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April 03, 2006


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ddaddy in a strange land


This is a performance art piece by a college classmate of mine called "Panhandling for Reparations." She's an African American woman, and she's doing exactly what it sounds like, freakin' out unsuspecting white people. :)


Attention all WSJ readers: Welcome to Metrodad! While I can't say that God likes Republicans, you must be doing something right in life for the divine hand to lead you here. Maybe you were nice to a homeless person once? Maybe? Something?

dear wife

I just read a book that talked about what kind of fish is in fish sticks and such. It is usually the bottom dwelling fish that people would not want to eat as a fillet, so I think it is like wolf fish or something. Oh and fish and chips is nothing like fish sticks if the place is any good. I would highly recomend trying it out, so good.


So much funny in one little post. Congrats on the WSJ! So cool...

And my Youtube obsession is that news story about the autistic boy who scored a bunch of baskets during his high school basketball game. Awwwww.


First tip, don't drive bare-assed on leather seats.

I feel the same way about AZ. I was just down in Phoenix. I got sun burned after only 45 minutes of loading things into my van, and this from someone who lives a mile closer to the sun. I would much rather live in my van down by the river.


Bruce and Eddie. Unbelievably good.


Don't you mean "hypmatize?"


I am laughing out loud with the cute instruments and the kit kat song... Oh such a classic moment!

And we enjoy those quiet moments sharing reeses and kit kats too! Ah marriage!


"The Age" an Australian newspaper ran a story about You Tube today.



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This really answered my problem, thank you!


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