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April 17, 2006


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Oh MD, how I've missed you. Glad you got home safe, and thanks for answering my question. I'll picture you in a tux forevermore.

Liberal Banana


You know I love the American Idol comments - especially about Chris (even though I love him.) Right on, MD! Welcome back!


This was awesome! I learned a ton about you. Thanks for taking the time to do this, and welcome home.

the weirdgirl

Thank you MD! This was very satisfying. (And I'm gonna trust you on that ball info.)


MD!~ Welcome home, my brother.

I never get reader questions like that - usually it's more like:

Want some hoottt sexy Russiann bitchess?

And thank you for clearing this up:

Korean ball sweat tastes like coconuts and sugar. Not sure how you know that, *ahem*, but I'll take your word :)

I'm going to ignore that and focus on my crazing from bibimbap (how do you spell that shit anyway? Freaking tasty...)


craving craving ack. I can spell. For real.


Thanks for answering my question, MD. I could kind of imagine you as Luke Wilson. Owen's too cheesy but Luke still has that off-beat & weird sense of humor that I enjoy. Welcome back!


Too fucking funny. Glad you're back.

Mama Nabi

Welcome back! (Although, it was great having BossLady, especially since she's told us some funny tidbits!) I LOVE the fact that you mentioned Atticus Finch - one of my own fav characters of all times. Ah, yes, PN is already plotting to scare the beejesus out of any boy who dares to come a-courting.


Welcome Back! I vaguely remember reading about the hostage situation when I was at IU. I can't even imagine.


Wow, this was all VERY enlightening. I mean, I never knew about the spam fascination!


you are totally my favorite former hostage. all those other former hostages totally suck compared to you.


YAY, you're back!! Thanks for answering my questions (and, dude, sorry about being held hostage- I don't know what I was expecting as an answer, but it def. wasn't THAT!) and thanks for bringing up the Buckner moment- NOT!
And, oddly, I have a craving for coconut.


I would love to see a sitcom with you, BossLady and the Peanut. Listen up, TV execs!


Welcome back, MD!


Welcome back, metro. I really missed you, although I thought BossLady did an excellent job in your absence. But...what happened to your brother? I was hoping for another post last week.

The fact that you've eaten Dog and Snake grosses me out. I'm so not into cultural delicacies outside my comfort zone.

Glad you're back, and thanks for answering my question. Now I have another one: were any of your products featured on the elite runners today at the marathon?


Welcome back, MD. I have to say that you always inspire me to travel and see more of this world. I'm shamefully lazy and usually end up just going to the beach when I have vacation time. I'm almost embarassed to say that I'm 32 years old and I've only left the country twice! (Once was to Canada. Does that even count?)


Welcome back

I was sitting in a cafe in the north end in Boston during the 6th game of the 86 world series. The game was on and there was a bunch of old italian men watching. My friend and I (both women) were cheering for the Mets and when they started to come back near the end of the game, we started recieving a lot of dirty looks - I thought the mob might come after us. We ended up leaving and listening to it on the radio in the car.


For the next round of Q&A can I ask if you have ever worn a beret?

And was I not dismayed to find that -- despite earlier assumptions -- your fast friendedness with p-man is not to be due to the spider thing. You will find the full report on this item at:



Welcome back MD! Glad your travels home were safe. I truly enjoyed BossLady's post. Looking forward to hearing from MetroBro soon and the aformentioned "celebrity".
Have a splendid time catching up with your family!


Welcome back! And I knew there was a kinship I felt with you, fellow Spam eater. It's huge in Japanese culture, as well. We have something called 'Spam Musubi' that I like to have my mom make for parties just to gross my white friends out. (You will enjoy this immensely.)

As for eating monkey, next time, throw some panda on the Q with that...

Okay, last thing, and only because my mind is twisted, reading your first letter from David, all I kept thinking was, "Every man pho himself." I know. I'm sorry.


Dear MetroDad,

I recently became a law student after a 6 or so year career as a wealth manager, making a decent wage. How do I date again, especially with me making no income? Do you recommend I use the path of marketing myself as an investment and shoot for young, professional Korean women? Or perhaps I should regress and start dating co-eds again?

Help a brother out, hyung.


JJ Daddy-O

1) Pho- There's are excellent series of articles by R.W. Apple in the NYT wherein he samples the pho (and everything else), about asian cuisine in the US and across Asia. Man, that guy can eat. Makes we want to get my hemorrhgiac fever and hepatitis shots and go to SE Asia now.
2)Holy Crap, dude! I'd be having PTSD about that whole hostage thing if it were me!
3)In Re: Daughters dating.
As the father of three girls, I believe Mel (Dan Hedaya) in Clueless said it best: "Anything happens to my daughter, I got a .45 and a shovel, I doubt anybody would miss you."
Start practicing saying it, menacingly, now.
Come on down to my house and we can practice with the .45, since you live in NYC and firearms instruction tends to be, er, ad hoc, shall we say.

Anne Glamore

Glad to have you back. It's eerie, when and if Bill writes about me, I think he could probably just swipe BossLady's blog and substitute "tits" for all male parts and "collards" for all Korean foods, and delete the SportsCenter.

