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November 24, 2005


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Hey, Fiona's back? I missed that.

Great list --
Happy Thankgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving, MD! Your writing has always conveyed how much you love the Peanut and Bosslady, and how thankful you are to have them in your life. Tonight's post is no exception. Have a great holiday and travel home safely.

And, hey, there's nothing wrong with a dysfunctional family. I know mine has always strived--and succeeded--in putting the fun in dysfunctional. :)


Thank goodness for minor miracles, small blessings and a healthy family. Happy Thanksgiving to the MetroDad family!

Chocolate Makes it Better

Right back at you MD.
Even though I'm an Aussie, I can still appreciate a good holiday when I see one.

Kathy C.

Being the daughter of immigrant parents, I enjoyed reading all of your Thanksgiving posts. This holiday always made me feel different from my friends...with their turkey dinners and enormous family gatherings. Thanks for reminding me what Thanksgiving should be all about. Hope you and your family are having a nice holiday.

Andrea in Japan

I always find it so interesting to read about American Thanksgiving. In Canada we celebrate it that one month earlier and the main theme is not pilgrims but harvest, yet both us try to remember to give thanks to what we have.
Happy turkey day to you and your family.


Very nice post, MD. I hope you, BossLady and Peanut had a lovely Thanksgiving. Best wishes to all of you!


I am thankful for my regular dose of MetroDad.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Happy (belated) Thanksgiving. :)


I said I was thankful for you as one of my American blogging favourites in my I'm-Canadian-So-I-Already-Did-This post on Thanksgiving. May you continue to bring your love for your family and your wicked sense of humour to the web -- we love it.

Anne Glamore

I loved this post, with its list of blessing great and small.

I won't lie-- Thanksgiving was hard for us this year without my mom, but we tried to be grateful for the wonderful memories we have.


Hope you had a good one man. Lots to be thankful for indeed.

Phat Daddy

Happy Thanksgiving! Best wishes to you and your dysfunctional family!


What a wonderful post, MD! Hope you have a great holiday weekend and a quiet trip home!


I managed to spend an entire day (yesterday) without firing up my computer and blogging, so here's a belated Happy T-Day to you, MD! Glad you had a wonderful day, and hope you have a safe trip back to NYC.


great list!
I was visiting friends today who are Israeli and they decided to do their first "real Thanksgiving" this year.
me: "so... how was it?"
she: "dry"

Happy Thanksgiving!


Very heartwarming list, MD. Thanks for sharing with us. Hope you and your family had a nice holiday. Safe travels!

MD, I am always so amazed at how much you love your wife. I mean really love and appreciate her. It makes me think that there are happy marriages out there. Is it something one can work at or does one have to be lucky enough to have married his/her soulmate?

MD, you and your wife are so lucky to be in a marriage with one another's soulmate. What does it feel like to be part of such a happy marriage? Bosslady, what does it feel like to be so loved and appreciated?


"and new babies"--Am I reading too much into this?

Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Holidays, everyone! BossLady is here to report that we're all doing fine and trying our best to survive on a dial-up connection at my folks'....
I just want to respond to some previous comments left by MD fans. It goes without saying that it's just sublime to be so well loved and appreciated. I would hate to sound like a Chinese fortune cookie, but you need to know that a happy marriage doesn't survive on the luck of finding your soulmate alone. Borrowing one of MD's favorite analogies, a happy marriage is like a duck; above water, it looks like smooth sailing but underwater, you have to paddle like hell. To be perfectly frank, being in a healthy relationship is one of the hardest things I have ever tried to achieve. The commitment, love, and reciprocity is easy but keeping it healthy? That's the hardest part. Trust me when I say that it's REALLY hard and you both need to make a whole-hearted effort.

With that said, I'd like to give thanks. I'm thankful for such a loving and understanding partner who is generous and goofy and not afraid to call me out on my own BS. MD is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I thank my lucky stars every day. I'm also thankful for a beautiful, smart, independent little girl who has given me the strongest feelings of love and joy I have ever known. Finally, I'm thankful for my wacky, quirky parents who are so awesome and so loving. They drive me crazy but who would I be without them? Thanks for all the great food, Mom!

Anyway, everyone, I hope your holiday season is off to a great start. xo, BossLady


late, but Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! =)

Julie A.

I'm thankful for finding your blog this year, MD. Thanks for giving me countless laughs and giggles. You're the coolest dad in town. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Amen to the Jessica/Britney tidbit. Happy belated T day.


Happy belated turkey day, MD. Great list. I hope you and the family had fun in Big D.


Happy belated Thanksgiving to all...I, too went without a PC for a few days...to get caught up on things that I have procrastinated on for a year!!! When I read about this blog our local newspaper a few weeks ago, I thought it would be cool to check it out. I never thought that it would be so invigorating and uplifting to read and talk with like minded folks, such as yourself.

So, I just want to say, THANKS! for taking the time to share your world with the rest of us. It is truly appreciated!

Peace to all...


MD, Bosslady and Peanut -
Happy belated Thanksgiving! Aside from all the other things I'm thankful for this year, I'm also thankful for my new online friends like you. Thanks for making my laugh approximately 4 times a week and always giving me some new perspective on something interesting.

Hope your day and weekend were superb!


Hope y'all had a nice Thanksgiving in Dallas! It must have been a nightmare traveling back and forth. Any good stories?


bosslady you should be blogging with your husband, girl. [said like a gay latino and accented with three snaps in a Z-shape]

Queen of Ass

What's this "new babies" shit?


Holy crap, MD! Is BossLady pregnant? Is this your way of telling us? Is this why you haven't been posting much lately? Come on, you sneaky dog. Give us the scoop!



Dude, you should've called...


Thanks for your all your comments and e-mails, my friends. But as far as I know, the BossLady is NOT pregnant at this time. But now that I think about it, that would have been an awesomely subtle way to announce the news, wouldn't it have?

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