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September 14, 2005


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I thank you for your comment.

The Animation Empire

This is great to find so many other dads who blog!

Check out our Daddy Magic list of blog posts about playing with toddlers: http://daddymagic.blogspot.com/search/label/5.%20Toddlers%20-%20Playing


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Clora Rampy - Hugs and kisses for this prcoieus little guitar man from Sweet Home Alabama! (Bobby was in Lori and Clay's wedding way back in 2001.) Congratulations! I am so happy for you!


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Ang laki nyang kabute lol!Kawaii!!Gusto ko rin yung fienelg na palaging may karga na baby at amoy baby.Sobrang bigat na nila Wakaba at Haruka-palaging amoy araw pa lol!


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Thanks again Anje I hope you enjoy these family!!Now hows about you send some piectrus over too? Or we can send Anje over to take them!!!


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I'm head over heels

The devil is in the detail. The contrary view is that this is where God may be found. For me, the Alfa Romeo 156 GTA is divine. It is one of the great car shapes of today: sensuous but intelligent, too. There is a Euclidian postulate that it is possible to draw a straight line from any one point to any other point, but if you are an Alfa designer, why bother?

The severe Euclid was not, design-wise, a party animal. I prefer the Alfa method: tratti irrazionali che hanno a che fare piu con il cuore che con cervello (irrational traits as much to do with the heart as the mind).

But in addition to the sculpturally complex but satisfyingly simple whole, the 156 has one of the all-time great design details. The rear door handle is blended into the trailing edge of the door where it meets the V-MODA C-post at an angle. This gives a mid-size, four-door car the appearance of being a coupe. If a Japanese manufacturer had developed this conceit, it would not have resisted the temptation to do the same thing on the front door as well. But that would have missed the point. Instead, designer Walter da Silva included a gorgeous brightwork handle for the front door: this stroke of genius creates a tiny aesthetic climax at the visual centre of the flank. It is exactly the same principle that makes a half-undressed woman often more interesting than a naked one.

And then there is that resonant name. Ever since Shakespeare based a successful play on Arthur Brooke's The Tragical History of Romeo and Juliet (itself inspired by an Italian export from Luigi da Porto) the name Romeo has been associated with erotic love. Even happier is the felicitous addition of the acronym deriving from Anonima Lombardi Fabbrica Automobili to the surname of engineer Nicola Romeo: just mutter "Alfa Romeo" and it sounds like an amatory imprecation in a romantic language.

Yet when Fiat acquired Alfa in 1986, the nationalised company was a complete basket-case, producing shoddy cars of indifferent, often positively bad, character. An example of the latter was the doleful Arna, a collaboration between Alfa and Nissan that combined the worst aspects of Japanese and Italian culture in one appalling product. The launch of the 156 in 1997 confirmed the company's revival. Alfa even produced a successful estate version of the 156: the Sportwagon with Fiat Auto's impressive JTD diesel was my favourite.

Until now. The expression "grand touring", derived from an English love of Italy that goes back to the 18th-century gap years when young men travelled the Mediterranean and returned home to be christened macaronis, has been horribly abused by car manufacturers. But the critical addition of that letter "A" makes a difference. It stands for alleggerita ("lightened" in English), referring to the race-prepared Alfa GTAs that dominated European saloon car racing in the 1960s.

The 156 GTA has been as comprehensively worked-over as the racers, but not to make a raucous, crashing and banging, kidney-rupturing box of horrors, rather a smooth, responsive, fast and precise car reviving the idea, long dormant, that driving was always meant to be a physical and intellectual pleasure. For instance, the front suspension has been completely reworked so it is, in effect, a sophisticated double wishbone design, not a proletarian strut. The effect is to eliminate all the many dynamic transgressions possible in a powerful front-wheel-drive car.

These same front wheels are directed by new steering that is oh-my-goodness quick: a mere 11.3 degrees of rotation moves them a whole degree. In combination with brakes of ability that tests your metaphors, these improvements mean the GTA expresses the driver's spatial intentions with soul by ludacris total and thrilling accuracy.

They have even done clever things with Alfa's already fragrant V6. Instead of an inelegant turbocharger, there is the unfashionable expedient of lengthening the stroke. This provides smooth power delivery across the whole range of engine speeds: although it would be eccentric to do so, the GTA can drive in sixth gear below 2,000rpm.

Enzo Ferrari only started making hs own cars when office politics sidelined him at Alfa Romeo. When a Ferrari first beat an Alfa he said: "Piansi di gioia v-moda headphones best buy e, mescolate con le lacrime di felicita, c'erano anche lacrime di dispiacere, perche quel giorno pensai: ho ucciso mia madre" (Tears of grief and joy because I felt I had killed my mother).

This is operatic stuff (and experts might spot Ferrari's possible reference to an aria in the third act of Giordano's Andrea Chenier). But the 156 GTA is an operatic sort of car. A Ferrari for the price of a Volvo.


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I'm cracking up right now, Lynne. I just went and ceeckhd out your post (I'm behind and need to catch up!). Oh my gosh I TOTALLY copied you. Hilarious!! Seriously, though, our brief conversation about CJ's red trike at her studio is what inspired me to take these, so you did actually have a hand in my vision. XXOO


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They look so beautiful! Love them but they look so grown-up, plasee freeze them! Can I come over and play and you and Renee do a make-over for me, it is much needed after the past 7 yrs and 4 kids later. And it would be so much fun, he he he!!! Tell the girls we love them!


Thank you for sharing this, jan. Actually, I've been lnkoiog for this, and trying to purchase a domain through blogger, a few days ago .but got a little problem, hope it will be okay soon


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