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December 26, 2005


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Merry Christmas, Metrodad. I laughed when I read the part about your parents giving you checks. I have to say the cash gifts are one of my favorite things about my Korean inlaws, but I can see how getting a check for Christmas would be kind of a downer for a kid. My husband couldn't care less about Christmas, but I force him to participate for our kid's sake.


Merry Christmas, MD. At least someone is enjoying warmer weather right now. :) Funny, but the older I get, the more I want good ol' cash for Christmas.

BTW, thanks for the list of things to do--I'll definitely be checking them out. I meant to email you sooner, but the holidays and all...If you're back in NYC before 1/5, let me know. Maybe me, the hubby, you, and BossLady can meet up for that drink after all. Take care and travel safe!



Yeah, Christmas was always a nice enough holiday, but now that I have a babbling, happy baby, it is so much better. I agree with you totally.


Yay! Merry (belated) Christmas! :)


Great post! I married an Asian guy figuring I could get out of Christmas duty all together, but he turned out to be more into it than my uptight, austere Catholic family. My oldest son even asked me, "If Papa doesn`t believe in Christ, why does he celebrate Christmas?" Hub has truly embraced the pure commercial aspect of the holiday, uncorrupted by any of that religious, spiritual do-goody claptrap.

the weirdgirl

Merry Christmas, MD, Boss Lady and Peanut!


Enjoy the early bird specials! The MOWA and I made it to Brokeback Mountain yesterday and thought it was great, so check it out. To paraphrase Cartman, "Nothin' better than an independent movie about gay cowboys eating pudding."


Peanut was climbing through the rubbage? I assume you mean rubbish or garbage, but I nevertheless got a funny mental image of Peanut climbing through old truck tires on the side of a road. Because according to the Unword dictionary, "rubbage" means:

1. (n.) Large pieces of truck tire found on the side of the road.

or ...

2. (n.) An act of vigorously rubbing a dog's belly while speaking to the dog in baby-talk.


"God's Waiting Room"


Have a great Christmas!

Anne Glamore

Wow-- that is a helluva Christmas. Our Christmas is about who can outcook the others. No palm tree, no snow, and no checks.

Enjoy the weather!


Right on, my brother. We surprised my fam (they thought we were taking the kid and going to Hawaii), and damned if it hasn't been one of the nicest Christmases yet.


Merry Christmas MD!

And, if the old people need more phonebooks in Florida, I'd be happy to send the plethora of phonebooks we seem to have accumulated over the years.


It sounds like you had the best kind of Christmas I can imagine. :)

Linda B

Glad you had a nice Christmas.

It's true how children change how you view holidays and family. They become so much more meaningful.


this is BY FAR the longest christmas card i've ever received. thanks metrofamily!


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