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January 25, 2006


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Funny man!
I honestly have no opinion about Jennifer Love Hewitt but Mariah Carey grrrr! Horrible, shallowbrained, superficial creature! Makes me angry that woman.

Angelina on the other hand, I would not want to go to bed with her but she has personality! Going to some piss poor country for a movie is one thing, adopting a child from there to make a small change that was a good deed. And what has Mariah to say about poor people? Here is a quote I read a few years back: "Those poor children in africa, you know I would love to be so skinny but not with all the flies!"

Drop something on her, anything, make her shut up!


Hate Mariah. Also hating on Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Paula Abdul.

But I really love to hate Oprah. I hate her a lot. And I never miss her show.

It's sick, actually.


The Book of Daniel was actually pretty good, in a "make fun of Jesus freaks" way.

But Mariah??? I can't vomit FAR enough to show you how I feel about her.

The Voice of SENSE

I only found this blog by accident while looking for something else ENTIRELY non-venomous...

Apparently you all hate Mariah Carey and claim she's a shallow shell with a labotomy. Really...?

Well here's the funny. Those who claim Mariah fits ANYTHING in that statement CLEARLY don't know the first thing about her! So, in a nutshell, you've judged someone with no factual basis WHATSOEVER. She's sweet, kind-hearted and EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT actually. As someone who has met and talked with her - I'd know.

What actually DISGUSTS me is that the person who has quite frankly, proved herself to be little more than a homewrecking SLUT, with a creepy fascination for other people's BLOOD - that's who you people champion? And so many of you are allowed to operate machinery and care for children? Seriously?

Just because you don't like somebody's dress sense, or you don't like their personality does NOT give you the right to be so MEAN and MALICIOUS. I can NEVER understand this! What the hell is WRONG with you people?

You know NOTHING about the woman, you're too PREJUDICED to find out anything REAL about her yet you seem think you have the right to be nasty! Well you know what, how bout I set you straight on a few things?

First, Newsflash fuckfaces: TABLOIDS RARELY, IF EVER, PUBLISH THE TRUTH. Yet I'll bet that any and everything you 'know' about her you got from them (and SHE'S intellectually deficient?ok...). And to the Dickwad who claimed "even Mariah Carey doesn't like Mariah Carey"; why don't you go play on the traintracks Arsewipe? You deserve a Fucking SMACK, and I'd be more than happy to deliver it personally.

Has it ever occurred to you SIMPLETONS (I'm trying to control my language but the filth I've read is making that a tougher task to employ than you lot using your miniscule brain cells), has it occurred that what you are doing equates to bullying? No? Then tell me exactly what the difference is between the horrendous, spiteful comments you put under a worldwide spotlight and immature little children picking on the smartest, prettiest kid in school with the most promise? Awww, I'll bet you make your parents SO proud...

If a single one of you had even a miniscule ounce of that woman's smarts, her candour, even her basic DECENCY, not only would you not need to post childish little messages, sailing sour and small in your HATE parade.; but maybe (and this is a stretch), you might be as successful as she is. Mmmm, best selling female artist of ALL TIME; yeah, MUST be as dumb as you all claim...

I can't vomit FAR enough to show YOU how I feel about you - FUCKING IDIOTS.

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