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April 25, 2006


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Queen of Ass

Co-sleeping has been one of the best things for me and Capt'n Stinky. I'm sure it wouldn't work for everyone (ie - people that are married), but for us, it just made our bond stronger.


What a great, great post. If you could see me now, I'm pumping my fist in the air all gangsta style.

Ditto to what so many others have said, "Can't we all just chill the fuck out?"


Did you ever figure out how much Scotch you can buy from the money saved on expensive formula when breastfeeding?


I totally want to put a dime in Lindsey Lohan's coin slot.


Great post. And uh, that was me writing about not liking women to breastfeed in public, but only when they pull out a boob while I'm talking to them. It just makes me nervous. Hey, I'm from the south. Anyway, even though I said very plainly that it was my own personal neurosis (like being afraid of popping balloons) and not a blanket statement on public breastfeeding, and even though I said I totally support women being allowed to breastfeed whenever and wherever they wanted, I still got my. first. troll. Who wrote some mean "anonymous" comments and now visits like, 20 times a day. For hours. Weird.

Just Susie

Ditto to that and add in to your list the motherfucking [literally] mommy wars. Chill OUT, people. Life is about choices. Make yours and be confident enough in them that you don't have to criticize what everyone else is doing to feel better. What Wood said.


Amen, MetroDad. Live and let live, that's the way to get through life without a coronary.


People are judged by their clothes, music taste and what kind of car they drive. Why would parenting style be immune? People are judgemental. I'll admit to it. I'm sure I've been judged too. The most important thing to do is keep it to yourself and try to find something more worthwhile to feel high and mighty about. I love the internet but sometimes it reeks of high school.


True that. Although I have to say, I recently posted about "Masculism" and there was a feminism vs masculism debate and everyone was so cool and mature I was blown away, especially because everyone has been ripped to pieces lately for absolute bullshit. It's insane!

I blame Dr. Phil and all of the other fools who think that by insulting people they can help them. It's as American as apple pie and Paris Hilton.


Oh and welcome back :)


I don't read the right blogs, I love a good argument. I think all of the issues you addressed are interesting topics that can spurn some heated discussion. In the end you are correct "to each, his own"

the weirdgirl

A-fucking-men. (sorry I'm late)


Have I been waiting to hear that or what! THIS is the attitude that hooked me to all these blogs I read in the first place. I mean, we can all have our own opinions, methods, whatever, but don't think that that entitles you to thinking you've got it all made and the other folk are all evil idiots. Thank you MD!!


I am the epitomy of chilled-out parenting. I could have written your manifesto word-for-word. Except that my writing sucks lately.

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