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September 14, 2005


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Brilliant, man! Thanks. I've never visited these sites before and I can't wait to check them out. Love reading what my fellow fathers are up to.


I always find myself reading more "daddy blogs" than "mommy blogs" so thanks for the new recommendations. I'll definitely check them out.


MD, you are too cool. It's so nice to see this great community of fathers who are so involved in raising their children. I agree with you. The more, the merrier!


I'm another mom who loves reading daddy blogs. Thanks for giving me some new sites to check out!


Thanks for the love! And oh, by the way... Beat cal!

Mr. Big Dubya

Metro - right back atcha.

Thanks for the props.


Thanks for the link list! I love finding new interesting blogs, and somehow it seems easier to find mommy blogs than daddy blogs. It must be an x chromosome thing.

J. Turner

NOW will you start that BlogHim Conference that you were talking about? C'mon! We can all meet in Vegas like you said?


I'm not a Daddy Blog yet but I will be in 20 weeks, give or take. Until then, I'll live vicariously through you lads.


Oh, Metrodad.

Without trying to sound all sappy, I love you man!


Hey, it beats working. Gotta go write something before I swallow my tongue.

The Beans Dad

thanks for the props. I now feel validated in ways I can't fully explain.

Not-For-Profit Dad

What great company to be in. When are we all going bowling?


Screw bowling... When are we going to VEGAS!

Thanks for pimping the site. Between you and Jay this week, I'm gonna have to start actually paying my brother's web hosting company for all the increased traffic.


Yay! We love Daddy blogs. Seriously, I think I read them more than I do the mommy ones. Must be because I was such a tomboy when I was a kid.


Thanks for the updated list of Daddy Blogs. These sites are awesome.
How about we relocate the BlogHim event to Europe instead.....


I agree. MD, I think you all should organize a BlogHim conference. Could be the startt of something great.


Great list!

Oh, and I dropped you an email.


Hooray for the daddy blogs!!! You've mentioned some of my favorites, MD. I love reading their perspectives.


I'm back. I think we need just a BLOGGER conference. If I'm going to attend any conference, I want the opportunity to see ALL my blogging friends.


It is quite an honor to be featured on MD's blog among all these other excellent bloggers. But I think it is a testament to MD and some of the pioneering daddy bloggers out there that it was so easy for us to find ourselves in this growing "community." Like MD expressed in his February post, most of us probably learned about parenting blogs when we learned we were going to become parents and we went right to the internet to learn as much about it as possible.

The day my wife showed me the two blue lines, I put on some sweatbands and started hauling all of the unecessary crap out of our apartment to make way for the little person who'd be living there in eight months. I dragged my beloved desktop computer into my walk-in closet and created an extremely cramped home office. From that office I did my first web searches for non-ugly baby furniture and found daddytypes. Googling my hopes of retaining some of the things I love about city life after parenthood, I found metrodad, lurking here for months while he unknowingly comforted me that I could be a dad and not be resign myself to LAMENESS. I could be a dad and stay true to who I was before. When we started our blog, we did so not only out of narcissism, but because we saw the value in what folks like MD were doing.

While it's true that there is an amazing community of daddy bloggers out there, there are also a lot of amazing blog READERS out there too who make all this worthwhile. Not every reader wants to become a blogger, but they're still part of this community and this community is important to them. It was to me long before I ever had an inkling to blog myself. We've had a hard time connecting with other "real life" parents in San Francisco. When my wife was pregnant we didn't know ANYONE else who was. When I do meet other parents, I usually start ranting about gingham or something and they look at me like I'm speaking Farsi backwards. As a reader, having cool daddy bloggers out there makes me feel a lot less alone.

So MD, thanks not only for generating some traffic for us today. Thanks for being there all those months when you didn't even know we were lurking. And thanks for inspiring us to try to become a more visible part of this very cool community.

The Zero Boss

Jesus, Dutch, don't you ever leave short, pithy comments? Goddamn. I'd tell you to get your own blog, but obviously that isn't enough for you - you gotta come unload on OURS.

Aaaah, just shittin' ya. You know I love ya.

MD, mad props for continuing to get these bloggers' names in the spotlight. Community is what blogging is all about.


I just wanted to echo Dutch's comments. Although I've never commented here or even thought about starting my own blog, I thank you for providing some much-needed reassurance for me. When I found out my wife was pregnant a few months ago, I totally freaked out. How was I going to be as a father? Was I even ready? Will my life change forever? I'm not ready for this!!!

