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September 09, 2005


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You've got so much class though metrodad, I assume your dogfood is that fancy organic shit. Probably healthier than what I myself eat.


Wait a minute. These things walk?! At 10 months? My babies are three months old now. That means they could be walking in... well, any day now!

I guess that means we should probably sweep up the broken glass in the kitchen, then huh?


Wow! Your daughter started walking early. That's great (I think!). My son didn't take his first steps until he was 15 months but he's definitely making up for lost time. The kid's got his hands in EVERYTHING! It's almost more exhausting for us now than when he was first born. Almost!


Oh, the face plant. Yikes, that looks painful! When my daughter started to walk, her forehead was constantly bruised. It went away, though. And you're right, that grin is the best.


Okay, Dutch's comment made me laugh so hard I think I peed a little.

Anyway, yeah, the faceplants are the worst. We finally had to break down and buy those alphabet foam mats that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. We didn't have enough rugs to cover all the hardwood floors in the house.

Oh, and, Matthew, having one walking is hard enough . . . you gonna be in som' deep shit, brotha.


Ah, the lunge!! Gotta love that.

Lucas was the most destructive toddler you could ever imagine. He stuffed CD booklets into the 5-disc carousel changer, a pack of cards into the VCR, and ripped the tone arm off my [gulp] Bang & Olufson turntable.

Be afraid, my friend... I see dead electronics.


The best is when babies start running. Well, actually, I think it's cuter when I'm not the one running after them. :D

Linda B

Wow, Peanut walked so early! E is just one week shy of her 1st birthday and she has taken approx 1.2 steps. I'm sure she'll walk when she's ready, but part of me wishes she'd hurry up already. They are so cute when they walk. But you know, I bet I'll regret saying that the minute she starts running laps in the living room.

Queen of Ass

Enjoy it, sugar, but pad EVERYTHING!


Your life is about to change drastically, MD. A walking toddler is a handful. Perhaps you'll start rethinking your philosophy on those toddler leashes! Good luck

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