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January 31, 2006


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Dude, I've NEVER been my son's favorite parent. He's 3 now and he's been a momma's boy since birth. We're just now starting to do some father-son activities that I hope will lift me in the standings. But so far, I'm a distant second!


I'd let you bond with one of mine but, as you know, their experiencing a little stranger anxiety at the moment.

The pony thing might be a little hard in NYC but I'm geniunely surprised the underwear on the head thing didn't work.


Been there. While I was unemployed and a SAHD, the twins got very attached to me and almost totally ignored the wife, which didn't make her happy at all.

Eventually, I was relagated to 2nd place (though that becomes a very distant 4th when my parents are around) and The Jelly is still a 'Daddy's Girl'


This is so common, mom is ususally number 1, dad 2 and nanny three. I was the nanny for years and I was #2 or #3 but usually #2. You have got to sneak ahesd of the nanny.


Ha ha! The all-you-can-eat cupcake buffet should vault you into at least 2nd place!

Funny, but I think my DH also is entrenched in 3rd place right now. The kids are enthralled by one of their uncles who just moved nearby. He's unemployed so he's been babysitting a lot. He's officially "Mr. Fun"!


My girl baby always liked her Daddy best until recently, now everything is Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy... you get the idea. I loved it for three days. Now I kind of miss the Daddy days. That being said - I have two.

Oh - and both parents are always trumped by Grandma.


Good luck, MD. We're pulling for ya!


Yeah, Dude is 17 mos and we're just hitting it. The other night while I was cooking, he actually pulled my pants down to my ankles as he clawed at me to be lifted up. (For the record, they were yoga-like pants and I was helpess chopping onions and crying.) My worthless husband just laughed as I wiggled and spread my knees to keep them up, blinking back tears and yelling "Would you GET HIM? PLEASE?!"


Mate, all the more reason to get that scary robot, pronto.


Sorry, but it was bound to happen. In my house it was the other way around, after a year I was suddenly chopped liver. But now as they are a little older, it changes every so often. In fact with my older daughter, we can't keep track, because she changes it up on us all the time. Last night it was my mom. Gran had to do everything with and for her, we couldn't even hand her a cup without her having a cow. Give the Peanut a few months and you will be her king again. Trust me on this, there is a thing between a two year old girl and her Daddy, which I can't explain. And don't go the pony or kitten route, because remember a month or so ago, that girl at her Bat Mitzvah that we were all talking about? I bet her Daddy bought her a pony when she was one. See how she turned out.


I so know what you are going through. Our older daughter has us ranked #1 & #2. I am usually in first place, but he frequently trumps me, and I am cool with that. The younger daughter is trying her damndest to climb back into the birth canal and has no use for Daddy. It upsets him so much and I feel readlly bad about it. I, for one, would LOVE to not have her as an added appendage. I think the biggest differnece for us was the older daughter was a product of daycare for the first 2 1/2 years of her life, whereas the younger daughter isn't. And she dislikes everyone who isn't her mommy or her sister equally.

Hang in there and let me know how the cupcake buffet goes. If it works, I'll be passing that tip along to my husband.


i wanted to punch grandma last night when my baby threw a fit when she was leaving.

oops, did i say that outloud?


On the one hand, I'm glad that my daughter has a good relationship with our nanny.

On the other hand? It kills me that she cries when the nanny leaves but not when I do.


"Momma said Knock You Out...Momma said Knock You Out..."

Don't be surprised if the two little women (assuming that the nanny is a woman) are ganging up on ya.

I'm in your corner, MD.

Go For It!


I don't have kids, but I can relate in that when our pit bull puppy snuggles up on the couch between me and my husband, I always get his ass end. Every single time. He'll put his head in my husband's lap and even some of our friends' laps, but dang if Mommy doesn't always get the ass end.


Just wait until you have a second kid, and you won't even make it to the medal stand.

girls gone child

It's bribery time.

Little girls LOVE little Chanel suits.


Don't worry, MD! Although the Peanut may go through various stages, she'll always be Daddy's little girl.


Ugghhh you semi quoted Dirty dancing. At least there are two humans above you on the list, I come third after Elmo


I know, Bill. Forgive me. The wife makes me watch "Dirty Dancing" EVERY time it comes on TV. In exchange, she has to watch "Roadhouse" and "Rudy" with me!

That's why I added the L.L. Cool J quote in the header. You know, to add some street cred.


Right boot!
That is sad and pathetic and strangely comforting.


Yeah, my husband has gone through the same thing lately. When he tries to kiss her she turns her face away and laughs. It's hard on me too, though, because whenever I leave her with him she cries and I feel guilty.

Your plan sounds like a winner.


Uhhh, does LL even have street cred anymore? I mean, after Last Holiday and all?

Maybe you should start planning that $10 million bat mitzvah after all...

the weirdgirl

How about a surrogate? I'll make nice for kittens and Chanel suits.


My mom still gets jealous that I love to spend so much time hanging out with my dad when I'm home. And I'm 26!

Found your blog by the way of CrazyVirgo and BaconGrease, and they're right - you're fucking hilarious.


I know how you feel, Metro. My daughter is 18 months and I don't even think I'm in the top 5! Ahead of me are mommy, grandma 1, grandma 2, the nanny, and her teddy bear. I think the dog and I are tied somewhere around 8th place!

Phat Daddy

You want to know something funny? It was this way when my son was little. He wanted nothing to do with me, but now he's all about daddy. It's really cool. I wonder if this is a normal development thing for kids? Little girls initially wanting more to do with daddy and then flip-flopping around 1 year of age. Little boys vise versa.

I'm going have to see how it goes when the little girl arrives in the Chateau d' Phat Daddy.

Nothing But Bonfires

My cats totally love my boyfriend more.

It's possible this has something to with the all-you-can-eat cupcake buffet he lays on, so I'd say you were on the right track with that. Maybe also change her litter and throw a squeaky toy in her general direction every once in a while.


I've been in first place since day one. It's now 21 months later and now this "honour" sometimes wears a little thin. Not that my munchkin isn't my entire heart and soul, but it would be nice to know how it feels to walk without a 25-lb weight strapped to your lower leg.

I know my hubby feels a bit left out sometimes, but hey, he should be lucky that he gets to outline the imprint of his butt on the sofa watching TV every night while I spend an hour trying to put her to bed because she screams bloody murder if he tries.

Of course, if her auntie's dogs are anywhere within sniffing range, everyone but the pooches simply disappear from the favourites scale!


don't worry. she'll come back to her dad. i did.


you guys still have potty time right? a little QT over a couple turds? I thought that was your special place.


It's funny, just the other day over lunch and a bottle, The Peanut was telling me...
OH SHIT! That was supposed to be a secret!

She'll be back. What other dad could sneak her through dark tunnels to see the english beat? come to think of it, will you be my dad??!!


I think you can defintely beat the nanny and I'd say you've got a 50/50 chance with BossLady, but what happens when she hits puberty and she no longer wants to hold your hand in public? Well, either way, she'll always come back to her daddy.


Yea, just wait a few years. She'll be giving BossLady the 'ol "FINE! I'll just go ask DADDY!" And life will be forever changed.

Good luck.


U have to tell me your secret. Daniel has been crazy about me for the past three months and I could use a break:-))

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