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April 10, 2006


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Boss Lady,
Welcome to blog land. That was a great post. You will make MetroDad very proud. And now I have new shit to tease him about. You should really start a blog. I would read it. 15 magazines, too funny. I limit myself to 12. I mean really. :)


BossLady - I am very honoured to be the first to welcome you here. Thank you for a wonderful post, and I'm sure I speak for lots of regular readers when I say that I hope we get to hear more from you.


Thanks for writing, BossLady. It was great to finally hear from you!


whoops- second...dammit Melissa...


Bosslady...I think you need your own blog! And also, I see why you and MD get along so well. You're both freaking hilarious. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa M.

That damn ESPN Sportcenter is having an affair with my husband also!



Well, the better half has spoken. Great post, Boss Lady. We all hope to hear more from you.

When you talk to MD, tell him that you're holdin' down the fort just fine...because you ARE! Don't be nervous. It gets easier the more you do it.


Hooray for BossLady!

My husband is having an affair with that same bitch. Slut gets around. He even brought our newborns to meet her, rocking them late at night while he exposed them to her wily ways. And he's proud of the fact that he got them started early.

The other day I was out with my 3yo and we passed a store showing a basketball game. My 3yo shouted "TWO POINTS!! AWWWWWWWWW YEAAAHHHHH" at the top of her lungs much to my shock n horror. Yeah, thanks, dude.

More! More BossLady!


That's a really sweet post. Thank you BossLady. :)


Great post BossLady!


great post bosslady! I hope we get to hear from you again soon, and i agree with everyone else, you should start your own blog, i would read it too!


I can't believe he wanted a velvet couch?!

You are a good woman, boss lady...


Welcome Bosslady! It's great to hear from you!
Don't be nervous...it was a great post. I look forward to more!


great post, bosslady. loved every word.


Great post, BossLady, thanks for the peek into your world with MD. My dh does the same thing with hanging on to magazines--before I civilized him, I think he had every newspaper he had received in a year piled up in his mudroom.

JJ Daddy Baby Momma

Hi BL:

Nice to meetcha, and what lovely punctuation you have.

So, what are you and the Peanut getting in to while MD's away?


This was fabulous, BossLady... thank you so much for giving MD some more colour in our eyes.


It's fun to hear the other side for a change.

I'm with you on the couch. Velvet couch + toddler sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.


BossLady, it's an honor to meet you, and a wonderful post. Thank you for that glimpse into life with MD, and thank you for putting up with him.


It's so exciting to finally "meet" the famous BossLady! Great post...hope to hear more!


Wow, despite the fact that he is Korean and I am Spanish, we seem to be cut from the same cloth. Reading (I count 8 of the magazines you listed that I get), correcting TV/movies, "mistresses" (though I have two the same age), the need of coldness in order to sleep.

Nice to meet you BossLady, and hope to see more posts from you.


Thank you for your post Bosslady. Are you ever worried that Metrodad will turn into an ahjusshi? Or that you will turn into an ahjumma? I mean, technically, I guess the both of you are...but I mean in the ahujumma pahmah kinda way.


Thanks for the insightful look into your lives, BossLady! Please write more!


Hehehe...I'm still laughing at the Unibomber line. I had to show this one to my husband. So glad to hear I'm not the only wife with the same problem. My husband is even worse. He doesn't collect magazines. He collects catalogs. The man must have a 100 catalogs on his nightstand. He FREAKS when I throw them out. MUst be a guy thing.


Welcome BossLady....thanks for the wicked post. These words just confirmed MD's awesomeness from another perspective.

Stay cool and hope to hear some more from you while MD is away!


Pleased to meet you!


Hey Boss Lady. Good Post. Does anyone remember the MCDlt? Classic.


Nice to finally meet you BossLady. Last time I hooked up with MD in NY I never had a chance to meet you. Looking forward to the next time so that Daniel can say hello to Peanut.



Oh BTW, when are you starting your own blog?:-))

Linda B

Nice to meet you :)

I cannot imagine how I've never heard of BDS before...

Anne Glamore

I have the same magazine fetish, but I toss mine immediately after reading them. My husband is not so disciplined, however. So periodically I put his mags into organized piles on HIS side of the bed (Triathletes, Time, Sports Illustrated, etc) with a big sign that says "Trash or Treasure?-- You have 1 hour to decide and then it's all Trash."

Works for us.

Great to meet you.


It's just nice to know that I'm not the only one married to a man who burns with the heat of a thousand suns in bed, and who cannot throw out a magazine to save his life!!

Thanks for the other side of the coin view. ;)


Last night, I caught my husband humming our daughter to sleep. The song? The theme to ESPN Sportscenter! During football season, he wakes her up in the morning by singing the Monday Night Football song. I can't imagine a worse way to wake up than hearing someone yell, "ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?"

Great post, BossLady! Now, please start your own blog.


BDS cracked me up. That's how I rate food to my husband...whether it hurts coming out the other side. I'm Korean and the spicier the better. He's Japanese and doesn't care for spicy. So now he gauges spiciness by asking me if eating a particular food will hurt coming out. LOL


You know I love you madly, honey, but I can't believe that the entire internet now knows about my burning asshole! Wait until I tell them about your 3rd nipple!!!

(Just kidding, folks!)


I think you need a blog of your own. Let me know when you set it up!


Yeah...my husband loves to read, too. Only his favorite thing to do is spread all the newspapers and magazines out into a very sophisticated organizational system. Which really means they form zone of crap in a four-foot radius around his reading chair. That, and he's a total blanket hog, too. So glad you came out to play, BossLady!


Why are the idiosyncrasies of others so refreshing?

Beautiful post, BossLady.


great job, boss lady!


you can be my bosslady any day.


Now I'm sure when MD asked you to cover for him he didn't expect you to give him a run for his money! As mentioned, your blog audience awaits you.


Very funny--you did MD proud--but also, more importantly, a very touching love letter :-)

samantha Jo Campen

So pleased to meet you! You are no longer a blogging virgin--congratulations! You did a bang-up job. Can't wait to hear more. Love all the dirt on MD :-)

chocolate makes it better

Thanks for the wonderfull insight. We now have heaps of ammunition to wind him up with over at DadCentric HQ!


Wonderful to finally meet you, Boss Lady. Metro speaks so highly of you and now we can all see why. He must be quite the card to live with. Please post more about him so we have ammunition for when he returns.


Bravo! What a wonderful and enjoyable post. You should definately start your own blog.


Rock on, Bosslady! That was some funny stuff. I see why MD speaks so highly of you. Looks like you two share the same sense of humor.

p.s. I hate that damn ho-bag Sportscenter too!


What fun to meet you BossLady, and by all means keep sharing the MD secrets!


Welcome BossLady! Great first post!



Thanks for being willing to take a risk and keep us enjoying the blog...Nice job!

dear wife

Oh so many similarites. I call zygote daddy a news junkie. Luckily he reads all his newspapers online, so no clutter, oh but the magazines, and they are all news mags. It is crazy. Ah yes the grammer. I am impressed he let you post on his blog I do not think I would meet the grammar standards of ZD, I am too run-on sentence for him. Great post, I understand the apprehension. I am terrified of blogging or I would have my own. ZD is definately the blogger in our family.

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