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December 21, 2005


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Sorry you didn't get the picture-perfect photo, but the one you did get is classic. Made me laugh out loud. :)


That is an incredible photo! And let me just say, I have zero photos of my kids with Santa, even from the year that I actually got the Bee to stand on line and wait for her turn, only to balk at the last possible minute.

I'm voting for the beard. Who would trust someone with that much facial hair?


Classic photo! Definitely a keeper. And your title cracked me up! Happy holidays, MD!


I just love the look in Santa's eyes. He could be thinking "we've got another squirmer" or "crap, do I try to hold her steady, let her drop to the floor..." the possibilities are endless. Merry Christmas!


Ha Ha! What a cutie but also a very common site. Three friends have already email me similar photos of babies/toddlers hating that special day at John Deere, Kmart, and Nordstrom.


The photo does looks staged. I think is is something about Santa's eyes.

You could sell this to a few stock photo sites. Your kid would be everywhere.


Oh poor Peanut! I can't believe you guys waited in line for a photo with Santa. That seems so un-Metro of you! But I love the photo. Absolutely precious. And can you tell that Santa's equally freaked out?


I think this is the picture-perfect moment.


Best Santa photo ever.


Oh man that is so cute. I got a great picture this year, but I do have one of those from a few years ago. I have to say that will probably be the one she likes the most as she gets older. Kids always think the pictures of them screaming are so funny.


Santa pictures are much better when the Santa actually has a real beard. The little kids cant yank off the real ones.


Holy Crap, that's the best picture ever... Seriously? Send that to Regis and Kelly (I think they're the ones doing the bad santa pictures.... or maybe it's Ellen.... it's one of those daytime talkshow thingys...)

Linda B

That HAS to be the best Santa picture I have EVER, EVER SEEN.

Mr. Big Dubya

Absolutely. Classic.

I do have to brag a tad tho' - I thought Little Dub might get freaked out a bit, but he sat on Santa's lap with a big shit-eating grin on his face - maybe he was hoping to let out a major poop explosion on the bearded man's leg, I dunno.


PLEASE tell me in what way this picture is not perfect? it's on my mantle this year. hahahaha. click back and forth between your photo and MIMs. hahahaha.


Great, great pic. My theory is that the kids freak out over the Santas with the fake beards. And why do I look at the guy in that pic and think, "Hey - isn't that noted British character actor Tom Wilkinson?" Must be the beady eyes.

Emily B.

OMG! That picture is a classic. One of the best "freaked out by Santa" photos ever. Thanks for a good laugh, MD. Hope the Peanut isn't too scarred by the experience!


that picture is brilliant. but it doesn't beat my younger brother's picture though, the photographer caught my brother mid-puke...yes, that's right, all over santa and his long white beard. needless to say, santa said some not so cheery things that day.


I'm not sure who is the most freaked out, Santa or Peanut. It's a classic, that's for sure.


That is the best Santa picture. Ever.


Poor little Peanut is just doing what her parents have probably told her to dowhen faced witih other scary bearded men...wriggling away like her life depended on it.

This is one for the Letterman Show - I just watched an entire segment where he featured the funniest photos of 2005 and I swear Peanut could've been featured!

Hi-fricking-larious...go Peanut! Don't take any shit from the bearded white man!

girls gone child

Perhaps your daughter is a Jew at heart. Welcome her to the tribe.

Funny shit, man.

Anne Glamore

This rocks. Rehearsal dinner material.

OOps. Didn't mean to freak YOU out.




This is one of the most funniest pictures I have seen in a long time.

It is amazing the contortions kids will put themselves in when they don't want to do something...

Go P-nut, Go P-nut!

Queen of Ass

Oh my God! That is priceless!

Captain Stinky has one of those. It was the full lip-pout action. I plan to embarrass him with it later by showing it to potential girlfriends.


PLEASE, that photo is CLEARLY a fake. metrodad photoshopped peanut onto Santa's lap from a photo of what she was REALLY doing last night:



My man, that's Top 5 All-Time Best Santa Photos Ever. I'll bet the photographer actually had to wait a while to get one that composed!


Dude, honestly, I don't know whether to laugh hysterically or call child services!


Awesome photo, MD. This should totally be your family Christmas card. I'll bet everyone would put in on their refrigerators!


I`ve never done the Santa thing with any of my kids -- one of the advantages of being overseas for so long. But your photo is the best one I`ve ever seen!


You're not the only one laughing their ass off. Damn, there should have been a warning on the RSS feed. I was not prepared for that!


She's going to love that when she's 20.

I think you really captured the true spirit of Christmas. :)


I giggled at this photo all morning. I even pulled up your blog a few times to show others! This is just too much! Thanks for the giggle


It's not just peanut.


good to know that peanut will be prepared and know exactly what to do when approached by any other scraggly white-bearded men in the future.


I don't have any photos of me with Santa from when I was a kid and knowing that Santa was a FAKE since I was four hasn't helped the cause since then.

But that is a great photo - classic. hehe.

the weirdgirl

I bet Santa was thankful Peanut isn't a biter! Too funny.


Now *that* is one of the greatest holiday pictures I have ever seen! Priceless.


how DO kids manage that back-bendy-stiff-as-a-board-limp-as-spaghetti move anyway?


Wow. Just Wow!

Definitely a keeper to be brought out at all family functions--middle school graduation, prom, wedding, etc.

Merry Christmas!


I haven't seen a better Santa picture anywhere.


My child is sleeping! Sleeping I tell you. She never does this. And you made me laugh out loud. God, that is the funniest picture and caption evar. Must run now, damn you.


Happy holidays!

I hope the new year brings many blessings for you.

Love, Sassy.

Mrs. Big Dubya


For once, a real picture that captures a real moment :)


I LOVE the look of dispair on Santa! Giggle*snort!


Oh how I love it. NONE of my kids feared the big man. Sheesh!


That's perfect moment together,,..It's good that you didn't miss it..

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