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December 06, 2005


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MD-pimping for a charity close to your heart hardly counts as shilling. Don't be so silly. My condolences on your loss. Sorry I won't be able to attend but I made a small donation to the charity. Hope it helps.


Holy fuck! I would give my left nut for a walk-on role in Entourage! That's the coolest thing I've ever heard of. Me and Piven and the boys? I'd love to bid on it. You guys take food stamps?


What a great charity! I hope you guys have an excellent turn out.


My thinking is that a good charity is always better than a fart joke, but maybe that is just me. I wish I could come. Have a great time.


i would spend all of the money i don't have on a-a party at diane von furstenburg's studio b-a walk on role on entourage c-get a small glimpse at some celebrity whores (MD excluded, of course) d-get drunk with celebs e-possiblty charm myself into a new job. here's another side charity for anyone that wants to donate: Fly CrazyVirgo to NYC for Rubbing Elbows with Hot People.

Great job, MD. Nice work on a great charity. Ya done good this year. Santa or Hannukah Harry or Kwanza Klaus will most certainly be coming through your loft door.

Mr. Big Dubya

Best of luck tonight. Had I known, I might have tried to find an excuse to be in the city - maybe next year. I loves me a good fundraiser.

girls gone child

good luck, MD. Sounds wonderful.


Having lost one of my oldest friends on 9/11 also, I think it's truly great what you and your friends are doing to honor Andrew's memory. Good luck, MD. I hope you guys raise a lot of money for what sounds like a truly great cause.

Anne Glamore

I wish you great success tonight-- the location and auction items sound great. maybe I'll get my little sister to stop by...


That is a beautiful cause. And Diane! Get me a dress!!

Wendy B.

I might have to come to the party so I can bid on the Entourage role. I don't really want to be on the show. I just wants me some Piven!


don't tell virgo about the entourage thing. she would go nuts! hey, my aunt and uncle run an alternative public school in nyc for at-risk kids with talents in the sciences and arts. e me if this appeals. i don't know how it could help, but maybe. i dunno. and i think it is DUMB of you to disclaim a cause or championing a cause of your own making. this is metro's house. do what you do.


It's probably a good thing for me that I can't make it to the benefit. I'd give my left nut or at least my entire life savings to get a walk-on role in Entourage. It would definitely be one of the highlights of my life... Just like the time I toilet papered Jerry Springer's house or the time Toby Keith gave me a high five. Anyways, I hope the benefit does well.


MD, can you really say that you're pimping a charity? I mean, shit, if you can't do something good on your own blog, where can you do it?

I think it's great.


I don't think it counts as pimping when it's something with as much meaning as Andy's foundation. If I were in NYC, I would so go to the auction. Good luck with it!


Keep the pimp hand strong for such a good cause.


That? Is awesome. Not your loss of course but the post. That's the good kind of pimpin' too.


I hope it was successful! You just keep pimpin'.

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