Like Dutch, my wife and I don't have any close friends with children so we didn't really have anywhere to turn for the advice that you just can't get from books. Thank God for Google though! That's how I found your site. And that's how I found this whole community of daddy bloggers. It's made my impending journey into parenthood much easier. I think you're all great dads and I aspire to become one as well. So from the bottom of my heart and the pit of my stomach...thank you!


Pithy is for the weak.


exellent list, MD... I almost wish I was a daddy, except mommies get all the sympathy and flowers and jewelry. you get the point.

Dutch, beautiful acceptance speech... and yes, we love you, we really really love you. All of you.

Clare's Dad

Crap! Now I gotta come up with more witty things to write about to hold my own in this group.

But thanks for the mention, MD.


This dad's jealous of your graphic skilz. Killer dad-i-pod image.


Well, I've been reading daddy blogs for a while, even had my own for six months or so, but I'm not sure I've ever been here. Can't say that anymore, and I'm glad. I'll be back often. Great site.

Chocolate makes it better

Well I must say a big thanks to the metroist of all daddies.

Not many daddy bloggers here in Australia.....most of them think a blog is what falls off your meat pie!!!

Soooo....in saying that I will be more than pleased to confide and laugh with my new yankee mates. I'm sure the art of being a dad is fairly universal, even though I don't know what the hell your talking about when you guys ramble about your sporting teams....but thats ok!

It's always good to find great new blogs and a big hip hip hooray to metro dad for putting these in the spotlight.

Well done mate....you are now an honorary Australian.


Awesome, man! As an expectant father, I've been a fan of your site for quite awhile now. Thanks for the recommendations. I'll be sure to check them all out.


More Dads for your reading enjoyment...

SAHD Family Runs Through It

The Rileys

Shouting at the Void

Mini Cooper

Poop and Boogies

More Diapers

Mr. Big Dubya

Damn - I see Dutch's acceptance speech and I feel like the sound editor who gets his Oscar three weeks in advance, gets the hand-held mike, says two words and sits back down. Shit.

But, again, I'm humbled. Thanks


Thanks for all these pointers to other daddy blogs. Not that I don't find the opinions of mummy bloggers uninteresting but sometimes I feel like I've gone in the wrong door to the loos by mistake.

Ms. Anonymous

It's nice to see all the dads coalescing together in this online community. You all seem so cool and supportive of one another. Furthermore, you're all extremely good writers and very funny! I enjoy reading all your blogs.

I've had my fill with the mommy bloggers. Too many of them mistakenly believe that the minutae of their life is somehow fascinating to other people. I know I'm being a little harsh. I don't disparage them and I know I don't have to read them. But a lot of them remind me of those awful stuck-up mommies at the playground. And many are so cliquish, it's like being back in high school!

Me? I'm sticking with the daddies.


Hey, Thanks for the link Yonzie.

I found this blog through my site meter. I plan to be back as well as checking other Dad Blogs.


Gotta take care of those daddies. I'd love to say that my husband is a daddy blogger, but he couldn't type his way out of a wet paper bag. He enjoys my baby blog. I guess that's all that matters.


HA! My wife also gives me that line about men who change diapers change the world! And she always looks at me proudly as I change the diaper. But then I noticed recently that she hadn't changed a diaper in quite some time. She Jedi mind-tricked me!

Great post. Way to spread the love. Can't wait to check out these new dads.


You guys should have seen me typing that. I was crying like Tom Hanks.


http://www.webgoonies.com is my daddy blog.

Rob Fay

Keith Snyder has twins and blogs: http://journalscape.com/keithsnyder

He also runs a bb for fathers of multiples: http://p097.ezboard.com/bmultidad


Great post MD! I don't think I've ever commented before, but I read you on a regular basis. Hi-larious.

may I add one more daddy to your list? I just started reading this guy a few weeks ago, and he's awesome.

Mr. Nice Guy can be found at:




Thanks for clueing us all in. Looks like my blogroll's in for an overhaul.


Whose your blogdaddy? I guess I'm one:


Mostly some stuff about strollers and formula.


Linked: neosophic.com


Rock on, MetroDad. Rock on! It is so cool of you to help build audiences for these new daddy blogs. You're the man! I can't wait to check them out.


Here's a downunder daddyblogger:


mr. nice guy

i'm wicked late to this conversation, so let me just briefly quote simple minds: don't you forget about me.


I have been begging my husband to start a daddy-blog and he just won't but I think he'd love it. So I admire all you Pops and glad to have learned of some new ones.





Is there a place (forum/web-ring) for daddys who blog. I dont know many fathers who blog at all; so is there (or are there) any places that say have collectives of links for blogging dads.

Many thanks

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