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February 28, 2006


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Dude. They. Run. The. Show. We are the monkeys here to entertain them.


Not a parent here so my suggestion is: Put some holes in the box.


I'll consider myself warned.

But the Peanut sure is a cutie!


Hey MD,

You're a smart guy and you know she's just testing the limits. Although you might want to slap her around cosntantly I think the wiser (and it will kepp you out of prison as well) is to do exactly wht you're doing. Talk to her and it will pass soon. Hopefully before she's 15......

I'm back in Suecia and did not work any more in NYC so I guess it's your turn to come to Sweden next. Just convince the BossLady



Mama of a boy here - this has **NOTHING** to do with the fact that the Peanut is a girl, and EVERYTHING to do with the fact that she's hitting the twos. Which start anywhere from 15mos on up.

I read everything I could on suspected allergens, disorders, etc.,'cos there HAD to be some reason WHY he acted the way he did. He would take everything beyond the extreme, past what the "experts" would have considered "normal". The only thing that worked was riding out his tantrums (bottle of wine in my hand). Distraction, discipline, talking, yelling at/with him, time outs, etc. - NOTHING worked. Nothing wrong w/him except being sensitive & hitting the twos. Oh, and being the 4th generation in a very stubborn family (on all sides)...

I would tell Monkeyboy that I was gonna ship him UPS overnight to Grandma's house 500 miles away...if he was good, I'd even poke airholes into the box. Then I found out neither G'ma wanted to deal with him at that age...

Stock up on the alcoholic beverages now - you'll need some on hand for the next year or so. ;)


I remember this happening to my perfect, sweet little baby boy. I bought one of those developmental, month by