And in an ironic twist, my boys have been talking about onomatopoeia at the dinner table, unprompted by me.

I'm tired of all the VF articles about swingers back in the 50's.


Welcome back, MD! Can't wait to hear alllll the stories. Can I submit a question? Okay, o....um... Is your daughter's real name Peanut?


Glad to have you back and glad to hear your trip went well.

Whatever happened to MetroBro? I really enjoyed BossLady's post.

One last thing, I totally agree with you on the VF issue. Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, the cast of Desperate Housewives, Jennifer Aniston ... the list goes on. It's really rather annoying. I've loved VF since I was about 15 and it's just going downhill. And fast.



I'm kind of feeling that way about VF, as well. I used to love the gorgeous photos (esp. the spreads shot by Leibovitz), but lately, they've been pretty bla. The real turn off, though, was the Tom Ford cover. How creepy was that?


I second the Pieman's assertion re: down and dirty dining in Vietnam.

One of our best meals was in a side alley in a town called Hoi An. We chanced upon a hole in the wall that was packed with contented looking locals & sat ourselves down. Strewn all over the floor was the detrius of a few hours' dining - chopsticks, napkins, you name it! Not to mention the fact that we were sitting at a child's plastic table & on itty bitty chairs. Anyway, within a couple of minutes (without having ordered!) we were presented with plates full of beautiful grilled meats, weird & wonderful greens, rice paper sheets and an incredible peanut-chilli sauce, and a lesson from the proprietor in how to get the feast from table to mouth. Without any dialogue, she having no English & us no Vietnamese. Absolutely fabulous!


You're back! Hope you had a great trip! Looking forward to the next entry already!


You seem just entirely too cool. And you've been to France over 30 times?? Can I have permission to hate you now?

I don't even know what to say about the hostage thing except, gosh, I'm so sorry. That's horrible.

Glad to have you back (although maybe you should leave more often so we can hear from BossLady too! just kidding. kind of.)


Thank you Metro Dad. I shall book my tickets soon and pack some nappies in case I pick the wrong pho stall. Korean ball sweat sounds suspiciously like nam pla.


Glad you are back. I agree witht he Rev. Jim from Taxi as a pic for best character.


Welcome back!!


Glad to hear you had a safe trip.

You know, I would have thought the scent of sweaty Korean balls would have had a hint of daenjang to it?

Queen of Ass

Yay! I'm so glad you're home!




Very illuminating. I remember the VF posts to which you referred.

I'm personally a little sick of how Graydon Carter is using every single stinkin' editorial to further his political agenda. The editorial's used to be filled with interesting behind-the-scenes tidbits? No more.


If only blogs had a customer service rating! I can't believe you answered every single one of those questions - with links! If you hadn't been held hostage and were prone to PTSD flashbacks, I'd high-five you and your bitch tits.

Welcome back!


Glad to hear you're back from your trip. I enjoyed your answers to these rather diverse questions. I, too, have gotten very, very lost in Paris. (I also threw up on the Eiffel Tower, but that's another story.) And, I swear this is true, onomatopoeia is also one of my favorite words. Why? Because I aced it during a spelling bee and made it to the regional bee.

La vie longue les tarés de grammaire!

chocolate makes it better

Welcome back mate, glad to hear you had a great trip.


Ah, MD,

Glad to see that you made it back OK. Hope your trip was productive.

How do you KNOW that sweaty balls taste like sugar?

Rev Jim is one of my all time favs.

And Bond, shit, I own EVERY DVD...wife bought the complete set for Fathers Day last year.

Sorry to hear about your hostage experience. Definitely gives you a different perspective on life.

Oh, yea...the Bosslady is the BOMB! Promise that she'll make a few more guest appearances. She was great.

Glad you're back. Can't wait for more stories.


I was going to say something but the Bill Buckner reference made me need to lie down for a bit. *woosh goes the air from my lungs - again*


OMG, you were one of the hostages at Henry's??? I've seen so many tapes of that whole "incident" while working with the Berkeley police (I went through hostage negotiations training with them). Damn. How traumatizing.


Welcome back MetroDad. Loved the Q&A but pssst I wasn't done hearing about your secrets from the BossLady. Do encourage her to guest post again please.

Mr. Big Dubya

[Jerry] Since you're a big sports fan, what's your all-time favorite sports moment?
Easy. 1986. Game 6. World Series. Mets vs. Red Sox. The infamous Bill Buckner game.

Why is it again that I read you?


Very few bloggers do I miss should they take a day or two off. I count you among them. This post just locked it--and not just because you stole my VF line. I call it Mario Testino People

PS Bosslady is a hit. You done good, md!


I would pick the beautiful woman, all other factors being equal.

But that`s just me.


Yay, you answered my question! :) Thanks!

Also, your mom is totally my hero. I'm fluent in 3/4, but hoping in the future to add 4 more. Is that possible? I hope so! And your mom certainly picked the right language to be her favourite. It certainly is mine!

I was always content with my Korean name, easy to pronounce for non-Koreans, too, but sometimes I wish I had a very sexy foreign name, like Valentina. That name just reminds me of sexy yet feminine Valentino dresses. Sigh.


You're telling me that pig uterus is less gross than fried beetles? They're fried! Mmmmm.....fried....

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