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March 24, 2006


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Spokesman for the male breastfeeding diet: talk about a career move that will get you rich AND let you spend plenty of time with the peanut...

Just Linda

No tips on dieting (although I know all the different approaches pretty well) but if you ever need to know how to pack on the pounds, you come to me, okay? For example, I can gain 2 pounds just by driving past a Krispy Kreme store! See how good I am at gaining?

As for the breastfeeding thing, there was a storyline on ER when Susan had her baby where her husband was trying to stimulate lactation. I have read about it. Sure, it's a bit unorthodox but at least no one would bitch and complain about men breastfeeding in public since it's perfectly acceptable to see their nipples. HA! I kill me.


Beer and seafood and salad. You cannot go wrong.


Wouldn't it be something if that DID become a multimillion dollar idea? I could see it working.

Linda B

Ooh, then you can wear one of Elle Macpherson's fab nursing bras. Eh... or not.

Is it me or does the guy look freakishly happy in that picture?

Mama Nabi

Since Papa Nabi is convinced that Little Nabi's preference of me over him is due to the boobs and boob milk, I have suggested male lactation to him. Let me know when your milk comes in so I can get my hubby on board. :-D


MD, I say go for it. In fact, maybe I'll start trying to make myself lactate too. I've got no kids but it couldn't hurt to give those things some practice and take off a few lbs.


Damn it all to hell. They [the mens] are trying to take everything away from us [womens]

You won't get my multiple orgasms - no matter how hard you try.

Go ahead - pee standing up all you want - but you won't get the BIG O more than once.

Isn't anything sacred???



Oh sure, you guys are always ready to feed and nurture the baby when it's OUTSIDE the body. When are you going to get working on that male pregnancy thing, so that we can stop having sciatica and morning sickness and weird hair on our stomachs?


You know what will really get you on the talk shows? Find a way for you to go to the gym for me and for me to lose weight. You'll make a zillion dollars, promise.


I'm with Just Linda. Nipple equallity for all!


When you write the book, can I get my copy autographed?


milkmen are almost as cool as mermen.


if you breastfeed, i want pics.


Just so you know, for me it was the NOT breastfeeding that helped me lose the weight. You know, before you start injecting all those hormones and all.


get a baby jogger. i purchased one from bob (www.bobgear.com) and it has saved me from myself. it works wonders. the security council (read: my wife) could sleep in and i could workout *and* enjoy time with my son. 3 more months and i am going for a double.


that's beautiful, MD. You are all in touch with your feminine side. Manboobs are my favorite kind.

Mrs. Fun

breastfeeding only helped me the first 6 months and then my appitite was too great. so be careful during that 2nd 6 months of breastfeeding, it'll bite you in the ass ;)

Mrs. Fun

oh and i LOVE that you have Dr. Sears the great in your links. Hes the best. I had him on mine before removing them all. maybe he should go back up.


Umm. No. Uh-uh. Too weird.

Phat Daddy

Dude, you can eat right all you want but unless you do some serious working out it won't work. Come practice muay thai and you'll be ripped out in no time.

Chocolate Makes it Better

Mate! You look great in that little brown number and matching staff......I like the stubble aswell.....really rounds out the whole 'look'


New reader coming here from MIM... and I am loving any blog that makes me laugh out loud first thing in the am!

Queen of Ass

I bet you'll even get a book deal!


This is awesome. Im an Army oeifcfr and wish that the Army would take the necessary steps to make provisions for breastfeeding mothers. The first step would be to inject the new federal laws into the Army doctrine. Its a baby step but one step closer to a MOM-friendly Army. I wish I knew where to start. Im definitely intersted in facilitating change. You should be honored that you are helping so many.

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