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December 05, 2005


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"I’ll just eat this IV drip of boogers that keep streaming into my mouth."



This has to be one of the funniest things I've read in a while--it's simply creative genius. And thanks for my new favorite insult, "ass-clowns." Glad to hear the Peanut is happy to be heading home to the Big Apple. Can't wait to hear about some of her other adventures down the road.


Hahaha...personally, I liked the line "that woman who shoots warm milk out of her chest." Too funny!


For a second there, I thought there actually was a Baby Vogue. I had to google it to make sure that no such ting really existed...yet. Funny post, MD!

Queen of Ass

How sweet! She's thinking of you already! What a dear.


Did you say "Ass Clown"?


Yeah, that's the unfortunate thing about you awesome sleeping Weissbluth babies -- take you out of your routine and get all bent.


dear peanut - you're a very understanding baby, and dare i say it, an old soul. i truly appreciate your honest with MD. there aren't enough honest babies in this world. thanks for putting it out there for the rest of the kids that can't speak yet. have you ever thought about writing a book. I think you have some very valid things to say. It may seem obvious to you, but generations of babies have been silent and now that you've spoken, you can't go back to the silent confines of your crib.


Darn. Those city kids really do grow up fast. Peanut's a pretty bright and articulate 14-month old. Must be in her genes!


"Little red Ewok" = justifiable homicide


The Trevisi Fountain of Snot? I'm never going to look at my kid's runny nose the same way ever again! Too funny!

Linda B


I was beginning to wonder how you got Peanut to sleep so well during your travels.

Now I know. Ha ha


MD, you are in big, big trouble. Imagine what the Peanut is going to want for a high school graduation gift, if she's already reading Vogue? I'm thinking a Versace gown.


sounds like the old girl knows who is in charge around he'a.

and foo wondered if she looked like a peawok? i said probably.

Chocolate Makes it Better

The peanut has a tab!


Haha...I wonder what'll happen if you and BossLady decide to inflict road trips on her when she gets older.


Peanut said "ass clowns" AND has a tab? When will Peanut be old enough to fly to SF and let us all buy her a drink? 5? She's the coolest baby ever....and I"m not just sayin' that cause I want to be on her tab.

Don't settle for no stinkin' cold milk, Peanut!


You ARE staying home for Christmas, right? I mean, you'd better! I'd hate to read THAT letter if you all go off for X-mas/New Years!


I'm from Texas, and this is so true. Love you peanut! Get your dad in line...


Oh man. "Little red Ewok."

I just about blew a blood vessel trying to hold in my laugh ('cause, you know, the kids are sleeping).


My blood vessel was saved but I did manage to shower my laptop with Diet Coke.

"Little red Ewok" -- it doesn't get any funnier than that!

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