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October 03, 2005


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Congrats. I remember wondering where the time went when my daughter turned one a few months back. The first 3-4 months dragged by because of the colick and not know what we were doing. But after that -- I don't know where the rest of the time went!

Like the blog, btw - found it via daddytypes...


Happy birthday to the Peanut! It goes by so fast, doesn't it?


Awesome! Congrats to Peanut and to her parents for going through the insanity known as the dol janchee.


The first year goes fast, my friend. It slows down a little bit as they get older but noy by much. You start with a little child who is so dependent on you. Next thing you know, they're out on their own. Time really does fly.

Happy birthday to the Peanut! (Can't believe she's running around already!)


Very interesting. I love hearing how different cultures celebrate various events. I hadn't known about this important Korean celebration before. Much congratulations to you and your family on your daughter passing this important milestone.

Mr. Big Dubya

To Peanut --

Saeng il chuk ha ham ni da!

(this one should be said with some Jameson's or a full pint):
Lá breithe mhaith agat! Slainte!

Linda B

Happy 1st Birthday to the Peanut!

It's funny how they never seem to nap well on the big day of the party.

Neal Patrick

A big congrats! That sounds like a lot more fun that the "put a cake in front of her and watch her stick various appendages into it" celebration that is typical in the US.


Glad to hear that the Peanut had such a nice Dol. Sounds like it was a fun party. We had one for my son a few weeks ago. Just a small celebration at home. Isn't it amazing how fast time flies? I feel like I just gave birth yesterday!


I've been putting up pictures in our apartment of my husband and I at our respective Dol(s). With our own baby due in (omy!) 12 weeks, it all makes me think of how odd it will be to be a parent all of a sudden.

Happy 1st Birthday to the Peanut! (did you have a hundredth day too?)

Queen of Ass

Very cool! Happy Dol! Congrats!


What a great tradition! I'll bet she thoroughly enjoyed being the princess for the day.

Note to self--find a Korean restaurant in this damn city and order take-out! Kim chee and mandus please!!!


Happy birthday, Peanut! Sounds like a wonderful party, glad that she shone, even without a nap.


I had never heard of a DOL before but it sounds wonderful. I agree with Neal Patrick: much better than the birthday cake mess I am familiar with.


Congrats on the momentous occasion.

I look forward to investing in her "inspiring and refreshing" work 20 years from now.

Happy Birthday, Peanut!

JJ Daddy in Savannah's Baby Momma

But where's the bow and arrow? Don't you want her to kick major butt while being a prosperous artist?

Happy Birthday, Peanut - and thanks for giving your dad such an amusing year!

JJ Daddy in Savannah's Baby Momma

But thanks for being the responsible, modern Korean parent and not putting a FREAKING KNIFE in front of your ONE YEAR OLD CHILD!!!!


happy new year peanut


Congratulations to all! Love the idea of celebrating the first year that way. Anything that reaffirms a child's cultural background is a beautiful thing as far as I'm concerned, so the two of you should be commended for maintaining that link.




Happy Birthday Peanut!



That's awesome. Much more enriching than the Caucasian tradition of listening to a bunch of bored teenaged Chuck E. Cheese waiters singing some bizarre house birthday song while your kid recoils in horror. (Why can't they just fucking sing "Happy Birthday To You"? In ANY restaurant? Are there copyright issues involved?)As a white person, speaking for all white people, I can say with confidence that we suck.


I believe there actually ARE copyright issues involved...


Happy Birthday Peanut! And congratulations to Metrodad and Bosslady for making it through the first year.

Maybe peanut has inherited some of your skills and is destined for a prosperous career as a writer.


Happy b'day to Peanut!!

Wow, you're about the tenth parent blogger this week who is celebrating a first birthday. There must have been something in the air in January 2004! :-)


Wow. That first year really does just whiz by. I swear I just had my little one and then I blinked. Now she is 17 months. Congrats to you and the boss lady. I know just how you feel. It's a wonderful thing to be able to take part in family traditions. It makes them even more special when you are passing down those traditions to you wee one.


Happy Birthday, Peanut! MD, the years fly by! Take care.

Kim Voynar

Omigod MD!!!! I can't believe the Peanut is a year old. Holy cow! That means that we've known you for over a year, too! Yay! It's our anniversary!!!

Poppa L

Happy BD Peanut!

In the Chinese culture we celebrate the one month birthday with a huge shindig. Waaaay back it was believed that if a baby could make it to a month, their chances of survival increased ten-fold. Nowadays it's just an excuse for a huge dinner. My son is having his party this Sunday. Isn't culture the coolest thing ever?


Saeng il chuk ha ham ni da Peanut!


Happy Birthday Peanut!


Goes by fast, doesn't it?

Happy Birthday, Peanut!


That sounds wonderful! I did not know about this tradition but it sounds lovely. I hope I get to attend one someday.

Congratulations to you, and Happy BIrthday to the Peanut!


That's just really lovely. Thank you.

chocolate makes it better

Gald to hear it all went well


Happy birthday Peanut!!! I would love to see you in your hanbok!

Great site - I stop by as often as I can...

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I came across your blog while conducting research for my friend's son's dol. Great post and I'm hooked on your blog!


I gave my daughter peaunt butter at 1 yr old i felt like my daughter could handle it i gave her a pb j sandwich i cut it into little bites and gave her a big cup of milk to go with it. she was fine. my doctor told me 3 years old for crackers any types of foods other than fingers foods(my daughter would grab stuff off my plate or pulle my hands towards her and take bites off my sandwich,burger)


These are most delectable! They have beocme my day after tradition for my Disneyland trips. On my the way out of the park, I always stop at the Candy Palace on Main Street U.S.A. and pick up one of these little beauties. The next day, after I am home and wishing I was still at Disneyland, I pull this bit of confectionery goodness out and enjoy a bit more of Disneyland. They used to have two grahams inside but the last year or so they have beocme an open-faced sandwich with only one. Gotta say that this does not diminish its deliciousness. In addition to Pooh Corner, they also sell them at Marceline's Confectionery at Downtown Disney. You must wonder how I can resist eating this treat when I buy it. Well, that's where the toffee covered, chocolate dipped, Mickey-shaped pretzels come in gotta have something to quench the temptation!


Maybe the chocolate is the bread that just sudrnuors it? Like a Hot Pocket sandwich. Or maybe it's more of an open-face sandwich? (That's what I would do with it OPEN my FACE! hahaha.) This would be great with a cup of coffee, I bet. If only there were a decent cup of coffee in Disneyland Any recommendations for in-park coffee joints? Or do I need to buy a plane ticket, some park hoppers, and do some research?


Amy Well, it's hard work, but I love it! I'm upset FOR you about the Starring Rolls thing. Next time next time Matt Awesome, right? Have you seen these at Sweet Spells or am I just delusional? Both my huabsnd and I could have sworn we saw them.

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