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March 20, 2006


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You know, I'd keep an eye on BossLady, they say cruelty to animals is one of the key signs to violently sociopathic behavior. Wait, she's Korean right? Come to think of it, I'm surprised the FBI Violent Criminal Apprehension Program doesn't monitor all Korean women. I guess snide statements like that are why I'm single.


Too funny, MD. Before the birth of our kids, the wife used to dress our dog up in all kinds of silly costumes. Now? She torments the kids. In fact, last year, one of our kids was dressed in almost the same exact bumblebee costume as metrodog. I'll have to email you the pics.

Her Bad Mother

Would he really, truly be a Metro Dog if he *didn't* work the extreme hats, fully co-ordinated outfits (Stripes! Dude! What's more metro than stripes?) and au courant goggles?


The Lone Ranger and Tonto. Perfect halloween costumes for The Peanut and her loyal sidekick, MetroDog.


Why am I NOT surprised that you guys have a cool dog? Metrodog is a great-looking frenchie! We had a pug many years ago and looking at these pictures brought back a lot of old memories.

Liberal Banana

Oh my GOSH - MetroDog is adorable! You guys are one good lookin' family!

I'm glad he got along with Peanut once she came home from the hospital because I can't tell you how many dogs are brought to the pound when things don't work out.

My future dogs had better watch out because I don't plan on having children, and therefore my pups are going to end up sporting cute t-shirts, hats, etc. all around DC!

Working Day Dad

I have four pups between 20 and 85 lbs and all "sporting" breeds. When I brought home the child for the first time, they thought I had brought them the perfect new chew toy. It moved, made sound and smelled funny. What more can you ask for. My wife, being the typical mother, went to get the camera. Luckly in the picture you can't see the look of the hunt in the pups eyes.

Now, the child runs the house. When we come home he will yell at the dogs and say "out" with his finger pointing to the other room (maybe my wife and I do this a little too often). He also chases the 85 pound pup around. For the record, the child is 21 months and a tad on the small size for his age at only 26 lbs (at 18 months).


MetroDog is so cute. Did BossLady ever put reindeer ears on him? If you need some, I have a pair you could borrow. I love the sunglass look. You took him around the world? That is cool.


Veal shanks for a pooch? Fattening baby cattle in tiny pens and butchering them so their shanks can slide down the gullet of a well-bred Manhattan french bulldog along with doggie ice cream and a "special present" [I am worried about what these special presents might have been, MD]? What decadence! Where is the Petronius (or Fellini) to document what the 21st century metrosexual manhattan dogowner will do for his pet during the decline of the American empire?

*end mock outrage*

Poor metrodog. Now's he's at the bottom of the pack, relegated to licking the Peanut's discarded foie grois from the floor instead of dining like a Roman emperor in the green fields of central park.


We have a dog in our lives too that we coddle, dress, cuddle and love. Thank goodness he loves kids too.


MD! This is the first mention of Metrodog I've ever read. Poor Metrodog, without veal shank AND blog coverage. Really, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.


Where has that poor dog been? I've been reading you for like forever and never even heard a peep about him. You SHOULD feel guilty. Dressing him up like a bumblebee. Look at the poor dog's face. The perfection of misery. Man, he's adorable.

Glad he and the Peanut get on so well together. Perhaps one day she'll actually take him outside to see other dogs. Poor neglected fellow. :-)


Aw man, I think even your dog has a better lifestyle than me! I'd kill for some veal shank and I myself haven't left the country in 10 years.

Gotta admit though, he is a very cool-looking dog!

JJ Daddy-O in Savannah

What's with the goggles? Does that dog ride around on the back of your Harley? Gives new meaning to "bitch seat".

Linda B

That dog is seriously cute. But where is his LV collar? Ha.

