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January 16, 2006


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Been there, done that. At work even.

As a meeting of department heads concluded, I found myself telling my assistant that I'll be back in my office shortly because I have to go 'potty.'

Needless to say, the doctors and other execs at the medical center have NOT let me forget it.


At least you still aren't yelling "SHIT!" and then catching yourself because this little person with this spongy brain is listening and repeating. My new years resolution was to cutback A TAD and now I'm sort of hooked on "Jeepers!!" Try it!


And btw re: English Beat



I KNEW that you'd somehow get into the show, MD. Awesome story. Sounds like quite the urban adventure.

Mr. Big Dubya

Ignore the e-mail I just sent you (or you can just reply with show details: set, line-up, etc)

Last night Little Dub poked me in the eye - a good poke, mind you, I still can't see right - and, instead of the string of curses that would have flowed normally, I spoke in some gibberish a la Tazmanian Devil - granted it started with a very lengthy "f" sound

Todd I

Lucky bastard. Did David Steele and Andy Cox make the reunion? I remember they held out of past reunions because of commitments with FYC.


This is why it's not easy to become a parent and remain cool. Then again, I sorta don't care anymore that I've turned into such a responsible geek.

I haven't thought of The English Beat in years...


oh, metro dad you have officially risen to the rank of one of the coolest guys i know (in the way that one can 'know' someone they have exchanged emails with, and in the way two people can 'know' one anothet solely from reading one another's blogs. for all i know, you're really a convict in missouri and i'm actually an instrument of the religious right sent to infultrate the liberal blogosphere). but still, i am really, really jealous.


This is so much better than having gotten the tix via the box office or Craigslist! So cool and such a great story. I'm too chicken to do anything. Maybe that's why nothing interesting ever happens to me.

Stephanie P.

Great concert story, Metro! You really are the coolest dad in the blogosphere.

As for the child-speak? Welcome to parenthood. After having had 4 kids, I returned to the workplace. After the kids get out of school every day, I usually get inundated with about 50 phone calls from them between 3:00-6:00. Where's the peanut butter? When's my costume going to be ready for next week's school play? Is it ok if the dog eats carrots? NON-STOP!

Every phone call ends with me saying, "OK. Mommy's got to go. I love you!"

Last month, I was completely harried. It was getting late and a client called just as I was about to walk out the door. We spoke quickly and, as I hung up, I heard myself say, "Ok. Mommy's got to go. I love you!" Then, I hung up the phone and ran out to the car. Needless to say, I was absolutely mortified but the client was a great sport about it and we've been joking about it ever since.


You are too cool. I'm glad you got in. The crawling in the dark would have made me feel like a spy or something. Last week my boss handed me a paper, but being the ass that he is, he was trying to make it where I couldn't get it. I grabbed it from him and said, "Mine". Luckily his daughter is the same age as mine, and we both started cracking up.


Yo, MD...howse it hangin'...

Glad you made the concert AND made new friends. T (which probably stands for Tyrone or Terrence) sounds ultra cool. I know a lot of guys like him. That's what makes "Jules" one of the greatest roles of our generation.

Re: Babyspeak...yea, we all do that without even thinking about it. You can't help it. It does go away, eventually, but only after Peanut gets older AND you don't have any other metro-kids. Having more chilren just prolongs babyspeak.

...Keep BN Cool...

the weirdgirl

MD, I think you just became another one of NY's stories... you know, that guy? The exec who sneaks into clubs and yells "boo-boo" a lot?

Linda B

Can you believe I've never been to New York? Crazy, I know. But I'm pretty sure I'd love it from the way you describe it.

HA - you told your client you had a boo-boo?!

Chocolate Makes it Better

Lucky T didn't ask about that bandaid hey?

JJ Daddy Baby Momma


But was your bandaid a Harry Potter glow-in-the-dark or a Strawberry Shortcake smells-like-foul-chemical-strawberry? We use both on our booboos.


Having just read the movie spoiler for Hostel (because with 3 little ones, there's no way we actually go to see a movie these days), I was a little worried about you there at the beginning of your post. Sounded like a setup for some bizarre Quentin Tarantino scene there for a minute. Sounds like a great time, though. Oh, and at least you didn't say "whoopsie!" like I tend to!


Cool about the show! Child-speak i think is one of those things that just comes with parenting. My mom still calls it the potty (and her youngest is 22)...I have boo-boos, go potty, we take a poo, and get owies. And thats when I am talking to other adults :)

Phat Daddy

That concert story is great.

As for babyspeak, as long as you don't excuse yourself to go make a boom-boom you'll be okay.


You are my new urban hero. Anyone that will crawl through passageways to get to the English Beat is too cool for school.

As for babytalk, at least you didn't cut your client's meat for him. We've all said stupid things, but I've actually started cutting up my bosses meat once. Not all that swift!


Oh MD two great tales.. I can't stop grinning about your dude/dork duality!

Last week I left my parking garage and as adieu said to the attendant:

I feel honoured to be in such company.

ps. The pants still fit?


Amazing, isn't it, how the vocabulary of the toddler permeates our lives, even outside their presence? Every time thewife informs me she has to use the restroom, she refers to it as "going potty", which she never said pre-Little Tyke.

Queen of Ass

Are you saying other parents don't do this?

(My son says "perhaps" correctly in a sentence. )

Queen of Ass

Damnit. It wouldn't post the [/ENDBRAG] at the end of that.


Actually, there are people with cool stories everywhere, not just in the Big Apple. It stands to reason that anyplace with more people has more people with cool stories, but that`s not always the case. Some people move to NY and spend 50 years meeting nobody but lawyers and acountants.

Since my toddler came to his preschool straight from a daycare center in another country, I had to let his teachers know all the Japanese "potty" words. It`s amazing how quickly he became potty-bilingual.


That's a great story. I think I was hearing the Mission Imposssible theme song in my head the whole time I was reading it. The tv show, not the movie, natch.


I don't understand why a man with T's apparent clout couldn't have just brought you through the front door.

ah, I know why: because it was so much more badass to take you through the tunnels and shit. he's all about giving his customers the experience they want for their $50. awesome.


I'm so feeling you on the boo boo thing. Once I had a scratch on my face from one of Albert's talons (seriously, do the baby nails have to grow so freakishly fast?!!?), and when I was explaining to my non-parent friend what had happened, he gave me one of those looks like, um, why are we friends again?

Sometime when we can sit and have a beer, I'll have to tell you about a couple of guys I know in the music biz ... one an obscure artist, and the other a tour manager. Both have stories that will blow your mind.

Ed Bacchus

One reason I read your blog is to hear things about my hometown. I was a big Seinfeld fan primarily due to the location of the series. Great story, and keep sharing them with us.

I repeatedly make reference while at work that I have to excuse myself so that I can go to the potty.

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