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January 04, 2006


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Heh. Great list, MD, and thanks for playing along. Spicy cabbage? Which lucky parent got to change that diaper?

And I think Da Mayor is a great nickname for the Peanut. If she has half of your charisma, she's a shoo-in.


mmmm, dog food.

I have to say that the Purina cat food that used to come in the blue bag tasted best when I was Peanut's age. Yum!

S. Tsai

Dude, I love your lyric list. We'll have to all get together for a karaoke night sometime. My wife is a karaoke freak!


Be careful with those kids who will eat anything. The fact that the Peanut is not a picky easier will make your life so much easier. My daughter is very similar. In fact, she loves eating so much that, in the past few months, she's eaten a dime, some dog food, and about a pound of play-do.


I don't have any kids -- yet -- but I've known and babysat hundreds... maybe thousands. And the weirdest kid I ever babysat had a disorder that left him somehow completely normal, except he had no feeling on one portion of his head. It was just surface numbness, nothing neurological.

When kids at his kindergarten figured it out, though, they liked to come and hit him with things on that portion of his head. It didn't hurt, so he kind of went with it as a popularity thing. His mother was horrified, since he could still be wounded in that spot.

He always had some weird scab or bruise there, and after a while, hair stopped growing there, too.

But he still enjoyed the party trick aspect of his numb head.


What is it with you men and your craps? My husband high-fives me also after a particularly satisfying bowel movement. Too funny, MD.

Mr. Big Dubya

Little Dub does a very spot-on impersonation of Eddie Murphy doing Stevie Wonder - his little head goes back and forth (rather rapidly) and he looks up in the air. I'm just waiting for the day he starts clapping and singing "My Cherie"


This might not seem weird to you, but it is weird to me. I'm sure my niece is schizo. She frequently asks herself, out loud, "What happened!?" All the time. ALL the time. It's cute, but kind of creepy.


I forgot to mention that my niece is only 2 years old and has a vocabulary more extensive than her auntie KA who is 27 yrs old. Damnit!


Some folks see people's faces in clouds. My daughter sees faces in her poops. She kindly points out the eyes, noses, mouths and tails. Thanks kid, may I wipe your ass now?

suburban misfit

My son has to rinse exactly three times every time he brushes his teeth. Even if I'm screaming at him that the bus is coming, he must rinse exactly three times.

My daughter used to dip green beans in ketchup. Now she's moved on to Ranch Dressing, which to me is a more acceptable substitute!


Wait until the day Peanut's #3 & #4 are combined...that'll be a fun one.

Cheeky doesn't do much of anything yet, but she's started to teethe, and she gets this expression not unlike a werewolf leaping at it's prey when she goes for some objects. Does that count?


In-fant snorts like a bull when you do something she doesn't like. It's actually pretty frightening.


In-fant snorts like a bull when you do something she doesn't like. It's actually pretty frightening.


Ah, as a self-designated guru of A Tribe Called Quest lyrics, I have a question that has plagued me since the dawn of high school: over the years, in exactly how many different ways has Phife-Dog offered to "bust a nut" on or near you? Two examples: (1) in your eye, so you can see him coming; (2) on your couch, so you've got Sieman's furniture. I know there are others, but an exact count has thus far eluded me.


My son had food texture problems as a toddler, and he's never really gotten over them. He didn't eat solid food (only mushy baby food out of a jar) until he was 15-16 months old, and things never improved much after he graduated to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and the occasional french fry. Now he is four, and he has a nervous breakdown if you tell him to take a big bite. A "big bite" to him is anything larger than one half of a grain of rice. Seriously. He will pick up a grain of rice and eat half of it! He's also been known to pick just enough batter off a chicken nugget to fit between his thumb and forefinger if he's told to eat that part of his meal.


K loves kimchee too.

She does a lot of weird things, but my favorite is the way she waves and says "Hi" to inanimate objects, like trees or fountains.

the weirdgirl

One of my younger brothers went through a stage when he was five where he refused to wear underwear. Except he was a smart little bugger and first he'd put on the underwear to make you think he had them, and then he would ditch them somewhere, sometimes even at school. This lasted until the day he jumped out my boyfriend's jeep and his shorts got caught on a door bolt and ripped off right in front of the grocery store! (And, I mean, we had snagged a parking spot right in front of the doors!) Luckily, for once he had his undies on.

Oh yeah. And my other brother also told him, "If you don't wear your underwear, your penis will fall off. You know our sister? She used to be a boy... then she didn't wear her underwear and her penis fell off, and NOW SHE'S A GIRL."