We've been horrible about giving our two dogs attention since we had E. I don't even know where they are right now! Oh wait... yeah, they're living with my parents. Heh.

daddy in a strange land

Despite the fact that The Pumpkin's first word was "Waldo" or an approximation thereof, our beloved mutt of that name has been seriously ignored since her birth. :( His adoption and Pumpkin's conception were curiously close in time--guess we were ready for some caretakin'.

But since babygirl's arrival, our comical-looking half-Bassett/half-Golden has gone from two walks a day to a couple a week (but now is back to one a day, with babygirl in tow); he's gone from being inside almost all day to being outside almost all day (before she could walk, it was about him being all over her stuff which was/is all over the floor, then about his copious hair everywhere); and though he loves her and she loves hiim, The Pumpkin has currently taken to calling longingly for the next-door-neighbor's "puppy" despite Waldo's presence at her feet, and she likes to push his face out of her way and say "No!" at the same time when all he wants is a tummy rub. :(

Poor Waldo. First, he's got a Golden Retriever body on Bassett Hound legs, and now this! We're such bad pet parents...


I think you might be one step from Pug-O-Ween....
careful, MD.


Thanks for the laugh. I REALLY needed it!

Anita C.

I was already lauging my ass off at the sunglasses photo when I saw the bumblebee costume. That look on Metrodog's face is classic! How bummed out is he? One of the funniest pet photos I've ever seen. Thanks!


I remember we talked about this a few months ago when I wrote about the same topic. Before the girls were born, our dogs had the LIFE! Playdates, vacations, doggie ice cream. We even bought them these plaid woolen capes when we spent Christmas in Vermont in 2001(Metrosexual Boxers, anyone?). We actually had a vacation up and down the east coast one year, consisting of B&B's that allowed dogs (we had one then.)

That all came to a screetching halt on December 11, 2002 when Baby Girl was born. They now sleep in the laundry room instead of our bed and the younger one spends his days chewing on anything he can reach. Now it seems the only time they spend in the car for a cross country trip is when we move. I'll have to tell them they have something to look forward to this summer.


They are some great pics.

Queen of Ass

He's adorable! Even dressed as a bee!


Oh, we were just saying similar. Our poor little neglected Emily. Maybe we'll have to get your French and my English together in CP sometime and watch them not run around very much.


yeah, we have cats, but while they do still get to sleep with us (not for the first few months, but that got solved with a house move), Pumpkinpie has decided that since they are the only ones smaller than her, she may boss them around and shout "NO!" at them and push them out of the chair they occupy at any time. Poor things. I think the dog at her nannyshare's house might have been the model for this treatment of pets, since we are very discouraging of this, needless to say.

Papa Bradstein

MetroDog really has a great "I am so put upon" face when you dress him up. I was sort of hoping to see him hooked to your iPod, a la your logo. Also glad to hear that he gets along well with Peanut. We think that Barky will do the same, since he's been great with other kids, even when they pull his tail, ears, fur, etc., but we're still a bit nervous until we know for sure.

The only thing we've ever managed to get on Barky is reindeer antlers with a bell for about five seconds. For the rest of the day he gives us a "what did I ever do to you" look, which is adorable and makes us want to put them on him again.

We'll have to check with Liberal Banana to see if she's gotten Barky into anything else while she babysits him--since she's apparently all about the dress-up dog.

Just Linda

Awww... great post!

We have a little dog, but she's fiercely protective. I love letting the girls play in the yard knowing that Cricket is keeping guard. And she sleeps right outside the girls' rooms.

Dogs rock.

Sarcastic Journalist

So you had doggie play dates??? I LOVE IT!!!


We've got cats, like Kittenpie (BTW Kittenpie, we had The Voice Terrorizing our cats for a while, until we told him we were going to get a tiger and that the tiger would chase him like he chases the cats. Germanic parenting tips 101), and like Metro Dog, they have been sorely neglected since TV. They used to be the best, and now they are just kind of there. We feel so guilty.


That is one cute pup. Can he come over for a playdate?

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