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January 17, 2006


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That last part reminded me of the time our oldest son attempted to get me to eat Play-Doh with him, using exactly the same techniques we used to get him to try new foods: "It`s really good -- just try a little piece! If you don`t like it, you don`t have to eat it all."


Wow, the Peanut's growing up fast. She's adorable, MD!


Boy, if I could just get Bean to stop blabbering for long enough to actually hear or pay attention to anything I might wish to teach him, I would be thrilled.

you would tell us if her poop came out Azure blue or maize yellow as a result of her crafty snacking, right? Because, we would want to know.


What's really sad is that I am a visual person, so I can picture you both running around your apartment with your pants on your head. Very funny. I promise you, when she shows you her food at a restaurant with your parents in 2 years, you will not find it so funny. Cute pictures. My youngest still eats crayons, when she thinks someone isn't looking.


Why must all men teach their children to stick food out of their mouths? Was this genetically instilled in all of you somewhere along the line? My husband, my brother, my cousins---they all play that food game with their kids!


My son is 18 months and is doing the same thing. It only get's better. The other day I said "shit!" and held my breath...
Peanut is ADORABLE!


Ho-o-o-ly CRAP the peanut is cute! I used to play a similar game w/ my dad, cept, we'd grab panty hose and underwear out of the laundry, and put them on our head. I have this great picture of my dad wearing tightie whities on his head, while holding up the legs to a pair of panty hose that are on my head. We're both laughing so hard in the picture... and I think I was about the same age as Peanut... You guys are making the most beautiful and fun-filled memories... one day she'll look back at the pictures and say.. man! my dad was so much fun!!!

Chocolate Makes it Better

She's really enjoying those crayons eh?


Ahh...I remember the crayon-eating stage. That was soon followed by the Play Do-eating stage, the Lego-eating stage, and the loose change-eating stage. It's chaotic but fun. Enjoy all these moments, MD. They go by so fast!


So cute. (And what fun is baby blogging without a little gloating now and then?) I don't know why, but toddlers seem to think it's hilarious to put things on their heads.

I thought the cheer was going to be "Highting!"


"Hey, I believe in god, man. I've seen him, I've felt his power! He plays drums for Led Zeppelin and his name is John Bonham, baby!" Nick Andopolis, Freaks and Geeks.


Bonham was good, but he was no Eric "Stumpy Joe" Childs.


I think that would make you water.

Man, she is adorable!

Christine C.

Yay! Photos of the Peanut! She is sooooo cute, MD. I can totally see why she's got you and BossLady wrapped around her little finger. Those cheeks are absolutely scrumptious!


can't ever get enough of the elusive peanut sighting. hey MD! what is up? sounds like the peanut knows how to have a good time. running around the house laughing your assess off is the best you can ask for, isn't it?


Hahaha. Pants!
Image 1 suggests it is difficult to keep them crayons lit whereas #3 shows the benefits of perseverance.


Pants made a good hat, for sure, but underpants...now that's comedy! I also recommend socks on the hands and doing a puppet show. Makes for lots of laughs. Peanut is too frigging cute for words. Crayons are too hard to clean out of teeth, though.


The Peanut is so freaking cute! She must be so glad to have such a fun and goofy dad.


Did she open the New Yorker up to the comics first? I always do that.

Also, that box score thing could come in handy, MD. You need to work on that soon.


You got your priorities right! She's so cute, you need to post more photos!!



Had to laugh when I saw the "Laugh and Learn" house behind Peanut. Suprised that plastic monstrosity fits inside an NYC apartment! My baby is obsessed with this house, so I guess she's inherited my interest in real estate! Gotta go---"it's learning time!"

A. Guerrero

Those pics of the Peanut eating a crayon are precious! She's so adorable, MD.

Anne Glamore

Did she come up with a good caption for the cartoon contest?

Linda B

I love pictures of the Peanut!

Ok, and the belly thing? That's awesome. I'm going to try to teach that to E tonight!

Nothing But Bonfires

Now do you mean PANTS pants, like trousers? Or knickers pants, like panties? Because there's nothing funnier than someone with a pair of undies on their head. Please teach her that next. There are even ready-made holes for her eyes to poke through. Like a mask.


Given your location and her fondness for "Pants Head," you need to get her a copy of Knuffle Bunny (if she doesn't have it already).


The third photo says it all. Peanut is positively beautiful! I am trying my hardest to teach my daughter proper English. My husband has been busy teaching my daughter to speak like Omar from The Wire. So if you are in Target and hear a little girl saying, "Yo. I certainly hope you brought me a snack. Ya feel me?", then you know it's my daughter.

the weirdgirl

Pants Head!! You crack me up. What fun. Just don't throw on the BossLady's bra and run around the house like my dad did (by the time kids are old enough to "get" why it's funny, it's just embarrassing).


the Peanut is SO CUTE! What a fun dad you are.


Yea, those WERE the days, when you could be entertained by them for hours.

You're gonna be one of those "cool dads" that all of her friends are gonna like, but she'll be embarrassed by, right?

Enjoy it, MD.

She sure is cute...takes after the Bosslady, i bet...


Nice binky clip!


damn! why are Asian babies THE CUTEST? they really put american babies to shame in the adorable category.

Concerned Visitor

Hopefully she'll skip the vicodin and scotch you bragged about taking when you had your lasik. Asshole.

You said:

> one of the coolest things happening
> with the Peanut right now is that she
> loves imitating everything I do or say.


The pics of the Peanut are too cute. That's hilarious how she's imitating you. You make parenthood sound great.


You're missing out. Chewing on crayons is SO much fun. =D


Can I steal Pants Head and pass it off as my own creation? Hours of enjoyment, I can just sense it...

The Peanut is ADORABLE!!


PANTS! The underwear on the head trick is a favorite between my husband and our daughter, too... it must be directly related to testosterone.


Awwwww... Metrodad! I just noticed you have an asshole troll in the guise of 'Concerned Visitor'. You have TOTALLY ARRIVED, DUDE. ::high five:: Xanax for EVERYONE!


I think all children need dads with an immature sense of humor. (After 10 years, my husband is still teaching our daughter stuff like that.)

The Peanut is beautiful!


Oh gawd she is adorable!!!!!

I just dug out some notes I had made when Lucas was 17 months old, because the crayon thing stuck in my head. Sure enough, I noted that he was entering the Crayon Eaters Anonymous Program (CREAP). I fear that the Peanut is headed there as well.


its bumper to bumper on the rainbow bridge!

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