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May 17, 2006


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Ok, I thought I had it bad trying to tranlated toddler until nonlinear girl pointed me to this post.

That was awesome. :)



I just think it's funny how people keep comparing you to a gay Jewish comedian/writer. But you ARE funny.


so *this* is why boyband keeps insisting we try the old bologna sando on a foomonkey. okay, then.


My mother cut oranges into wheels and called them cookies. She also passed off carob as chocolate. I remember the humiliation of offering a new friend one of my "cookies" at lunch. Some lessons are learned quickly! And bologna! Not ever once ever was that allowed in our house. But yum.


What a great post! We are garlic bologna fiends at my house and now the baby's in on it too. All hail bologna! (Or Bah-LOG-nah, as one of my teachers once angrily insisted it was called!)


Very cute! But also painful as you're bringing back olfactory memories of fried bologna. Yes -- I said "fried."

the weirdgirl

Every time you post a childhood food story you make me laugh! My parents had similar eating practices. It's funny how it shapes your adult eating choices, doesn't it?

just susie

Excellent post! Bologna is nasty shit, but excellent post! Isn't bologna just like big slices of raw hot dog?


I LIVED on bologna sandwiches. White bread, mayo, the whole bit. And to think my children have been so DEPRIVED. We're doing a retro weekend. Bologna sandwiches, animal cookies with frosting and sprinkles, Koolaid from the pack, Fruitloops, Nutter Butter cookies, Ring Dings (can I still get those?), and ice cream cones (those fully assembled ones).


HILARIOUS. I'm working backwards in your archives, so forgive me if you get a lot of random comments in the next week. Totally laughed out loud.

I took 4 years of Japanese in high school, primarily speak English/Chinese, and know a wee bit of Spanish, so sometimes I'll have strange sentences like "donde esta my notebook?" or something like that just to crack myself up. Don't know why.

My father in law thinks that we should only speak one language (Chinese) to our 9 month old son, but I speak primarily English to him, so that is totally not going to happen. Ah well. It's good to know that though you had a combo-language of your own at first, you figured it all out with no permanent damage.

PS what kid isn't fascinated with bologna? and mac and cheese?


We are better off today than we were eight years ago


Zoe Winters also wrote a post recently on this sucjbet. Bottom line, we should write what we want and if someone else finds your writing and enjoys reading it, well that is just icing on the cake, now isn't it?! I recently started editing a novel that I was almost afraid to share with the world, because the MC is a very disturbed young man and completely delluded by his own inability to cope with his actions. I feared this journey into his psycosis would be too much and too dirty for many readers to handle, but I've decided that it is what it is. I have no expectation that the world fall in love with the MC or me as far as that goes.


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What an awesome ethinc mix! I'm full Japanese, and my husband is half Japanese, half Caucasian (his father's a European mix of French, Irish, English, German, and Norwegian... and even 1/64 Indian!). But to put it simply, our 6-month old daughter Mio is 3/4 Japanese. She looks completely Asian right now but it'll be interesting to see if that will change in the years to come. We're also curious to know how she'll identify with her ethinc heritage as she grows up.


Our kids will be 100% Caucasian. My husband and I both joke that we're Euro-mutts. Our chelirdn will be a big melting pot of Scottish, Welsh, Irish, French Canadian, English, Norwegian, Danish and Italian.However, our families have been in USA and Canada for many generations, so cultures have merged and traditions have been lost.


Half Korean and half Chinese. I always toghhut Korean and Chinese cultures were similar, but there have been a TON of differences we have had to work through ever since we got engaged. It will be interesting to see which culture our kids will identify with more (if at all).


The colors are deuilhtfgl, Mimi. I can't say that I've ever eaten balongna, if I have I don't recall it. But you made it sound good. My mother made all of our bread and spread it with peanut butter for our lunches. It was very embarassing as a child when everyone else got to eat store' bread and balongna.

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