple store in Manhattan?"

Because, you know, I've been looking at all the pretty, pretty pictures on the Cult of Mac blog. Good luck with your recovery!

dear wife

Oh that totally sucks. We had our imac's drive crash a year ago and the worst part was al of our nonbacked up music. Oh I still lament the loss of music since we had since gotten rid of the CDs. That reminds me I need to back up my music, at least my pics are mostly backed up. I hear you on mac, I will never switch and since I am in the arts it is what everyone uses anyways.


ARGH!! I'm feeling your pain - at least a portion of it. My PC at work is completely screwed up and I can't access the documents I need for tomorrow morning's meeting!! I hate technology - actually, I hate my dependence on it! Good luck with your PC...


I love my iBook. Some days, I love it more than I love my children, solely because it does what I ask and doesn't talk back.

Unlike both the kids and my Windows PC.


I feel for you, I've had my share of HD crashes while fixing computers in the dorms. At least a great new Mac is in the future!


oy. i am rocking the macbookpro. you MUST run safari in rosetta to get anything to upload (like pics and stuff) and the iphoto library is a little nutty. the intel chip changes the way the mac works, so you may need a tutorial or 2. i am a diehard mac cultist since '90 -- but these first generation intel macs are a little touchy -- but fast and shiny.

sorry about your hard drive. but if you take it to a genius, they can just clone your old hard drive onto your new computer. i'm sure they can save your highly classified secret agent documents.

sorry for the hassles.


TekServe on 23 St! Go. Pronto.

This happened to me and they did a data retrieval for 100 bucks or so and managed to get all my info onto a disc, praise Zeus. Back then I swore I'd back up more frequently, and just like my post 9/11 preparedness kit which is now down to a flashlight with dead batteries, it sort of went away. Thanks for the reminder that I need to get on top of that again.

Good luck with it all - I know how much it sucks.


Have you tried target mode?

My ibook crashed a couple of months ago. I almost died because I hadn't backed up pictures in so long. But, even though I had to get a new hard drive, I was able to recover everything.

If you have another Mac, plug yours in via firewire, and hold down T during start-up. Your screen will falsh teh firewire sign, and on the other computer, your hard drive should show up.

Good luck!


Right on! I'm a hardcore Mac girl. In the design industry, it's Macs all around, thank God. I'm typing this on my new iMac G5, and sitting right next to me is my titanium PowerBook. (Do I sound like the proud mama?)

Hope you get yours up and running. I've been there and know how crappy that is.

(Thanks for the reminder to back everything up - I have a 'mirror' drive set up, but always forget to initiate backup. I would hate to lose MY collection of "yo mama" jokes. )


Oh god.., too bad. I lost my hardrive of a MAC after 15 years of Mac usage in my first term of grad school. I learned the backup message HARD... there was a lot of -- "It's dead Dave, it's really really dead" This message is an important one --

Be sure to allow yourself a little while to grieve, data loss is no joke.


I have no real preference for either Mac or PC, but there does seem to be more of an attractive culture surrounding the use of the former. Not so, however, with the use of AOL, which, the MetroDad using AOL, therefore seems a bit incongruous, given your Maciness.

What gives?

Oh, I lost my hard drive in roughly the same time frame as you did; hello psychic friends network.

I'm tagging you, by the way.

Ellen V.

If I could marry my Mac and have its baby, I would. Seriously. Don't make me choose between my Macbook Pro and my husband. Hubby might be the one sleeping on the curb.


I would have been highly disappointed to find out you were a PC user; it just would not have been right.
But Metro, I need your advice. I bought some new shoes a while back and looking at them now, I think they are kind of 'Windows' if you know what I mean. I need to find out what the 'iMac for the foot' is. Any advice?


I'd like to buy you a new computer. (I'm in sales in my company, and we can get many computers and laptops for free.)


Oh, damn.... anything that interferes with MD`s blogging is cause for great mourning.


I have an IBOOK has has been in the shop five times for a defect and MAC promises to give me a new comp if it happens AGAIN. I hate MAC, I really do. I also hate PC too. I'm thinking about going back to a typewriter. They're cooler, anyway.

Oh and P.S., I'm hugging you through the computer. May your HD RIP.


I survived the 'blue screen of death' a couple months ago. Major suckiness.

I married a PC boy and we did lots of episodes of "Can this marriage be saved?" before his boss bought him a Mac laptop. He was/is all about the command line. I love me a geek!

Hey, what is the 'iMac for the foot'? That's definitely a question for MD.


Oh, the pain of it! We're mac based at home, but I struggle with a PC during the work day. What a nightmare.

I can't recall that we've had a mac crash (although we do back up regularly), but we have recently started to have problems with our air port and internet connections that has the techies at the cable company baffled -- although, I'm sure if they were more mac literate we might actually get some where.


I'd have to say the male footwear equivalent of a MAC are my dark charcoal PUMA laceups. I wear them to the office and the playground. I walk the dog in them and I wear them to restaurants. They're the ultimate in cool geek attire.


Must be something in the stars, MD. My hard drive crashed this weekend also. Strangely, I was able to recover most of my data except for the 10,000 songs on my itunes. I've been crying it over the past 5 days. Damn computers!


MD! When I was in Soho this weekend I flung myself thru the doors of the Apple store, and stood in the middle of the shop, sweating lightly, breathing hard, drooling, and not knowing which direction to go in first. Sketchy Korean chick with darting eyeballs...not a pretty sight! CStink went up stairs to use the loo, and by the time she got back downstairs, I had already made a purchase. God, how I love myself some MAC! Don't give up hope on your crash. I hope you recover your data!!!


I thought Macs weren't supposed to crash. Ha! I'm kind of required to know how to use Macs, but I still prefer my PC.


I offer as seed material for your new collection, my fave yo mama:

Yo mama so buck-toothed she can eat a cob of corn through a chain-link fence.


part of me wants to be excited that the peanut will be like me and grow up using a mac. for that, we're both lucky girls. part of me wants to hate you cause you're getting a mac book pro with the camera already built in. but then again, you have to use a pc for a while, so i guess it all evens out.


dude, that SUCKS! You know, if you'd had a windows machine those pictures and posts would have been picked up by a virus and copied to millions of computers around the world, so you wouldn't have this problem.

Queen of Ass

I LOVE my macs! LOOOOVVEEEEE! And PCs suck big hair do---, well, you get the idea.

Keep the faith, brutha.


Oh the dark side. Sorry about that. I got my first Mac (powerbook G4) last year and it was love, love, love at first site. Macs are so utterly superior and delightful. Sorry for your loss, Metrodad, but I can't wait to hear about your beautiful new machine. I am looking at that one too.

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