Ed Bacchus

My BJ is older than Peanut, but he likes to sing nursery rhymes wrong on purpose. It seems innocent but he inserts words he hears from the rap music I play in the car. Imagine Old McDonald and O'l Dirty Bastard mixed together and you get the picture. Mommy Bacchus is not amused while standing in the check-out line of Wal-Mart....

Linda B

Hmm, the list of weird things is pretty long, but one of the funniest things my daughter does is dance, ghetto style. She only holds up on arm when she dances and she waves it around, "Like she just don't care!"


He reads blogs.


My nephew HAS to get buck naked to take a dump. Mind you, he's 7 and he's in the first grade. So I guess he holds it until he gets home?


My youngest hums whenever he's concentrating on something. He does it while playing video games, cleaning up his room, or taking a dump. Darnedest thing!

mo-wo and p-man

We don't know if baby e has any weird habits, which is upsetting. Miss fancy tends to go through spells when she appears assess the density of her sizable toddler noggin using a primitive form of sonar. She's four weeks older than the peanut so you might want to watch out for this one.

She bonks her head on solid, preferably wooden, objects in a manner that makes us cringe and poise to respond to tears.. she cocks her head, as if listening... then she smiles, looks us in the face and repeats the whack with clear intention, maybe 2 or 3 times. Is this weird?

We thought the tub pee'ing was perfectly normal. We do it too. Parts per million, baby.


nothing but rockstar, metro.

i could have written every word of mo-wo+p-man's post if i were quicker and cleverer. sonar. fucking bril. foo raps her noggin on anything rigid and unforgiving at the slightest annoyance. 2-3 reps. cherry hardwoods are her mainstay. we were just remarking about it tonight. must get that on tape.

the peanut is almost that that age. foo was abut 15 1/2 months when she went sonar.

and foorinary at least stands while peeing, at the end of the bath, as if to tell us that it's cold and she's had quite enough. she'll toss in a brown trout every now and again, but it's a rare sight.

and dutch, it's bust a nut inside your eye to show you where i come from, no?


Hi, proud owner of karaoke home stereo thingy here. And I'm Korean.

Bunny likes to smell baby heads and sucks her thumb.

Wallie likes to stuff baby wipes in her mouth.


Poops everytime we go out for dinner. She's in the high chair for 10 minutes and then grunts like she's pushing the Titanic out of her bunghole.


Wallace is obsessed with putting everything away. This means that at 15 months he's a whiz at puzzles. This also means that he'd rather have you dump out the crayons and hand him the box so that he can put them away instead of coloring.

Little weirdo.


My son ate anything and everything until the day he turned 16months old, then he turned his nose up at everything. But now 2 months later he is starting to eat things again, and the pooping face...mine freezes too, but no applause after. :)

My son loves to have things in their place. doors must be closed, crayons in the box, toys in their chest, ect. Very cute.


Weird: Dude washes his button off. In the toilet.
Annoying: He has learned, "WHOA!" and uses it liberally. When I'm driving.
Strangely Disturbing: Say, "Beso!" and he'll open his mouth, stick out his tongue and go in for a wide-eyed eighth grade french kiss.


My three-year-old wears his tighty-whity underwear backwards. On purpose.

When he's wearing underwear, that is, which is not always. We know when he's underwear-free because he will drop trou and announce 'I'm goin' commando!' This usually hapens when my in-laws are visiting.


Weird kid stuff? I'm sure my daughter (20 months) wrote and edited the book.

Yesterday alone she sampled yak pellets at the zoo (they had spilled out from the pen), insisted on watching George Hamilton dance (I was flipping channels and she lost her mind when I tried to flip past 'Dancing with the Stars') and then proceeded to ask, 'where's George' for the rest of the evening after I told her who it was when she asked.

She also insists that sharks sing the "Jaws" theme. It's a great party trick.



... is the weirdest think that Bean does. Comes with assorted grunting and snorting. It is used to mark not only sheer excitement but also bitter frustration. It also disappeared for a while only to make a triumphant return when a lovely old lady on the plane to Richmond commented on how sweet he was.


Megan is a total goofball of a kid. She's a gymnast and super flexible, and thinks it's fun to watch TV in positions that would make a circus contortionist proud.


Well I thought this one was odd till i saw all the other entries. Aviv loves banging his head against a wall or against my head or his father's... he is 13 months old and has been doing this for at least 2 months. He also loves holding his toes while drinking from his bottle and occassionally has to stop and take a nip at his toes before getting back to the bottle.


Have to de-lurk myself, 'cus this post made me not only laugh out loud and almost fall off my bed, but also significantly increased the appeal of having kids. That's a pretty good feat, though I must admit I have moved towards a change of mind after having used this blog as an effective procrastination tool for the past couple of days. It's absolutely hilarious. And the Peanut is adorable!

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