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October 31, 2005


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Owen's mommy

I was hoping you'd post a pic of Peanut in her Halloween costume! What a doll!


OMG...The Peanut is delicious! Too cute!


"Donna Martin dressing as a mermaid for the West Beverly High Halloween party?"

MD...you never cease to amaze me. I actually vaguely remember that episode!


Adorable. Love the carrot.


I love the Nicole Richie costume idea--classic.

The Peanut looks too adorable in her bunny costume. I think you're right that your most fun Halloweens are still ahead of you.


I love the carrot!

Oh, and I'm so glad to know there'll be someone in hell that I know -- aside from Husband, of course.


The cuteness is too much for words! No wonder you're so infatuated with the Peanut!


Peanut pic! I shall circle the day on my calendar!


HaHaHa...that carrot attached to the costume is too funny! Definitely completes the whole costume. Thanks for posting a pic of the Peanut. She's absolutely adorable!

the weirdgirl

Well, better a priest than a man dressing as a drunk NUN every year (a goatee/beard always completes the look).

Peanut is SO cute! I love all these kid in costume photos.


i feel like madonna just exposed lourdes and rocco to the press. a pic of peanut!! (yes, two marks) she's edible. i'd been re-using a long blond-ish wig every year until last year it got caught in a downpour in chicago. it made appearances as lindsay lohan, the reunion of axel and slash, white house aid...i could go on. i'm sure peanut looks forward to the day she inherits the costume.

Cam c.

On the way home past a bunch of trick-or-treaters, I had the idea that in a few years, when the kid is a little bigger, I'm going to build myself a decent looking C3-P0 costume, dress the kid as a jawa, and have her walk along prodding me with a stick to hurry up as I take her trick-or-treating...

chocolate makes it better



ack! so cute!


Holy hell, she is adorable. I want to eat her up. The cheeks!

Others have mentioned the carrot, but can I say, the binky is what really makes this picture. You've definitely got a great time ahead of you on future Halloweens.

The last time I dressed up for Halloween (pre-kid, natch), I went as a traffic light & dh was a street.


That's the cutest little bunny I've ever seen! By the way, I LOVE BossLady's idea about the two of you going as Jin and Sun. I'm totally hooked on "Lost."


So CUTE!!!
Peanut is lovely...the bunny outfit is classic.


It is so ironic that my best costumes were the ones I wore when I was knocked up. The first time I was pregnant, I was a pregnant Catholic Schoolgirl, complete with plaid mini, knee socks and mary janes. My husband was going to go to the party as a priest, but we didn't know the people at the party well and thought we might severely offend. Instead, he was my Elvis Hair-wearing boyfriend. Two years later, I was the Virgin Mary--not as sexy, but quite comfortable. It just SUCKED that I couldn't drink.


Queen of Ass

Awww! I love the bunny!!!


When I was pregnant, I went as the Pope. I think it was my best costume ever...


Finally, the costume rules are clearly and succinctly outlined. I think I always knews them subconsciously, which is why:

1) I stared at the Shaun Alexander jersey for 30 minutes before abandoning the idea
2) I opted out of building and designing a Voltron outfit, even though I thought it would be cooler than shit
3) Why I let my wife wear my old boy scout uniform...it's a little to snug around the middle nowadays.

Once again, life's universal truths can be found in MetroDad.

Also...the Peanut is adorable! That's some powerful strong genes you've got there....


What a cute bunny! And I can see she followed your rules because she's clearly drunk in this photo (at least that's how I walk when I'm drunk).

My favorite part is the binky. I guess if you're a rabbit you don't have to worry about protruding front teeth (We have pics of the twins in their costumes with the binkies firmly in place - gotta love binkies!).


Thanks for the costume tips. Great advice.

Remind me to consult with you next year when planning out a Halloween costume. Nicole Richie? Jin and Sun? The Peanut as Maddox Jolie? Those are all fantastic ideas.


I saw a slutty nurse and a slutty garage mechanic yesterday. At the high school I was observing. I was a bit perturbed.


Holy Crap, she's adorable!!! :) I think my best costume was the year I wrapped myself in wrapping paper, placed a bow on my head, and tied a gift tag around my neck that said To: Men, From: God. Who could resist that? I was God's gift to men! :) I actually got a few phone numbers that night too, but being the incredibly shy person that I am, never worked up the nerve to cash in on those numbers.


The Peanut is sooo cute! Definitely the cutest little bunny I've ever seen. No wonder she's got you wrapped around her little finger!


I just wanted to say that now I have that image of Tori Spelling dressed as a mermaid stuck in my head all day! Thanks a lot, MD.

Linda B

Awww, Peanut is so so cute. It's been a while since you posted a pic of her!

I don't really like Halloween and ended up not dressing up E in anything but I have to say that you and Weigook saram have some very cute photos of your kids in costumes.


dude, you just admitted that you watched party of five. and if it weren't for brian, I wouldn't have realized you also just admitted you watched 90210.

I'll bet you tivo the new freddie prince jr. show too. admit it.


Maddox Jolie! LMAO! Oh my god. Wiping away tears.

And--That Peanut sure makes a cute Bunny.


OMG... she is beyond adorable!!! (Although the Maddox Jolie costume idea is pretty fucking hilarious. As is the "Lost" one. Right up my alley!)

Come see what Lucas was for Halloween...


All I can focus on from this post is..Aha...AHAAAAA!! I knew it! PO5 and 12 (the shortened version of 90210...for those of us in the know, wink, wink, MD) It's a sad day when Donna trumps Julia but you're right. Julia = trying too hard. And SOOO full of angst. Not fun.

The Peanut is an absolute love. For the record, she kicks Donna AND Julia's asses (sorry to use a curse word in conjunction with the Peanut's name, but it just had to be said).


Donna Martin Graduates! Donna Martin Graduates!
(I own a t-shirt to this effect.)

Jen B.

The Peanut as Maddox Jolie would possibly have been one of the all-time greatest Halloween costumes in the history of mankind. I'm peeing my pants just thinking about it! Maybe next year?


I can't believe how big she's gotten! She's adorable!!!


You MUST put up more photos of the Peanut! She's absolutely scrumptious! Those cheeks! Adorable, MD. Congrats to you and the BossLady!


Dude...why ya gotta git her started on the Bunny thing already? Wow is she cute!


Hey, I will admit to watching 90210. In fact, I STILL watch it on Sunday AM while Bean eagerly greets the butt-crack of dawn.

MD, she is precious. perfection in a bunny suit.


Archer just fainted. It's love.

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